Wicca Tools pt. 2

If you decide on a traditional Wicca path, your first step is to gather the implements of this ancient Craft. Historical sources differ on the origins of these tools, but their use in the present day is firmly established.

The Athame or black-handled knife is used to direct psychic energy, much as you might assume the magic wand is used — to cast the circle and to draw symbols in the air. It’s viewed as a symbol of male energy. The blade is dipped into the chalice to consecrate sacred water, evoking male-female union. For gays and Lesbians, two athames are crossed and water poured from one chalice to another. The element associated with the athame is air or fire.

The Wand or staff should usually be made of wood. It also is used to direct energy, as well as to invite nature spirits into the circle. The wand’s element is either fire or air.

The Pentacle, representing earth, is a dish that holds a small amount of salt.  Traditionally the pentacle is ceramic and has a five-pointed star (pentagram) painted on it.

The Chalice or cup is filled with its element, water. It represents the Goddess from whom all life comes, and all female energy. The water can be consecrated and used for sacred purposes. Members of a coven can drink it in a celebration of sharing.

You will also need an incense burner and ordinary candles to light your work. These may be plain white or you can choose the colors to match the type of spell you are doing. Some witches have a small red candle to represent the element of fire.

You should feel comfortable in the circle. A robe or gown is traditional. You can make or buy one. Be sure it is made from natural materials. It does not have to be black or have any symbols or ornamentation on it. Plain is better — then you can wear any jewelry that goes with your current ritual. You will also need a long cord to wear as a belt and to mark the boundaries of your circle.

Should you use your magical tools for everyday purposes? If privacy is a problem, yes. According to Gardnerian Wicca it is perfectly all right to hide things in plain sight. With no marks or signs on anything, your athame is just another kitchen utensil, and candles are just candles. Try using all natural items — a large shell can hold water and an ordinary stick becomes your wand. Remember, the power of magic always comes from your own mind and heart — not from your tools. T.Y. Hilton Jersey