New Moon Spell for Friendship

This spell for friendship is to encourage new friendships into your life. We all want friends and someone to relate to. I am working on building not only my book of shadows (this website~!) but also my friendship spells section. This spell is best done on the night of the new moon. Why do this spell on the night of the new moon? The answer is because the new moon signifies new beginnings and starting over. Because the spell is to bring into your life new friendships and positive experiences, the new moon is the best moon correspondence for this spells. Try to be more outgoing and confident, friendly and social for best results.

Spell for Friendship

Spell for Friendship

What You’ll Need:

  • • A white candle
  • • 3 or more of the following herbs; jasmine, rose, sugar, sandalwood, or lavender.
  • • A charmed pen
  • • A few sheets of paper or fine parchment
  • • Almond oil

Place the herbs into the almond and let it sit in dark place for three days and three nights. Anoint the candle with the oil and charge it with your intention. Take a ritual cleaning bath with the candle lit. Sly clad cast your circle and while standing in the center of your circle anoint yourself with the oil.

Take the paper and draw a figure that represents you. Make sure to make the picture clear, if you are a girl make the figure look clearly like a girl. Don’t worry if the hart isn’t that good. Under your picture write the qualities that make you a good friend.

Take the other pieces of paper and draw figures that represent all your new friends and the qualities they possess that make the awesome friends to you. Stay away from shallow qualities like good looks, money or popularity. Write the things they have in common with you; write your similar interests and goals.

When you are done take the drawing representation of you into your power hand, and with each of drawings of your new friends hold it up to the drawing of you making the drawing representations face each other. While holding each of the pairs focus on becoming friends with someone like this and say the following:

‘Soon we shall come to meet, in friendship and happiness we will greet, bold friendships so don’t be meek, you seek me and it is you I seek, you are now a friend to me, as I will it so mote it be.’

Place a drop of oil in the upper right corner of each of the papers and then lay the papers down in front of you.

Meditate on meeting and being great friends with people that possess the qualities you seek. Let the candles burn down or extinguish on its own. You should find yourself attracting new friends before the next new moon. Please tell us about your success with this spell for friendship!

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