Spell to Achieve a Goal

We are well into the new year and a lot of us (mainly me) have not worked hard enough to achieve our goals. This is a ritual that I am doing for 30 days and its worth it. I’ll update you in future posts on how I am doing. I’ll also make a thread on the witchcraft forum for support and conversation on all things goal related. I will not answer general questions on the forum but I will indeed converse about goals there. I hope you guys will start your own threads and update us on your progress. Once you make 7 posts on the forum you will receive a free gift so please join us on the Just Wicca forum.

spell to achieve a goalI have be slacking in almost every area of my life lately. I made ambitious goals and so far have been too lazy to do the real work on creating my new reality. We are going to rely on the energy of our hearts, our creative thoughts, the physical Goddess energy and the masculine God energy for stamina. Let’s go!

Sunday is one of my favorite spell days, its correspondences include lemon and the color yellow. All of these elements work together and create very powerful energies for spell work. I am going to use these elements in various ways to help create the habits that will decide the spell results.

I have lemon candles. I placed lemons on the dining room table. I smoke lemon incense when I meditate. I drink lemon water and am wearing more yellow. I also carry a citrine crystal with me. I try to use the elements anyway I can.

I started this spell on Sunday. I did a detailed cleaning, ate clean and worked out. Afterwards I lit my lemon candles and wrote a detailed plan on how I was going to achieve my goal set by step. Making sure to list the little things I would need to do every single day to get the results I wanted. I found a white card and in black ink I wrote my 30 day goals on the card.

I read the card 5 or more times a day in front of the mirror and looking myself in the eyes. I try to truly believe what I read and feel the emotions of achieving my goals. Every night I journal what I did today to become the person I want to be. I am really busy and I feel as though I have to schedule my social life into my calendar, on the flip side I love having more resources and a nicer quality of life to make those memories even more fulfilling.

How are your goals coming?

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