Discover Your Witch Name

As you explore the world of Wicca and find your place in it, you may feel prompted to take on a new name. There are many reasons why witches choose special names that are solely for magickal workings.

The time and place in which you cast spells is sacred, set apart from common reality. Your everyday name might break the mood. Within the Wiccan circle, you are a spirit of nature, a child of the Great Mother. You should not think of yourself as your plain everyday persona. A name is a word of power. You need a name that describes your spiritual nature, and very few people are comfortable enough with their given name to feel that it is their spiritual name.

In ancient times, many people chose their own names. A name could be changed at any time in life to reflect self-perception and experience. In some tribal cultures, people are thought to reincarnate their ancestors and might use that ancestor’s name. Ceremonial Magick has a tradition of using the names of mages or witches of the past. Many witches choose the name of a mythological deity or spirit they feel close to. In some Wicca covens the high priestess is responsible for discerning the witch names of the initiates.

The key to your witch name is in your intuition that draws you close to the powers of nature. Go to your sacred places when you can take time to spend a few hours in a meditative trance, opening your mind to the elemental spirits. Do you love the mountains and caves of Mother Earth, is it water that moves you, or are you drawn to fire or air? Your name may be related to the elements you love best. It may come to you as a word spoken in your mind, the memory of a beloved song, or you might create it yourself from the sounds that are the most pleasing to you.

You may know instantly when you have your witch name. It will simply fit, like clothing. If you find a name but are not sure, speak it to yourself many times, write it over and over. If it is not right for you, begin the search anew. Take as much time as you need and use whatever method works best for you to be in touch with your intuition. Todd Gurley Jersey