Spell to Improve Your Memory and Focus

This spell is for a more focused mind. This spell is especially helpful if you couple it with an affirmation. I use this spell pretty often when I am trying to study for a test, while learning another language, and when I am trying to focus and write articles/posts/spells for you guys. I also use a subliminal message mp3s for focus. Check out the mp3s below and try to listen to one or them all for 30 days. This spell is so simple, so if you are studying at the time you can just keep the candle burning as you are trying to focus.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Improve Your Memory and Focus

  • a orange candle (sudden changes, focus, energy…)
  • your mind

Charge the candle with your intention. Fill it with focused energy. If improved memory is your goal then focus on that.

When you have charged your candle you can anoint it with oil but I don’t for this spell, as I do it often.

After meditating on the flame for awhile you can say the following affirmation:

Goddess fill my mind with new ability, focus and increased memory

You can change the words if you like. As you guys know I don’t spend a lot of time making sure it rhymes, there are many different opinions on that. So just do what seems best for you. BUT for the record there’s NO RULE that all wiccan spells have to rhyme.

If you feel yourself loosing focus you can just look back at the candle while saying your affirmation quietly to yourself. My personal affirmation when I am working is “With Goddess aiding me I have complete focus and mental power to get this job done.” and while I am working if I find myself NOT working or being productive I tell myself quietly “back to work”. This helps me be more productive when trying to get things done. I know I am working towards a goal. Whats my goal, with this website? To make it the biggest and best FREE resource for witches, wiccans, and pagans throughout the world. With helping other people as my MAIN goal it helps me and motivates me to get the job done.

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