Wiccan Pen Pals

The page was set up to help people find Wiccan Pen Pals and friends. Unfortunately, there are scam and con artists on the Internet who use a fun place like this to look for victims…. of ALL kinds!

And that victim may be YOU!

Don’t let that happen!

This article was taken from a great article on internet safety. Check it out!


First rule of smart surfing? Remain as anonymous as possible. That means keeping all private information private. Here are some examples of private information that you should never give out on the Internet:

  • full name
  • home address
  • phone number
  • Social Security number
  • passwords
  • names of family members
  • credit card numbers

Most credible people and companies will never ask for this type of information online. So if someone does, it’s a red flag that they may be up to no good.

Think carefully before you create an email address or screen name. Web experts recommend that you use a combination of letters and numbers in both — and that you don’t identify whether you’re male or female.

In chat rooms, use a nickname that’s different from your screen name. That way, if you ever find yourself in a conversation that makes you uncomfortable, you can exit without having to worry that someone knows your screen name and can track you down via email. Some people who hang out with their friends online set up private chat rooms where only they and the people they invite can enter to chat.

Experts recommend that people keep online friendships in the virtual world. Meeting online friends face to face carries more risks than other types of friendships because it’s so easy for people to pretend to be something they’re not when you can’t see them or talk in person.

If you ever get involved in a chat room conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable or in danger for any reason, exit and tell a parent or other adult right away so they can report the incident. You can also report it to the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children — they have a form for reporting this type of incident called CyberTipline. They will then see that the info is forwarded to law enforcement officials for investigation.

Make Sure to leave a way for your new penpal to contact you, and when you want your email removed, email me jw@justwicca.com and I’ll remove it. <3

293 Responses to “Wiccan Pen Pals”

  1. Ristoria says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Ristoria, I’ve been practicing for 6 years. I’m willing to answer any questions that anyone has – as long as you’re serious.

    Merry Part!

  2. Joeleen says:


    I am Joeleen, I’m 19 and fairly new to Wicca. I’ve been curious and interested in the craft for a while now. I live in US Washington. I don’t see a lot of Wicca shops or “churches” I use to be a Christian so there is know one to ask questions about wicca. I’ve been looking for someone to teach me or talk to about it. Doing this alone is hard when you have no one but your thoughts. I’m very eager and dedicated to learn. Anyone out there who knows a lot about Wicca please email me.
    Email: jojo16luv@gmail.com

    Blessed be.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my name is Abby. I am new to Wicca. I would like to be able to do spells, and learn the herbs, But I have nobody to talk to. My email is akoivusaari02@gmail.com if you would be kind enough to send me an email. One of my main questions is, what special things do you have to do to make a Book of Shadows? Could you use and notebook or do you have to make one? I don’t know.

  4. Arbella says:

    I’m new to all of this and I would like to know more. If you are experienced, please email me: arbella.leto@gmail.com. I have a ton of questions and I’m eager to be enlightened. Thanks :)

  5. Aspen says:

    Hello, my name is Aspen. I am 22 years old. Fairly new to witchcraft. I am a witch in practice not religion. I would like to increase my knowledge of spells. I am also very interested in gems, stones, and herbs. I already have a fairly large knowledge of herbs medicinal uses. My email is AspenOwlette@yahoo.com Thanks dearly !

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi, i’m Kelly, 18 years old. I’ve been practicing for 3 years. I don’t have many other to share things with or teach/learn from. I’m here to help anyone interested and learn more from anyone willing to teach me.(: Email mail me 3kelly77@gmail.com

    • deyanira says:

      Hi my name is deyanira I’m 13,
      Years old but I’m serious about wicca ever sense I met a strange man im my dream wicca has called to me im from a strong Christian family who thinks I’m possessed all I really want is someone to help me or even just be a Friend thank you

  7. Hazel Day says:

    Hello? I’m kinda new to this site, and I would like a pen pal. You know, someone to talk to that knows what I’m talking about. My parents are Christians, but I’m a Wiccan, and the only people who know are my friends at school. They accept me but don’t really understand. My e-mail is singletoncara@gmail.com if anyone wants to talk.

  8. naomi says:

    Merry Meet

    I am a 38 year old mom who has been Pagan for most of her life (25+ years). I am a Solitary practitioner and would love to write to others. I am always interested in learning everything I can.

    I would love to talk to anyone, but am really looking forward to other parents. I would love your insights on raising Pagan kids in today’s society.

    I love herbs, candles, stones, divination, all kinds of things. Feel free to inbox me, I always welcome the thought of a friend that I haven’t met yet.

