Spell to Become a Fairy

This spell and the useful information there in was provided by Ashland Nyelock. Thanks Ashland! I love that name, very cute! Ashland writes:

“While there is not a spell to make you become a fairy you can summon and communicate with them if you are chosen. Fairies aren’t all the time pleasant and sometime can be a bit mean or harmful to a situation but most fairies you encounter are pleasant, kind, generous and give you good luck.

The best time to communicate with fairies, summon them, or asking them for guidance would be in midsummer. On June 29th if you can find a quiet place to call upon them there is a chance to see hundreds. Fairies are beautiful and but look like fireflies on camera. Sometimes fireflies are fairies so if you see plenty of the together make a wish!

In order to see fairies. Go outside during twilight with a white candle and an offering of berries. “Faries come to me, I offer you these berries, now let me see!” If they don’t appear right away then try again the following night. Make sure you aren’t wear anything that would repell the faries!

In order to ask a fairy for an answer. Once you have made contact with the fairies, (They may try to communicate with you via dreams so make sure you keep a journal!) you can ask them questions about anything you seek answers too. The easiest way is to gather an offering of grapes beneath a pine tree, write your question on a slip of paper and bury the offering and question into the ground. You should receive an answer within three days either through your dreams or the answer will pop into your head as if it was placed there. Make sure to give thanks once you receive you answer because fairies anger quickly, don’t like to be summoned often and love lots of praise!”

Pretty interesting stuff huh? Thanks to Ashland once again for sending in this wonderful information!

Spell to Become a Fairy

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