Wiccan Midwinter/Yule

Wiccan Midwinter/Yule

Wicca is a religion where the past and the present collide in a harmonious manner. It’s a modern religion that’s based on ancient witchcraft and pre-Christian traditions. Many of these traditions originated in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Witchcraft is part of Wicca, but in a positive way, as that of using its powers to heal, restore, and be in communion with the world around.

Wicca is known to be older than Christianity, as witchcraft. It predates Christianity by 28,000 years and is still part of world history. Many of the holiday festivities that the world celebrates are based on Wiccan, and in turn pagan, traditions.


One of those celebrations is the Wiccan midwinter/yule. The date varies, it can be from December 20 to the 23rd. This celebration marks the return of the sun and the longevity of days. It’s the rebirth of the sun. The Sun King, the Oak King, and the Giver of Life are worshiped during this celebration. It enables Wiccans to be in tune with nature and all that nature represents.

Evergreen plants decorate the homes of Wiccans, giving color and style; a pagan practice enabling Wiccans to celebrate midwinter Yule. It was believed that the evergreen plants and boughs were a haven for good spirits during the winter season. The Christmas tree, adopted from pagan traditions, is a Christian symbol of Christmas. This is one way where Wiccan influences Christian tradition today.midwinter pagan

The celebration of the Wiccan midwinter/Yule is as much of a rebirt. Just as the apples and oranges represent the sun, and the green boughs represent immortality.

The highlight is the yule wooden log. According to tradition, the log must have been harvested or given as a present. It’s placed in the fireplace or another place where there’s an organized burning, then decorated with some green leaves, doused with either ale or cider (both are excellent fire conductors). Then it’s set on fire with parts of the log from the year before.

This is an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new celebration. A rebirth from an old life into a new, rejuvenated life, making this the most important of all Wiccan celebrations.

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