Psychic Spell to Open Your Third Eye

This spell will help you open your third eye. The third eye is one of the chakras. There are seven chakras. The best way to open your third eye chakra is through meditation. (Stop saying meditation Raven! Yeah, yeah, I know right?) After learning to meditate and learning to activate your chakras, you will have better control/access/success/with your third eye.

Psychic Spells: Spell to Open Your Third Eye

This spell is to be coupled with meditation starting three days before the full moon.

What You’ll Need: Spell to Open Your Third Eye

  • purple candle
  • psychic herbal pouch
  • dream tea
  • psychic tea

Every night before bed beginning three days before the full moon, drink your dream tea and spent 33 minutes meditating. Light your purple candle and wear your herbal pouch around you neck. Learn to quiet your mind and work on activating the lower chakras. Don’t try to activate the third eye chakra until the night of the full moon. Don’t let negative or abrasive thoughts enter your mind. Practice correcting those negative thoughts now because there is no room for it on the night of the full moon.

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On the night of the full moon mix 2 pinch yarrow, 2 pinch mugwort, 1 pinch salt, 1 pinch cinnamon, 1 jasmine flower. Pour boiling water over the mixture and let it sit for 3 minutes.

Light your purple candle and meditate on the flame. Sip your tea as you do this. When you tea is finished go into your meditative state and start to activate your root chakras one by one.

You should have no trouble activating your third eye chakra. You may want to do a guided meditation focused on opening and activating your chakras.

You might be wondering something like -Raven! Wheres my chant?? My answer? Get real and learn about witchcraft! You don’t always have to say a chant, but feel free to add one if you would like.

Whew! I have had some mucho grande energy problems yesterday and the day before that. I have an inkling I know (who?) is responsible. I won’t let anyone get me down, there is no reason to be mad or jealous of me.

I love you all. You all make working and posting on this website so easy! Thank you for always motivating me to be and do better.

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