Spell to Bring Back An Ex Lover

This spell is very simple and was submitted to me via email ([email protected]) by Los Santos Loca Luna. This spell is said to manifest more love into your wife’s heart. While this spell was created to win back his wife, you can modify this spell to win back an ex husband or lover. This spell uses your energy… your willingness to change, as a trade – of sorts, of energy. This spell should be use in times of great strain in an adult relationship. This also means you will have to put forth great effort in order to win your wife’s heart. This spell should greatly increase your chances to stay together if there is love left in both of your hearts. This spell is best done on the new moon. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings in love, friendship and life.

Spell to Bring Back an Ex Lover

spell to bring back an ex lover

Spell to Bring Back An Ex Lover

This spell works by you working on you. You do need to do a small ritual (have you done a self dedication ritual) but we will get to that later. Start meditation twice a day both morning and night and commit to working out 30 mins per day. This is to train you heart and mind and open yourself to love. This is a great way to show your spouse you will change to win their heart. This is also a great way to show you commitment to change and grow which gives the Universe incentive to bestow to you your dreams, hopes and wishes.  You should do this every day while you are away from each other or every day until your love is restore.

This spell to bring back an ex lover does have some requirements. You must buy a 7 day candle and light it every Sunday, replacing it every week. You can dress the candle with rose oil and placed a charged crystal on your altar for more spell power. You can also listen to love meditations or my first spell enhancement video daily.

If you are separated you must go at least one week of no contact or seeing the person while working on yourself.  If you can go 21 days without seeing the person. Journal daily and at the beginning of each page write a symbol that represents what you wish to happen on the top right corner of the page.

This spell can work in as little as 3 days or as many as 6 months. This spell to bring back an ex lover depends on the work on yourself that you are willing to do in order to win back your ex. If you are willing to work on yourself to change some of the negative things in the relationship then you will do the work. The Universe will send you a love worthy of you.

You can listen to other guided meditations, affirmations and things before bed for faster results. Did you try this spell to bring back an ex lover?

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