Gold Cord Spell for Healing

This spell for healing is really simple. I first read about this spell for healing when I first got into witchcraft and did not have the supplies or means to do spells that required both more knowledge and more resources. This spell is my take on a more traditional type of spell. You may find the chant below very familiar if you have been studying witchcraft for awhile. This is because this method of using the cord as a tool is a very effective form of magic.


Gold Cord Spell for Healing

Spell for Healing

What You Need:

  • Healing Oil
  • Blue Candle
  • Gold Cord (a yellow ribbon or rope will do)
  • Photograph of the person to be healed

This spell is suggested to be done on a Monday during the new moon. Light the blue candle and hold the gold cord over the photo. If you have a healing crystal, you can tie it to the end of the gold cord and let it hover over the photo. Chant the following and as you do this make a knot in the cord:

“With knot of one, my spell’s begun
 “With knot of two my word is true,
With knot of three, I bring healing to thee,
By knot of four, you’re better than before,
By knot of five you are no longer sick,
By knot of six this spell’s your fix,
Seventh knot sealed, you are healed”

Lay the knotted cord onto your altar and say ‘So Mote it Be‘.

This simple spell is easy to try and easy to change if you need to. Consider all spells basic templates… an EXAMPLE of how you can do a spell. If you have tried this spell or changed this spell to suit your own needs please leave a comment below. You might inspire someone or give them the answer to a question you had when you were younger in the craft.

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