Spell to Lose Weight

This is a spell to lose weight. This spell will not make you thinner overnight and it is to enhance the weight loss process. You still need to take responsibility for your health and do the things you need to do in order to loose weight. There aren’t any shortcut to this. The Divine will help you, encourage you, aid you but it won’t do all the work for you and let you ignore the lifestyle changes needed to loose weight.

So in addition to this spell I implore you to;

  • Exercise everyday (even walking in place for 5 minutes then 10 minutes then 15 minutes… build up your strength slowly… Rome wasn’t built overnight)
  • Drink the recommend amounts of water every day.
  • Encourage yourself. Its hard to stay motivated on a weight loss journey. Don’t fret. Try daily affirmations, one of my favorites “Perfect light and Perfect love, I am perfect right now and I am changing my life.” Remind yourself that you are strong! You CAN achieve your weight loss goals! No excuses!
  • EAT! Don’t starve yourself! Find a weight loss plan that you can really stick to.

Spell to Lose WeightWhat You’ll Need:

  • 1 white candle
  • yourself
  • motivation to change

Start this process during the waning moon. Each morning before your workout light your white candle and say your affirmation. Immediately work out. After each workout say to your affirmation to yourself and a say thank you. See yourself thin. Throughout the day see yourself at your dream weight and say your affirmation. Say “Thank you for my weight loss” as you drink your water and each time you eat your meals.

Do this everyday until you reach your weight loss goals. I love this spell. Its about making no more excuses and getting it done! It is hard to break bad habits but if you don’t resolve to make the change no one else is going to do it for you. This spell works, is powerful and I love it!

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