How to Cast a Wiccan Circle

I hope this article will be informative to you. This is article has been requested for a long time. I was never compelled to give you a tutorial because we know not even pagan sect has the same teachings. This is not the exact way I cast my wiccan circles nor would I expect this ritual to be performed exactly as written. With all things, education and expertise will come in time. Blessed Be!

How to Cast a Circle

With the increasing visibility of the Wiccan religion, the concept of casting a circle has become a portion of our popular consciousness. The concept includes defining and creating a sacred area that’s charged with magical energy and protected from unwanted influences.

how to cast a wiccan circle

  • Choose a space big enough for you and anybody else who’ll be assisting you in casting a circle to move about in. Additionally pick a place and time where you’re unlikely to become disturbed.
  • Cleanse the area ritually by burning sage or an additional purifying incense as well as spreading the smoke all throughout the area. One alternative if you do not have these objects or are sensitive to smoke includes lightly sprinkling water over the space. While you’re performing the cleansing, think about any old energy cycles which are in existence being cleared away.
  • Begin casting a circle within the east of the area. The eastern direction generally is related to the element of air, the power of your spirits and mind associated with these concepts. Pointing and facing east with your finger, wand, or knife, think about these qualities. Invite these spirits to come into the circle in any way which feels suitable.
  • Stroll clockwise ΒΌ of the way around the circle, making an invisible line as you go with the ahthame, finger, wand, or knife. Think about the line as a wall of energy you’re making around the circle, keeping all negative forces out and all magical energy in. Arrive next at the southern tip of the circle.
  • Continue casting the circle by pointing and facing south and calling out to the powers of this direction, usually related to fire and the attendees’ desire or will. Continue to draw the circle as you stroll the circumference to the west.
  • Invite the powers of the west, oftentimes related to the emotions and the element water. Continue to draw the circle as you stroll the circle to the north.
  • Invite the northern powers, often related to the element earth, unknown or mysterious forces, and the physical world and body. Continue to draw the circle while continuing around the east in which you began.
  • Finish casting the circle by calling out to any additional guests you’d like to attend, like personal deities, and stating that your circle is shielded from unwanted influences. Continue on with whatever you’d like to do inside your circle. As you’re finished, thank the involved spirits and stroll around your circle in the opposite direction, thinking about the boundaries opening, expanding, or dissolving.

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