Amulets and Talismans

Throughout your life, you have probably collected things that have cherished meaning to you. You might have special clothing or jewelry, posters, concert tickets, postcards, even an ordinary rock from a special place. They have great personal value, evoking emotions and memories that remind you of who you are. Hold onto these keepsakes. They are another way in which magic has been a part of your life since you were born. They are your personal amulets.

In magic, an amulet is any object that protects its wearer or owner. They are said to ward off illness and misfortune, and to attract good luck. You can buy traditional amulets anywhere. There’s the Ankh, Egyptian symbol of life; the Hebrew Chai, also meaning life; the Hamsa and the simple blue bead, both recognized throughout the Middle East for their power against the evil eye; from the Celtic lands, the Tree of Life and the triangle knot; and many others.

As with your magic tools, it’s best if you shop in person rather than online. Each has its own energy and vibration, which you may sense even if on a subconscious level. Pick out the ones that make you feel strong, healthy and good.

You can make an amulet to wear or carry; it can be anything you desire. Some witches create a tiny book with symbols drawn in ink on the pages. Keep this in a locket or sew it into a cover of thin leather. Your favorite protective symbols can be embroidered on your clothing or woven with beads and incorporated into a necklace, pin or bracelet. Amulets can also be mounted near doors or windows to protect the home.

While an amulet gives constant protection, a talisman is created for a specific task or spell. Similar to amulets, they can be worn, displayed or hidden, but their power is limited to one purpose and often to a certain period of time. (The charm bags described in other Just Wicca entries are one type of talisman.)  A talisman that has served its purpose can be kept, cleaned and recharged, or disposed of in whatever way feels right to you.

Pay attention to your talismans and amulets. Touch them, think about them and even speak to them. Do this with your witch tools and other Craft materials as well. Think of them as having a certain consciousness; they will be more powerful if you treat them with kindness. When you have to dispose of an amulet or talisman, or any Craft item, thank it for its service, clean it and recycle it or bury it in a natural environment. Eddie Goldman Jersey