Spell to Become a Witch

There is no spell to make you a witch. Won’t you have to be a witch to cast the spells? They way to become a witch is by learning, practicing and living what you learn. True witches aren’t witches because of a spell, they are witches because they did the work to learn and become one. Start meditating, start focusing your energy, read as much as you can, there are thousands of free witchcraft resource online. In fact you are reading a resource right now! Start by learning and doing! Instead of posting a spell to become a witch I am posting a self naming ritual, self identifying ritual that will signifying your new bond with magick and giving you the confidence needed to become a practicing witch.

When you have learned enough about witchcraft to know that you are serious about the life long study of magick, you may want to do a self initiation or self dedication ritual.

Spell to Become a Witch

  1. Start with a cleansing or purification ritual of your choice. A ritual bath is fine or a more detailed ritual designed by you will be even better. This ritual should include a cleansing of yourself and home. Especially any area where your altar may be located or where you will do the majority of your magick.
  2. The point of the ritual is to introduce yourself to the Goddess and God. Commune and be one with. You may start your ritual with “Goddess and God of Wind, Sea, Land, Sun and Spirit be with your adjoined __________” You can say your magickal name or whatever name you self identify with. If you are changing magickal names everyday you might want to go with your given name.
  3. You want to go on and state the purpose of the ritual, your goals as a witch and the self dedication. You may want to say something like: “I __________ dedicate myself to the craft and the pursuit of knowledge therefore of; promising to follow and abide (the rede if your are wiccan) the laws of the universe, nature and magick. Promising to harm none be merry, please accept me as your own.”
  4. You can make an offering and there are various ways to do this. You can offer fruit, wine, nuts, berries. Anything. You consume a portion and offer a portion by burying it in the earth of finding a large oak tree to place the items under.

This is customizable but I wanted to give you guys some basic information and guidelines for your own ritual. If you have written your own self dedication ritual or have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or tips about this one, you can leave it in the comment section below! Thank you so much for help this website grow! Blessed Be!

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