Spell to Control the Elements

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While it is possible to work with the elements its never really possible to control them. There are certain laws of the universe that bind certain items in place. You won’t be able to make it 101 degrees in the middle of winter. You won’t be able to make it snow in June. You will be able to work with nature and call upon the elements. This spell was sent in by April M. Here is what April says about her spell.

I want to send in my spell to control the elements. My friends and I have had great success with it but we are still learning. I can call powerful winds on command and they come around 65 percent of the time. It had a lot to do with your element if it will obey or not. My friend can make it rain about 35 percent of the time and my boyfriend can make it rain 43 percent of the time. You only have to do the spell once, but you have to focus your mind to call the elements each time you want them.

This seems interesting enough and I am sure some of you guys will find some use for it. If you have your own spells you would like to share please send them my way and I will post them on the website. This spell is best done with a group of people on the night of the Full Moon.

Spell to Control the ElementsWhat You’ll Need:

  • a feather
  • water
  • dirt
  • a match
  • a bonfire

Light the bon fire and cast your circle. Say the following chant and raise energy by beating on your drums;

“Hail spirits of the east; lend me the power of air
Hail spirits of the south; lend me the power of fire
Hail spirits of the west; lend me the power of earth
Hail spirits of the north; lend me the power of water

Throw the items into the bonfire and release the energy. Close your circle.

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