How to Win the Lottery

This spell is to win the lotto. This spell for how to win the lottery should be done on a Thursday and if you are buying a ticket then go purchase during the 7pm hour. You can do this spell to win the lotto by creating a money charm box with the addition of a green pillar candle. If this spell is done during the Full Moon then your chances of winning are extremely potent. If this full moon happens during Leo in Jupiter then watch out! You could be a millionaire in the next 24 hours.

UPDATE: I personally tried this spell for how to win the lottery again with a local chain. I always carry cash with me and smell it often. While smelling the money I say an affirmation. I tried it this week. 8/22 – and won $20.00.

So first you must psychically pick your winning numbers. You must do this by connecting to your inner self and write down the numbers that come to you. They must GENUINELY come to you for them to be the winning numbers. Read more about how to do automatic writing.

How to Win the Lottery

how to win the lottery

How to Win the Lottery

Once you have your numbers you should cleanse yourself and light your candle on the altar.  Chant the numbers and add ‘I am wealthy’ after the set. Do this for 7 minutes and then snuff out the candle. Place the numbers in your pocket and if you life place a drop of attraction oil on the paper and carry the crystal with you.

Buy the ticket and wait for your wealth to come in.

So I did this spell and because I have been practicing witchcraft for a while I knew I wouldn’t win the lotto but I also knew it was more of a symbol to bring wealth and abundance into my life.

Very quickly the money started rolling in… even more so than my everything under the moon money spell (which is still my favorite). I bought a scratch off in Atlanta (because its illegal to gamble in my state) and won $210 dollars. I don’t really do it much, but basically you use a penny and rub off this flaky paint to see if you win. After that we get home and there is a check for $20 from when we got ripped off by papa johns, lol.

My best friend Leai and I decided to test my luck by going to a nearby casino (a 3 hour drive)… and I won 2000.00. I won’t say that gambling isn’t fun – it really is.. I see why people can’t control themselves! I do have to say that this isn’t a guarantee that you will make money from doing this but I did experience magic.

So I tried the spell as soon as I could again and won $5!

Then I did it again and won nothing… but I did get a free fry from McDonald’s…. lol.

I guess the Universe was over me just being greedy and only entertained me once.

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