Magick Runes

Magick Runes can be used for many things such as divination and/or charms. Magick Runes have been used since ancient times for these and other purposes. Using magick runes as well as other forms of divination will take some time to both understand and used effectively with your magickal workings.  Magick runes can be used many ways and can also take many forms. You can buy magick rune cards, make or buy rune stones, and make/buy rune stones. This article will give you some Magick Runesbasic information about runes and rune magick, some basic ways to utilize you’re runes, and some general information of the amazing things that can be accomplished with magick runes. Click to purchase a good book about runes. The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle: The Viking Runes with Stones: 10th Anniversary Edition

The most common use of magick runes would be to draw the rune symbol on a charm or spell slip. Say for instance you were making a charm for an upcoming trip. You decide to make a physical charm and make a herbal charm bag. You would find a corresponding rune symbol, and you can draw it on the bag, place your stone inside your herbal charm bag or draw the corresponding rune symbol on a slip of paper and place it inside your bag. A good magick rune to use in a safe travel herbal charm would be the rune symbol of RAIDO which looks similar to an “R”.

You can click to learn how to make magick runes, and afterward click to learn about runescripts.  Continue below to learn more about rune symbols and there meaning.

Fehu (F): Increase of wealth and possessions, protection of valuables. Used to send energy on its way, fire in its uncontrolled primal state.
Uruz (U,V): Used to create change, healing, vitality, strength, to boost energy of magickal work.
Thurisaz (Th): Beginning new projects, luck–the hand of fate helping you, protection, the hammer of Thor, opening gateways.
Ansuz (A): Communications, wisdom and clarity, to attract others to your cause, increase magickal energy.
Raido (R): Safe travel, movement, obtaining justice in an issue, used to keep a situation from stagmenting.
Kenaz (K): The hearth fire, artistic pursuits, healing, love and passion, creativity, strength.
Gebo (G): Gifts, partnerships on all realms, sex magick, balance, integration of energies.
Wunjo (W,V): Joy, happiness, love, fulfillment in career and home life, the icing on the cake.
Hagall (H): Slow, steady pace, no disruptions, asking for a hand from fate within a situation you do not control.
Neid (N): Need, desire, fulfilling those needs, love and sex magick, motivation created by distress.
Isa (I): Cessation of energy, freezing an issue where it stands, cooling relationships, separation, division.
Jera (J,Y): Harvesting tangible results from efforts already sown, fertility, culmination of events, abundance.
Eihwaz (I): Banishing magick, removal of obstacles and delays, invoking foresight, clearing up hidden issues and situations.
Perdhro (P): Unexpected gains, hidden secrets coming to light, discovering that which has been lost, spiritual evolution.
Algiz (Z): Protection, fortunate influences, fate on your side, victory and success, good luck and personal strength
Sigel (S,Z): Victory, power, sttrength, health, the rune of the sun, vitality, drive to work and produce.
Tir (T): Victory, leadership, success over other competitors, increase in finances, virility and passion (esp. men).
Berkana (B): Growth, abundance, fertility, Mother Earth, protection, the zenith of an idea or situation.
Ehwaz (E): Abrupt changes, moving into new home and environment, travel, swift change in situation.
Mannaz (M): Cooperation, teamwork, collaboration, help and aid from others, beginning new projects, esp. with others
Table Cell Lagaz (L): Intuition, imagination, success in studies, creativity, vitality and passion (esp. for women)
Ing (NG): Fertility, successful conclusion to issue or situation ending one cycle and beginning another.
Daeg (D): Increase and expansion, prosperity, growth, major turning points in life, turning in new directions.
Othel (O): Material possessions and protection of those possessions, inheritance (can be gentle traits inherited from elders).

Magick runes can be hard to master even though they may seems simple, these runes have worked well for mean, but tend to have a static meaning, so I have to be really clear and concise as to what I want when using magick runes into my magickal workings. The very first ways I used runes where as correspondences and charms, but I have found they work wonderfully as stand alone spells. Once I was in a hurry while going on a job interview and forgot my charm bag! Luckily I had some liquid eyeliner handy and drew the rune I wanted on my body,this was very effective and landed me the job! I had such good luck that day and it really was my most successful magick rune working. The Book of Runes is a great book about runes and rune magick. The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle: The Viking Runes with Stones: 10th Anniversary Edition I recommend it for anyone serious about magick runes.

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