How To Break Curses And Hexes

This article is something that is requested ALL THE TIME. While there was some hesitation about posting this article because while I do believe we are co-creating our life with the universe through energy manipulation, thoughts, karma and clarity, I also believe our Universe is self correcting and curses / hexes only have power if we feed them our energy and make them manifest into our reality.

So, here is some of what I know about curses and hexes. Here’s another tip, some online scammers will say you are cursed just to jinx you and make you pay them hundreds of dollars to remove the curse. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Make good decisions about who you give your money!

how to break a curse or hex

How To Break Curses And Hexes

Curses andhexes have existed for many centuries, and have brought with them misfortune or worse to those afflicted by their esoteric grasps. This is a simple guide one can use to remove these oppressive spells, and get on with their life.First up is how to remove a curse. So, without further adieu, to remove a curse the afflicted must acquire a square of black cloth a bit larger than one’s hand to act as a depository, a single tablespoon of curry, the same amount of dill and also vervain, a tablespoon of ginger, one consecrated black candle, a black string that has been knotted nine times, and lastly, paper and black ink pen. On the first night of the waxing moon, having gathered these items, one can now proceed with the curse removal.

To begin, spread the cloth out upon the ground. Once finished, take the paper and pen, and inscribe the full name and birth date of the person who cursed you. Place the paper upon the cloth, and then bit by bit add each herb on top of the paper. Next, light the candle, then pass five drops of the wax to the paper and herbs. Visualize the person who afflicted you and say their name aloud three times whilst typing the bag shut with the knotted string. Finally, make your way to the person’s property while they are unaware, and bury the bag in a hole, making sure it is in a spot where it can lie undisturbed until the next waxing moon. Once the time comes, dig the bag up and burn the contents. This will weaken the person who has cursed you, and break your affliction.

The last removal in this guide is that of the hex, and it is much simpler to deal with than the forerunner of this guide, so let us get on with it. All one needs to deal with a hex is an old cooking pot, another black candle, and simple tap water. Once you have gathered the items you can continue, irregardless of the celestial time.

First, place your candle in the old pot, fill the pot with water until it is about two inches from touching the wick, and then light the candle. “If truly hexed or cursed I am, let it break with quench of flame,” you will then recite. When the candle burns down to water level, and the flame dies away, say “So mote it!” Your hex will flutter away.

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