Spell to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

This is one of the most requested spells on Just Wicca. Everyone looks over the free love spells section and types in the comment section requesting a spell to make a guy fall in love with you. While this spell was written by me as a straight person, it can be used for gay, bi and transgendered persons as well. It can be modified to work with female energy, but this spell was designed to attract a male.

Sometimes its not meant to be

Remember good and bad things come and go. Don’t hold on to a relationship that isn’t right for you. Holding on to something that isn’t meant for you will only cause suffering in the end. Remember that even if you feel empty for awhile something else/ someone else will come along. So don’t get discouraged if your relationship doesn’t mend itself.

Spell to Make a Guy Fall in Love

Make a Guy Fall in Love

You can make a man fall in love with you.

What You’ll Need:

  • Something that reminds you of the male
  • A male doll
  • A white candle
  • A bowl of water

This spell is simple to prepare for and execute. It is my advice that this spell be done on a Thursday evening. Thursday is a day typical associated with male energy as well as the evening/night time.

  1. Fill the bowl with water and place it in the center of your alter.
  2. Attach the item that reminds you of the male onto the doll. If there isn’t a way to attach the item use something else or sit it right beside the doll.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. While holding the male doll, meditate for a while thinking about the person you want to attract.
  5. Chant the following 7 times: “In the darkest hour be, bring my love (his name) close to me, as I will it so it shall be, bring my love (his name) close to me.”
  6. Let the candle burn out or if you can’t let the candle burn down on its own then snuff it out.

Wait at least one full moon cycle before you attempt this spell again. It may take some time for results to show but usually you should see a change with the person within a week.

Make sure you give him his space while you wait for the spell to work. You can find more free love spells on Just Wicca – your free online book of shadows.

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