Spell to Communicate with Animals

This spell to communicate with animals was sent in by Milo C. He writes;

While I found your spell to talk with a cat cute, I wanted to provide a spell that allows you to speak with anyone through your minds eye. This spell won’t make your  dog start speaking perfect English but you will have a deeper connection with the animal and will instinctively be able to communicate.

Sapphire Dolphin says:

Hold your forehead against theirs while at the same time invisioning a circle of white light around you, next close your eyes if you haven’t already done so and concentrate on replicating the breaths of your animal, once you are fairly in sync (a panting dog is hard to mimic lol) send a message via your mind to your animal friend and outloud say: “Goddess who has gifted me the grace of this presence in my life allow us to communicate to furture our bond and connection” next open your eyes and step back use your mind to give your friend a command and see what happens.

Milo suggests casting your circle first and surrounding yourself with the 5 white candles. Before doing the above. Spell to Communicate with Animals

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