Spell for a Passionate Love

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On a Friday night when the moon is waxing (and better, when the moon is in Taurus), cast a circle: Place small rocks or stones around the circle area and light the four directions – East, West, North and South – with white pillar candles.

Light a white candle and walk slowly round the circle to cleanse its energy.

Then walk widdershins (counter-clockwise) and whisk negative energies out of the circle with your besom or a branch (one that has fallen naturally and still has live shoots on it). Walk deosil (clockwise), waving burning sage to reinforce the Fire and Air energies.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water then walk deosil around the circle, sprinkling the water on it to reinforce Earth and Water energies.

Walk to the East of the circle and say: Welcome, Wind and Breeze.
Walk to the North of the circle and say: Welcome, Earth our Mother.
Walk to the South of the circle and say aloud: Welcome, Flame and Fire.
Walk to the West of the circle and say aloud: Welcome, flowing Waters.
Welcome, Elements, to my Circle of Light!

Call on the Greek goddesses of passion and love: Venus, Ishtar and Astarte.

Sit or stand in the center of the circle, holding in your hand a pink quartz (preferably in the shape of a crescent moon), a garnet stone, or lapis lazuli stone (Aphrodite’s gemstone).

Call to the Goddesses to aid you in your quest for true passion by saying:Spell for a Passionate Love

Venus, Ishtar and Astarte – I call Thee forth now
Bless my request and let the energies flow

Yes to my asking, yes to my desire!
Call forth for me real passion, real love from your fire.

So Mote it Be.

Sit in the center of the circle and concentrate on the feelings you wish to have once your request is granted. Know that your lover will come forth in the perfect time and way, and be at peace that this new passion is yours.

To make this spell more potent, anoint some mandrake root or Adam and Eve root anointed in musk or rose oil. Carry it on you in your purse, pocket or in a mojo bag – it will work as an amulet to increase the strength of this or any passion spell.

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