Spell to Attract Love into Your Life

This is a spell to bring romance into your life. This spell uses a lot of magickal correspondences and items but if you don’t have them try to rewrite the spell for yourself. This spell is designed in such a way to attract a great love to you not the lost for a specific person per say. Don’t do this spell if you are in a bad mood, unhappy or angry. This spell should be done in a relaxed and happy state. This is always the case but with love spells it is even more important to be in the right state of mind.

What You’ll Need:spell to attract love into your life

  • • • A sprig of rosemary
  • • • A small box painted red
  • • • Vanilla incense
  • • • A pen with red or pink ink
  • • • Rose quartz crystal
  • • • Attraction oil
  • • • 3 white candles

This spell can be done inside or outside. You should choose your favorite place as your spell area. Burn your incense and meditate for a while to clear your mind of random thoughts and inner obstacles. Cast your circle and anoint your three white candles with the attraction oil. Sit in the center of your circle.

Using your charmed pen, write on the red box the following statement; ‘Love has come to me, Love is in my life, I am in love, He is in love with me.’

Open the box and place the charged rose quartz crystal inside. Place other things that represent love to you in the box. You can place drawings, silk, rose petals, rings, candles, perfume, anything that represents love to you. I also place a list of all the qualities I want in a man into the box. This box is a physical representation of what love means to you, but don’t use a photo of a specific person or a tag lock from another person because this is not a spell to gain the love of a specific person!

Meditate and visualize yourself in a happy and loving relationship. Imagine yourself happy and truly in love. See yourself preparing a gift for your lover. See yourself being excited and enthusiastic about your lover. See yourself telling your friends how wonderful and kind the person is. Tell them about your awesome dates and how happy they make you.

Light the three candles and say three written affirmations over and over. If you need ideas on something to chant try these three statements. “I am in love with a wonderful person who loves and supports me. I am so happy and grateful to be in such a wonderful relationship. I am so happy and I will only accept this or something better.”

Meditate for twenty minutes or more on just being blissfully happy. When you are ready release your intention out into the Universe and say ‘so mote it be.’ Pinch or snuff out your candles and seal the box shut. Don’t open the box until you have found a wonderful and true love.

When you have found your love take the rose quartz out and make a necklace out of it. Whenever you feel the urge, take the quartz into your hand and give thanks for your happiness and awesome lover.

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