How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows

The cover of the Wiccan book of shadows can be any color, picture or design. The owner of the book of shadows needs to have the cover be just as personal as the inside of the book of shadows. If the Wiccan has interests in gardening, crocheting, knitting, music, animals, foods, nature, or anything else they can use their interest for the cover of their book of shadows.

How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows

There are many Wiccans who enjoy the fun and creativity of making their own book of shadows. They enjoy dividing their book of shadows into certain categories that are important to them. By having the categories in the book of shadows it is easier to find the information that is needed to help out with a certain situation. When a Wiccan makes their own book of shadows they are following their own path rather than doing what another Wiccan is doing.

Some Wiccans will keep what they have put into their book of shadows to themselves, while others will share what they have in order to help others through difficult times. Many times a Wiccan will write down mantras, or music, or meditations they feel will help another Wiccan, but any changes needed to be made to the book of shadows should be made only by the Wiccan who created the book of shadows.

The book of shadows is a personal resource to find information quickly when an answer to a certain problem is needed immediately. People have all types of books, and look through all of them to find one answer, when the organized book of shadows is an easier way to go. It does not matter how big or little your book of shadows is. As time moves along you will add or subtract from your book of shadows, until you finally get your book of shadows exactly the way you want it.

Before starting your book of shadow write down what you want in your book of shadows, and how you want it laid out. You can add pictures, meditations, categories of all kinds that you as the owner of the book of shadows will allow you to follow your path easier. Brendan Langley Authentic Jersey