    I have much to learn and much to share. So hopefully will hear from you soon.

    Merry Part

  9. Starr* says:

    Hello, my name is Starr. I’m 21 and new to this. I’ve always been around wiccan’s but have never tried any rituals or spells on my own. I don’t know anyone in my area like me and I want to meet new people that share my interests and beliefs. my email is s.starr55@yahoo.com and I would love to find someone to talk to.
    c ya later.

  10. Edain says:

    Please make a little effort to not be so ignorant, thanks and good day :)

  11. Anna says:

    I am a new wiccan. I have been studying it for roughly a year. I have many question that are unanswered and would love to have a reliable (not crazy person) to chat with in order to have a friend and help me answer my questions. Please email me at annaneel33@gmail.com.
    Oh and I am 21 and I live in Alabama.

  12. Mauve Sunrise says:

    My name is Mauve Sunrise and im new to wicca but i have been interested in wicca for yeas now but i need help so if you want to write and share spells and info. i would be most grateful. I am 14 and live in the USA. I come from a christian family but only 2 people know and they dont care. i would love to meet new people and not meet any fakes. so My email is MauveSunrise01@gmail.com if you wanna write go ahead ill write you back as soon as possible.

  13. MoonChild says:

    I’ve been a solitary practitioner for many years. I live in Las Vegas and would love to correspond with others both in Las Vegas and all over. I have many interests – candle magic, DIY supplies, crafting objects and many more.

    Blessed Be,
    Moon Child

    • Auroraborealis says:

      Hi MoonChild,

      I refer to myself as moonchild too! I love casting spells and have learnt from trial and error. In the end I believe it comes down to the intent and how strongly grounded one is in terms of faith and practice.
      I would love to chat more. I am 28 years old and live in LA.

      Love and Light,

      Aurora Borealis

  14. Chi says:

    Sounds cool to me; Im in… I’m a positive people person and enjoy helping others, even though I’m new in the study of Wicca, Id like to use this talent in the area of helping others. To me we all need to pitch in. This world could use a few good Wicca hahaha. I would enjoy having as many Wicca pen pals as possible, Collective thinking has its benefits………contact me if your interested…(shabadoo2u@yahoo.co,)…..have a positive day….

  15. Amber says:

    Hi my name is Amber and I am 33 years old and new to wiccan. I have wanted to do it the last few years but haven’t had the time.

  16. The Viking Wiccan says:

    Ok, So I see there is a lot of people who are new and wants a pen pal to help them through the basics. I too, am new in the Wiccan religion and would like someone to email me and help me to learn what it really is like to be a Wiccan. I am very excited about it all and would love to know how to use magick to heal people and to use it for the good of all. I am quite devoted to the God and Goddess and would also like to get to know them better. I am pretty alone right now with this, since no one I know really knows what Wicca is about. please email me at normankrahtz@gmail.com

  17. Wiccan25 says:

    Guys only please for wiccan pen pal

  18. Wiccan25 says:

    Hi my name is corey I’m 25 and im looking for a wiccan pen pal. I also would like some new spells as I dont know many

  19. DARKKNIGHT says:


  20. snooks says:

    Hey, im looking for a email pal to learn together. I have been in touch with my self before and i and really into earth and eager to learn about wicca. just email me bengislov@yahoo.com

  21. Vidal says:

    Sorry the description was so long just wanted to get my passion out there open to more than one pen-pal but one definitly a mentor

  22. Vidal says:

    Hi my names Vidal I’m pretty new to this religion to I’ve felt drawn to nature for a while and I love the outdoors :D since I’ve heard about this religion I was always interested in it but never had the motivation to check. Out a bout it and when I started reading I felt a surge of what can I say to describe it ” satisfaction” rush through me and ever since then have been reading all I can about wicca . I would like to be more of a solitary practitioner not join covens or anything. So I need a mentor in the old ways to teach me more about what I can’t get from the Internet and a guide on what would be the best way to perform the self dedication ritual I am dedicated and will work hard to learn all I can . E-mail me at : vidalptg@yahoo.com or respond to this post please I have so many questions D:

  23. summer skys says:

    I am new to wiccan, looking for a mentor so just someone to talk about their views on it. To learn an gain more knowledge. I am a solo Wicca an not interested on joining a coven. Like doing it on my own. Always looking for new ideas.

