How to Make A Spell Work

How to Make A Spell Work

How to Make A Spell Work

A lot of people are wondering how to make a spell work. In my previous hub I talked about why a spell doesn’t work.

Magick is a lot like goal setting. For newer witches I suggest that you start with smaller goals and simple spells. Sometimes our vision is clouded by what we are familiar with. It may be difficult to manifest bigger and better things until we understand how everything works and allow ourselves to fully be able to vision bigger things and try bigger spells.

If you are doing a spell for money start off by asking for a little bit more, little bit more, until you achieve you final goal.

How to Make a Spell Work – Magick Diary

With Wicca I would suggest that you keep a diary for the spells that you work. Not necessarily you Book of Shadows, but a dairy. This is useful to record the moon phases, the candles and everything unique about your spell so if your spell doesn’t work the way you wanted it too, you can go back and troubleshoot more effectively. So having a magickal diary is very important. If you are needing answers as how to make a spell work the using these tips can really help you out.

If you don’t have a magickal diary then this week you should start one. It doesn’t have to be a expensive book, it can be a plain $1 notebook, but just write down the information from you spells and an excessive for more effective spell casting. This week look at an area of your life that needs improving and look at what you want, what you would like to change about this area of your life. For example you might want to date someone or find someone new. I would suggest making a list of former partners with as much details as possible. How long did the relationship last? What went wrong in those relationships? This it is to determine where your area of comfort is. Magick will help you expand that area of comfort. You need to be able to determine where that wall or block is.

How to Make a Spell Work – Working in Your Realm of Belief

If your spell or goal is to far beyond your area of comfort then your spell won’t be effective and you need to break it down into smaller goals and spells. I want to make $350 per day and the most I have ever made was around $100 dollars per day. I might cast a spell for to make $125 per day and so on until I reach my final goal. Work on one thing at a time. What is something that you don’t have that you can see yourself getting? What can you see yourself getting excited about? That is your spell. And you should do you spell based on that.  Then work on you details. What moon phase is right for this working? What day of the week? What candles should you use? Create a complete spell and it will work more effectively for you. Learning all of this will answer the question of how to make a spell work.

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