Spell to Open Someone’s Heart

There are many times in our life where we close our hearts or others close their hearts to us. This could be due to childhood abuse, a bad break-up, stressful day to day interactions and more. This spell to open someone heart is intended to help the person see that they should not close their heart to you because you or worthy of their love and will never harm them. This is a very important spell and it is important that you take full responsibility for what you have done or this spell will not work. If you have wronged this person in any way – it is vital that you apologize and own up to your actions. Do not preference this ownership by also mentioning what they have done to you. This is a spell for them to open their hearts – not the other way around.

Spell to Open Someone’s Heart

spell to oepn someone's heart

spell to open someone’s heart

What You’ll Need:

  • a pink candle
  • 3 small tea-light candles
  • rose oil
  • white paper
  • red ink or marker
  • red string
  1. (1)Place drops of the rose oil on all of your candles and let it dry. You are using the rose oil to charge the candles.
  2. (2)Place the candles on you altar and light them. If you don’t have an altar you can use another space.
  3. (3)Take the white paper and with your red inked pen draw a heart in the center.
  4. (4)Write the name of the person in the center of the heart.
  5. (5)Fold the four corners towards the middle of the paper.
  6. (6)Roll the paper and tie it with the string.
  7. (7)Place the paper on your altar and say the following chant three times: (after you say the chant snuff out one of the tea light candles) “Open the heart of the person I love, as I will it the answer appears from above (tap your third eye), so mote this wish be, by the power of the goddess, three x three.”
  8. (8)Let the main candle burn out (only if it’s safe!).

This spell to open someone’s heart is really powerful and can work in many unexpected ways. After doing this spell you might receive a call/letter/text/message unexpectedly or bump into the person on the street. You may feel a urge to text unexpectedly and it could be at the exact moment they had you on their minds. I will say to wait up to one week before contacting the person because you do want to give the spell some time to work but many people will reach out when they feel compelled to and still have great openness and conversation with the person they love.

Have you tried this spell to open someone’s heart? Leave you experience in the comments below along with any changes you made or tips you may have. Thank you for being the best part of Just Wicca, all the spells I write or find and I post them just for you and your journey on your personal spiritual path.

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