Power Rain Spell

This spell was sent in from one of my great friend who has had great success with it. I was told that this should only be done outdoors! Wow! I wouldn’t want to make it rain indoors of course! I am so glad to add this to our free online book of shadows!

What you need to do is awaken the magic powers within you. Utilize  and visualize with you minds eye.  When you feel you are ready say the following three times.

Angels tears fall from the sky
Cometh forth and wet the dry
Send down your tears so sacred and true
Fall down I pray to you
Feed the earth and plants that thirst
I call now solemn and true water the earth, and make a new.
Sweet angels send down you’re tears to thine and make the streams flow
as wine, answer me, answer me, answer this single prayer.
Blessed Be

Repeat three times, and see thus happening in your minds eye. This is the spell to make the Angels Cry. I think this is a very interesting spells for weather manipulation. When I was younger spells like these definitely excited me. I mean great spells like this really inspire me to change the world around me (responsibly though right!) I mean its cool to go out and make it rain everyday, but would it be good for your environment? But I do believe that the universe has its own methods to balance and equalize things. But if you run into trouble you can always use the spell to reverse a spell. :)

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