Stygian Witches – The Stygian Witches

What are the Stygian Witches?

The Stygian Witches are called the Graeae, the grey witches, the grey sisters, the three crone sisters and more. They are said to have Stygian Witchesshared one eye and one tooth. The Stygian Witches were the daughters, born as triplets, to both Ceto and Phorcyus.

They are said to have been beautiful despite their deformities, although are often now depicted as hideous and ugly. The Stygian Witches belong to a group of gods called, Phorcydeus, this group consisted of only sea based and earth based realms. There isn’t a lot of information online about the Stygian witches, but you can find more information by using the search bar on this website. Some people include the Stygian witches into their modern rituals but I do not because there isn’t a precise and accurate definition of the sisters and the magick they casted.

Stygian Witches and Mythology

The Stygian Witches are one of several archaic Greek mythological gods. The Stygian Witches are said to have been half swan. They would share their one tooth and their one eye amongst their selves. They are said to have lived for so long, no one could even fathom them as human children. In the Clash of the Titans Movie the Graeae are called the Stygian Witches.

More on Stygian Witches

You can find more information on the Graeae by searching online. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the three crone sisters. The sisters are interesting and intriguing, Modern day witches even hold the Stygian Witches as their totem or goddess deity. Because Wicca is such an individualized path these neo-stygian witches are welcomed into the pagan community. It is not the type of witchcraft I am familiar with but I am interested none the less. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about theĀ  Witches.