Gypsy Psychic Ritual for Psychic Sight and Spirit Communications

During a waxing moon in the New Year, or any time you wish to release the past and begin anew, take a purifying bath with sea salt and a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil.

Darken the room except for white candles burning. Burn lavender incense and chant:

Away are distractions; away is the past!
I am floating in water, in air, and am free.
I am pure and released from all that might harm.
I begin again, and perfectly.

So Mote it Be.

Rinse off in clean water. Dress in flowing white clothing or a white robe.

Go to your altar and light a blue, purple or white candle. This candle must be the only light in the room. Ask for the assistance and protection of your Benevolent Spirit Guardians and Guides during this and every divination.Gypsy Psychic

Place a crystal before the light of the candle so that the light shines through it, preferably a crystal that has been exposed to moonlight for the last few nights. A large crystal stone or crystal ball will be your best tool for this, rather than a glass ball.

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Concentrate on the center of the crystal and mentally ask, What do I need to know?

Clear your mind and expect to receive clear images that will offer you insight and inner knowledge: the crystal is your mirror of what may be.

Ask your highest spiritual Mother speak to you from these images – whether a divinity, your own soul or an elemental such as a faery, mermaid or dryad:

Great Spirit of Wisdom with Love for me
It is knowledge I seek, for I wish to see

Speak to me here or in a dream quite soon
Make plain to me my Truth in the light of this moon.

So Mote it Be.

Be open to seeing or any feeling colors or hearing sounds you may not be expecting. Ask for understanding of any scenes, impressions or images that come to mind. Remember that if you see or sense something you do not like, that you have the power to change it.

Look into your crystal – your mirror and your tunnel of insight. Though images may be indistinct, trust your impressions. Often a new insight will feel like something you have inwardly known all along.

The benevolent visiting spirits and your spirit guardians will help you to understand the impressions you have received. Understanding may also come in the form of a dream in which a departed loved one tells you something you need to hear.

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