Spell to Keep Your Lover Faithful

This spell will help keep your partner faithful. You can do this spell during any moon phase.. The most appropriate time to do this spell is if you sense vulnerability within your partner. This spell uses nutmeg, underwear, red ribbon and some other items that can be hard to locate. If you need to do this spell to keep your partner faithful then you may want to meditate first and see if this spell is right for your situation.

 What you’ll need:spells to keep him faithful

  • A pair of your clean underwear
  • A pair of your partners clean underwear
  • A red ribbon
  • Two whole nutmegs
  • One white envelope
  • A burin
  • A white candle
  • A red candle
  • Attraction oil

Bless and consecrate your equipment. If you have some attraction oil then you may anoint your candles with the oil. Light the candles and take the burin in your hand. Using the burin, scratch your initials on a nutmeg and your partners initials on the other.

Take the red ribbon and tie the nutmegs together. Place the nutmegs into the underwear and place the underwear into the envelope. Place 3 drops of attraction into the envelope. Sleep with the envelope under your pillow anytime your partner is away from you or if you feel like they might be unfaithful.

This spell won’t keep someone with you who doesn’t really want to be with you. This spell will only encourage your partner to keep you in his or her heart and mind. This spell is very effective. If you and your partner decide to end your relationship you should burn the envelope while releasing the energy. Give thanks and say, ‘So mote it be’.

This spell to encourage your partner to be faithful should not be taken lightly. You can do this spell anytime and during the full moon for even more energy. Spend some time meditating on  your desired outcome.

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