Spell to Break a Spell

Spell to Break a Spell

I wrote this spell to break a spell after having spell after spell work but not knowing how to stop a spell after I got the result I wanted or no longer needed the spell. This is not a spell to reverse a spell or to break a spell done by someone else. You should do this spell at midnight or later and can be done during any moon phase but it is best to be done during the waning moon near the time of the new moon.Spell to Break a Spell

My Spell to Break a Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • Rosemary oil
  • • 4 white candles
  • • 1 black candle
  • • Rosemary incense
  • • Gray pouch
  • • Black yarn or string
  • • salt

I would suggest you do a cleansing ritual before you cast your circle. Anoint your candles with rosemary oil and charge them with your intention. Inscribe a breaking symbol or rune onto your black candle. If you aren’t familiar with runes, you can design your own symbol to represent breaking. Inscribe another rune or symbol that symbolizes the spell on the opposite side of the black candle. Light your incense. Light the candles to form a diamond with each candle as a point in the diamond. Place the black candle in the center.

“As I will it on this night, with my eyes on this sight, break this spell I ask of thee, as I will it so mote it be”

While you are saying the last line “so mote it be” light the black candle and clap three times.

Let the candles burn out and gather the remaining wax. Place the wax of all the candles in the gray pouch and pour salt into the bag. Seal/tie it with the black string. Let it sit until the night before the new moon. On the before night of the new moon build a bonfire. When the flame is burning its brightest toss the pouch into the fire chanting, “so mote it be” until the flame engulfs the pouch. If you can’t build a bonfire you can burn it in a fire proof receptacle or dish.

Give thanks! The spell is done.

You could find many uses for this spell to break a spell. Keep in mind you can modify all wiccan spells as you see fit or you can use this spell as a template to create your own spell.

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