Tutorials: How to Make a Corn Dolly

The corn dolly really represents the spirit of the harvest. Many witches use corn dollies in spell work and in this tutorial I will explain how I make corn dollies. Be careful when splitting, buying, or bind the corn stalks. The corn stalks are pretty sturdy but can easily rip with excessive or rough handling.

How to Make a Corn Dolly

What You’ll Need:

  • two small bunches of corn stalks
  • green/yellow strips of  wool or cotton
  • a grape vine
  • red or orange ribbons for ritual (Lammas)
Corn Dolly

Corn Dolly

1)Take one bunch of the corn stalks and with the yellow cotton strips, bind the stalks just below the top and tie them tightly.

2)Around a half inch to and inch below your first knot, do the same.

3)Split the bundle into four strands. This will make the arms and body for your corn dolly. The middle two will become the body and the outer two strands will become the arms.

4) Bend the stalks that make your corn dolly’s arms and bind carefully with the yellow cotton strip.

5) Take a longer strip of cotton and tie it around the neck of your corn dolly. Bind the body pieces together and crisscross the yellow cotton strips around the body. The body should be around 4 inches in length. Take the green cotton strips and tie it around the base of your corn dolly’s middle and body section.

6) Split the bottom of your dolly to form the legs, just as you formed the arms. Bind with the green cotton.

7) Ask for blessing for your corn dolly. You should ask an agricultural deity. You might say: God of plenty, bless now this image of your fertility.

8) Decorate with the grape vines, other greenery and the ribbons that represent your celebration or festival.

To make the corn dolly representative of a female deity just leave the bottom section to free so that it looks like a dress or skirt.

During Lammas you will be making your new corn dolly to keep over the winter. During Homstrom is when you would burn your old corn dolly. Troy Hill Authentic Jersey