Can You Define Wicca?

Can you define Wicca? Not many people can can. People have applied the principles of magick into their life for years and still cannot simply define Wicca. Wicca is a neo-pagan religion. Wicca’s followers call themselves Wiccans. Most Wiccans adhere to similar philosophies of paganism and modern nondenominational witchcraft.  (Read more on Wicca) These are the simple ways to define Wicca, but Wicca is much more. It requires much more study and education than reading on article on Wicca. No one can define Wicca and what it means to its followers. We will give you some basic information about Wicca. If you are looking to become a wiccan then I encourage you to read this article completely. It is easy to get lost with all the witchcraft articles on the web. Bookmark this page and read or reread this post when you can.

I will list some things for you to study as you try to define Wicca for yourself. Read a book or two on each subject. Read carefully and read it with the intention of  developing full understanding of the magick and Wicca.

The Moon – The moon is very important to Wiccans. The moon is like a magickal calendar. You will need to explore what spells work best on what days and really make an effort to understand the delicate balance of the moon and sun, light and dark, night and day. It will enhance your magick.

The Colors – What colors to use with what spells. What colors on what days, what colors for what meanings, what colors for what intention, outcome or motive. You will need to know how magickal correspondences work with magick.

The Words – Chants, melodies, incantations and poems. The words we use in spells has a immense power. Incantations will help you manifest your desires. Real magick works with intention.

The Tools – Learn as much as you can about the athame, pentacle, censor, bell, chalice and more. Learn and explore why some witches use the wand and some don’t.

The Candles – Candles are another effective tool of magick. Because candles are important to raising the energy it is best for all beginners to study candles and candle magick in depth.

The Herbs – Rosemary, ginger and roses. Herbs can really have a natural way about them. They will enhance the right spells and accentuate the true intentions of your desires. Treat herbs carefully and wisely. Find out their meanings and understand how to handle them properly.

 Can you define Wicca?

There is no simple way to define Wicca. Wicca means a lot of different things to different people. I am often accused of looking at things to literally, but I would love for anyone to show me a simple definition of faith. Let alone, someone else’s faith, or even better yet… your own faith. Wicca is a religion and like most it has a standard definition and a personal one. This way people can personally define Wicca and what it means to them, how they incorporate it in there life.

Wicca, as I define it, is magick. Magick is energy. Wicca is the way to use magick (or energy) to create and manifest the life you want. You have to have focus, faith, knowledge and determination. Magick and Wicca are essential in my day to day life, and I live a wonderful, magickal life everyday.

HOW DO YOU DEFINE WICCA? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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