Red Healing Flame

This is a simple spell using visualization to heal your body. Please don’t use this spell alone. If you are feeling ill seek competent professional medical advice as well! But this spell will help the healing process a long greatly. I actually am dedicating this spell to my good friend Serenity! I forgot to tell you about this spell when we were chatting, and I just remembered it as I was posting the other spells for today.

You can check out the spells she has written for Just Wicca here. Also check out her wonderful blog here. (I love you, you crazy, crazy chick!). And if you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will find my profile badges for Facebook. Add me 🙂

So while you can do this spell on the night of the Full Moon I wouldn’t suggest it. I would do it the day after the Full Moon when the moon is in waning. Don’t worry about the days because we can’t really time sickness!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1) red candle
  • a fireproof dish/receptacle
  • a piece of paper
  • some drawing skills (not so much stick figures will do)

Health SpellsCharge your candle with healing energy. You charge the candle with intention. And I am firm believer that intentions shape our world. You can anoint the candle with healing, blessing, or sandalwood oil. BUT if you don’t have those things don’t fret!

Light the candle meditate on the flame, then draw a picture of yourself with the aliment. Draw symbolically the pain, or aliment on the area of your body that is hurting. If this is an emotional hurt I would suggest you do a cleansing/purification spell instead.

Light the tip of the drawing with the paper and put it in the fire proof dish. While it burns watch and see yourself being healed. Feel the feelings of health. Really feel it. When this is done draw another picture of yourself completely healed. As you draw the new picutre really see yourself as already healed. You may want to add an affirmation like:

Perfect body, perfect love. I am healed. I thank you.

Just like you charge the candle with your intentions do the same with the picture. Infuse the picture with your energy and intention! Lay this picture flat and place the red candle (still burning) on top. Let the candle burn out.

This is a great spell and I have used it personally more than 20 times? From minor colds to the flu. Thank you for visiting the website. Please share, like, or spread the news about the site using the widgets below. 🙂

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