Spell to Create a Joyful, Lasting Love

Perform this spell during Midsummer’s Eve (Summer Solstice), a powerful time of the year for performing love magick. This spell can be performed on the exact day of Summer Solstice or for several days before or after.

On an evening when the Moon is in Taurus, write your love’s full name (if unknown, write “the Perfect Man [or Woman] for me for lasting romance”) on a pink piece of paper in red ink. Write below this your love’s birth date, if known, and draw a heart around the writing or cut it out of the paper in a heart shape.

Light some strawberry, jasmine, orange blossom or myrrh incense and call upon Aine, Celtic Goddess of love. Wave the pink paper through the smoke of the incense and say:Spell to Create a Joyful, Lasting Love

Aine, hear me now: I call to your strength
Real joy, long-lasting, real passion I would know

Come now to bless and bring to me my love
Bring to me this beauty from where you are above.

So Mote it Be.

Light a pink candle. Pass your hand over the flame and chant:

This I believe; this now is true
I have my real love – two hearts beating.

By the fire of the Goddess, by the light of the moon
My life and his, now meeting.

So Mote it Be.

Stare into the candle flame or the smoke of the incense and visualize yourself with your perfect love. Think of the characteristics you most want in a romantic partner – their laugh, their humor, their taste in music, their manners, their love for animals, children or nature.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with this person now. Place yourself in the picture, rather than looking on it from outside the scene. Experience the joy you know you will feel.

When you are done, blow out the candle and thank the Goddess Aine for her help, and any guidance you might receive later so that you will be in the perfect time and place to meet your new love.

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