Wiccan Spell to Feel Better Fast!

This is a wiccan spell to feel better faster. This spell is useful when battling a cold or minor illness. This spell is not meant to replace traditional medicine and I do not recommend this spell for people who extremely ill. This original spell was submitted to me in the comments anonymously. I did modify the spell just a bit to make it a little more effective but we know that it isn’t the tools we use but our intentions that will determine the strength and outcome of the spell.

This spell to feel better should be done on the night of the waning moon. The waning moon represents decrease, letting go, ending a binding and breaking free. Healing spells can work through any moon phase as long as you have a corresponding intention.

Wiccan Spell to Feel Better Now!

spell to feel better

What You Need:

  • a waning moon
  • a candle
  • a glass of purified water
  • a healing crystal

With your crystal in your left hand, go and have a long look at the moon. Look and admire the moon’s beauty and feel the energy radiating from the moon. After some quiet meditation go back to your altar and light the candle.

Place the glass of water in front of the candle and the crystal in front of the glass. While the candle burns you can chant for you healing or quietly visualize your healing. When you are done you cam snuff the candle or let it burn down.

Before getting ready for bed. Take drink 1/3 of the water and say ‘So Mote it Be’.  Drink the rest of the water for the next 2 days and on the third day you should be healed but you should feel immense relief in the morning of the first night.

This spell to feel better has worked for me. I do have herbal remedies that I take when I feel illness coming on but if I didn’t catch it but feel a bit ill I do a spell like this one.

Have you ever tried a wiccan healing spell to feel better? Let us know in the comments below! Darren Fells Womens Jersey