Spell to Let Go of the Past

Do you need a spell to let go of the past?

My spell to let go of the past is can be used to let go of a situation, memory, feeling or person. This spell should be done on the night of the waning moon to signify the end of the bond. Some people suggest doing this spell on the night of a Saturday to make the affects of the spell to let go of the past even stronger. DO NOT TAKE THIS SPELL LIGHTLY. This spell can really help to altar memories or feelings around the event.

You can use any incense you have for this and if you have binding oil then place 1 drop of it onto a freshly cut rose. After looking at the moon, placeĀ  the rose (or any other flower) that is in season onto your altar. Light one gray candle and stare into the flame. Imagine the rose is withering and with it all the painful memories of the past. Once you feel like you aren’t attached to the pain of the past snuff the candle.

Spell to Let Go of the Past

Have you ever tried a spell to let go of the past? How long was it before you started seeing results? Please a comment below and sign up for the free contest below as well. I love sending out free gifts to all of you and I am so thankful that you found this site and spell.

Another Note: I did make some modifications to this spell to let go of the past that are a little more complicated. I found the lemon is great for attract and I infuse a white candle with lemon extract then I light the candle and let it burn on my wiccan altar. I do this to attract purity and joy into my life without any attachments to how my new happiness will manifest. It really is amazing.

If this was a traumatic memory or incident that is bothering you still after 1 month of doing this spell you should find a free resource (like free online talk therapy!) that can help.

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