3 Ways Wiccans Celebrate Summer

With the festivities of the Summer Solstice behind us, many witches are curious how to take advantage of the warmer climate and incorporate it into their Wiccan practice. Here is a small list I’ve compiled of fun ways for Wiccans to enjoy the summer.

Outdoor Meditation
Doing meditation outdoors can be very beneficial, especially during the summer. The different sounds of nature enhanced by the smells of the season will allow the meditation to be heightened. Find a place outdoors that will allow you to be completely relaxed and get the best out of your meditation. Ideally, look for a place that is quiet but allows you to surround yourself by nature.

A Day to Celebrate the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Throw an outdoor party with some of your friends. Find a way to bring Earth, Fire and Water elements into the party. You could fly a kite with your fellow practitioners. You can swim in the pool during the day. If you don’t have a pool you can do something more simplistic such as water balloons or turning on sprinklers and playing fun water activities. If you haven’t had a fellowship with the members of your coven or community try to organize one. A summer’s eve is perfect for dancing and communing around the bonfire. wiccan summer

Oftentimes ceremonies involve dancing within the Wiccan Community. Have a dancing portion of your outdoor party and allow the energy to rise as you dance in nature. You can play different musical styles and allow yourself to be lost in the sound.

Nature Walk
Summer is a time where everything is at its absolute prime. The foods are more abundant. Fruits are sweeter and flavorful and flowers are brighter than ever. Wiccan traditions around the world celebrate the summer season as time of growth and renewal.

Use summer as a time to explore nature during the longest days of the year. Go outside and walk through nature, find a park or a meadow. Take time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all the nature that is around you. Allow yourself to escape and go to a very serene state of mind. This will connect you to Mother Earth and fill your energy reserves for magickal workings.

There are many other fun activities for Wiccans to enjoy during the summer.

How is YOUR summer going? Leave a comment us lets know how you celebrate! Don’t forget to join the Wiccan forum.

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