Spell To Vanquish a Ghost and Return Him to His Rest

Ghosts and spirits are not just paranormal boogy men that only come out on Halloween. I get plenty of emails with people who have intense knowledge of the paranormal, and intense stories about spirits affecting the in there daily life. This story was given to me by a great friend and a powerful clairvoyant; Death Pixie:

About 6 years ago I was married, to an indian, I had converted to islam. but any way, it started that my son would become so aggressive towards his brother, and I would also just snap. It became so bad that we had a sangoma come to our house. He checked our house, found that my own x family in law had hexed my son and I. My son had a spiritual monkey in him, and I had a black mamaba in me, which I still do, I was never cleaned of it. My son was bathed with all sorts of herbs and mutis. Once he was bathed the monkey was still in our home, tormenting myself and my son, we had to get our house clensed, to get rid of the monkey. Now my son is fine, as for me, I know when I am going to loose my temper, my back gets this strange pain, but I have learnt to live with it.

Spell To Vanquish a Ghost and Return Him to His Rest

Death Pixie is a remarkable woman and here is what she has told me about ridding your home of a spirit:

The best way to rid your home of spirits, is to first ask them to leave. If that doesn’t work tell them to leave, light a white candle, you can put it anywhere. Take coarse salt, you must start at one point, going through all the rooms. You chase them out by shouting at them and throwing the salt down, until you get to your entrance of your home. To clear out the house you must scream at the spirit, even swear at it, tell it to leave you alone.

Thanks so much Death Pixie for this awesome and powerful information! If you guys have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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