Lemon Love Spell Bag

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I was trolling around the internet waiting for inspiration to hit me so I would be able to write a new spell for you guys.

I write a lot of these spells myself from the heart to sometimes they aren’t tested, they aren’t guaranteed to work, etc.

This is a spell from my old book of shadows and some new things and items I was inspired by on the internet. 🙂

A lot of people put pressure on you to make sure that everything you share is 100 percent guaranteed to bring them happiness and joy in their life.

That’s a big burden to carry. I can’t speak on behalf of the universe, what is meant to be will be. Magick is an extremely personal and delicate thing. It comes from the heart, it comes from the soul, it comes from the spirit.

It is my personal wish that this red magick works for your good.

Lemon Love Spell Bag

lemon love spell bag

Try this Lemon Love Spell

What You’ll Need:

  •  a lemon!
  • white paper or parchment
  • a red marker
  • red lipstick (or gloss) (optional)
  • a red pouch or sack
  1. On the white paper write down your name on one side and your lovers name on the other with the red marker.
  2. With the red lipstick on, flip the paper over. Imprint your lips onto the paper. (If you are a male then just plant your kiss). Make sure to visualize you and the person together and in love!
  3. Cut the lemon in half and place each half on over each name.
  4. Close the paper or parchment over the lemons and make sure they are aligned. If you have an larger enough pin you can pierce the lemons to hold them together.
  5. Place the lemon into the red pouch.
  6. Hold the lemon pouch and meditate with the lemon. Meditate and visualize you and the one you want together and madly in love!
  7. You have many options for storing your Lemon Spell Bag, burying it in your yard, burying it in your lovers yard, placing it on your altar, putting it in a box under you bed etc.
  8. Keep the bag until your lover comes back, if he hasn’t come back after three full moon cycles then you may try again… but its probably time to move on.

If you try this spell then let me know! I am interested in seeing how this works out for you! If you have any questions are comments then let me know in the section below.

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Good Luck and Blessed Be!

AYA posted a modification of this spell:

Lemon Love Spell

This particular love spell is designed to bring back your ex, and is pretty easy to do.

You’ll need:

A fresh lemon
A little piece of paper (pink if you have it)
A length of red yarn or ribbon
On the piece of paper, write your name and your ex’s name then slice open the lemon. Try to cut it evenly in half. Fold the paper so the names are touching, and sandwich is between the lemon pieces. Tie the red yarn around the lemon to hold it together. As you do all of this, visualize you getting your ex back and how happy that would make you.

Now put the little lemon bundle in the freezer (yes, the freezer) and tuck it in the back so nobody can see it. You can expect to see your ex back in your life in a month.

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