Spell to Banish Debt

Spell To Banish Debt

Best do this spell on Days of either Thursday day of Jupiter which brings money, careers, and luck in financial matters.

Or Do the spell on a day of Saturn a.k.a Saturday. And done on a waning moon or a new moon to banish, and to bring positivity.

You will need:

  • 1) Green Candle, or try 1 Gold Candle
  • 1) Black Candle to Banish Negativity off Debt.
  • Money attracting Herb/Herbs of the following: Allspice, Basil, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Ginger, Mandrake, Marjoram, Mint, Patchouli, Pine, or sage.
  • Money attracting oil: Basil, Cinnamon, Patchouli, or Pine.
  • One copy of your bills will be needed, or the actual bills. If you can’t get to the bills write out each bill of what you owe debt on parchment or clean white paper.
  • Money Attracting Incense/or other Money attracting type incense if you don’t have Money attracting incense.
  • A Pen
  • Something to carve with

To start this spell:

1) Ask the universe to rid you of negativity, and remove obstacles over your bath. As well as ask for blessings in your life.

2) Take a Cleansing bath with a few drops of cinnamon oil or pine oil.

3) Dry off, and go set up your ritual area.

4) Meditate, and cast your circle.

5) The god to call upon to join your circle is the god of Juno, of money.

6) Cleanse, and consecrate your candle/candles, carve the banishing pentacle on the candles. Cleanse, and bless other items you will use, and dash a hint of money attracting herb on the candles.

7) Dash a hint of the money attracting herb, and place the bills or written form of the bills under the lit candles.

8)8)Ask Juno for what you need. Here’s a simple spell I wrote for this. As well as meditate on you paying your bills in full, and walls of what is stopping them from being paid in full breaking down one by one. Envision this money coming to you, and your debt vanishing instantly.

9) Spell Chant: “O Great God Juno, who knows of my need, please bring this at full spell. May this be brought in the most correct way for the money I need on this day. I ask of you bring positivity, and banish negativity. Banish this great debt, rid this poverty, and bring prosperity. Bring none of harm as well as myself. This I ask humbly, so it shall be. So mote it be!”

Finally place the bills dashed with herbs in a safe spot so it may not be touched, and meditate further on the issues. Then when you feel drained suddenly snuff the candle out, and thank Juno himself.

Close your circle.

Light the candles once again everyday for 7 minutes or longer until they are burned out, and meditate on the debts banishing from your life, and bringing happiness to yourself. You may chant a spell or prayer of your own words. Once the candles are finally burned out bury them away from your home, or throwing them into a moving source of water.

One last advice about this spell Do good onto others, like help others out when needed, or donate. Good will be brought onto. Finally thank the universe and Juno when your debt is paid off. Nellie Fox Womens Jersey