    If you’d like to be pen pals would love to have the company.
    Email catalanc74@yahoo.com

  24. Desiree says:

    Hello, everyone!
    My name is Desiree but I like to go by Desi or you could call me Ray Ray. Either way is fine. I grew up with a christian/Wicca mother. So, when times were tough, she would always have the best advice and best spells to keep my positive mood. If that made sense. Although times have been tough in the past and i drove away from believing but suddenly came back and everything turned for the best.
    I would like a pen pal! It’ll be nice talking to someone who grew up with it or is fairly new. Or just to talk about anything in general would be cool. :3
    Anyone interested feel free to contact me at mortaldesiree@gmail.com

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve been interested in Wicca since I was in 9th grade but I’ve never been able to get more help from anyone. I’m 17 and a girl. I have a baby coming on the way and would love to be more spiritual before she comes. I would love to have a pen pal or pen pals. I really would like someone to talk to Wicca about and help me learn it. If you’re interest pls Email me at kaylatorres9@aol.com

  26. Yoru says:

    Hello I’m 16, and although I’ve been interested in Wicca for a while, I’ve just decided to get serious with it. I am looking to talk with someone who is around the same age as me and who is also an excited beginner or maybe has more experience. That way we can share troubles and cheer each other one!

  27. tabitha says:

    Hi my name is Tabitha and I’m new to this website I’m 13 and looking for a wiccan pen pal to talk about wiccan spells

  28. Nicole says:

    Hello my name is Nicole. I’m from the Southern part of Tennesse where Wiccans are frowned upon. I’m looking for a penpal that I can talk to about my religion and share things with; a friend who shares the same intrest I do. I have been a Wiccan for 2 years and just really getting into it. Blessed be have a magical day/night.

    • Carrie says:

      Helli my name is Carrie an I am from northwest Arkansas an I am looking for a pen pal with more experience than me. I don’t know anyone in my area that I can talk to for advice. I am new to wicca but have always felt a connection to nature an my surroundings.

      • LadyB says:


        My name is LadyB, and I am very new. I come from a VERY Christian/Pentecostal background, so Magick and Wicca have been very closed off. I am however very serious and would like a experienced pen pal if so. My email is ladybelle.420@gmail.com .

        Im avaliable anytime guys :)

  29. Rin says:

    Merry meet all,
    My name is Rin, I’m a 17 year old college freshman and after 3 years of studying wicca and paganism I performed my self dedication ceremony ( to Demeter ). I would like someone to talk to about spells, sabbats, and other things. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or if you’ve been on this path many years, I just need someone who understands. My email is shinycopperpot@outlook.com.

    • The Viking Wiccan says:

      Merry meet
      My name is Norman and I am 16, in Gr. !0. I would love to talk to you about Wicca and since you have studied it for three years and I am new, I have a few questions I need to ask you. I have felt this connection with the Moon Goddess and the religion, so I think I am pretty serious about Wicca

  30. Raven Nightlore says:

    Hello! I’m a 12 year old girl. I first got interested in Wicca a few months ago. My mother was once Wiccan and has started believing again around the same time I did. I got most of my supplies in Salem, MA. I worship the goddess Yemaya because I love the ocean and mermaids. She is a fierce protector of children which comes in handy for me. Email me at ravennightlore@gmail.com I might need some help since I’m a noob. Blessed be! :)

  31. Morgie says:

    Im Morgie! I’m 15 years old and very new to Wicca! I would love it to have a penpal to help guide me on my own wiccan journey! You can email me at morgietorgie126@gmail.com
    Blessed Be!

  32. Skyedancer says:

    Greeting everyone,

    My name is Sky. I’m 16 years old and I live in Australia.
    I’ve come across wicca just recently and am really interested in learning more.
    At the moment I’m reading as much as I can on the subject and would really love someone to talk to about it. It’s not just a hobby or something that I want to do for fun. I’m seriously interested:)

    I’m your normal average teenager who enjoys action movies, reading and writing stories.
    I don’t get out much because I do home-school and if you’d like to be my wiccan pen pal my email is: dancersky17@gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from some of you:)

    In peace,

  33. Wendy wynne says:

    I am curious about Wicca I need someone to teach me. My name is Wendy and I am 41. My email is w_wynne@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks

  34. marie says:

    my name is marie and i would love a pen pal. i have so much to ask. my whole life ive always been drawn to wicca. im finally paying more attention to it and would like to get some guidance

  35. Jade says:

    Hey there. I would very much like a pen pal. Basically one who can cast spells for me, so that I don’t mess it up. You don’t have to be wiccan, just as long as you cam cast spells. I’m an outcast I guess … So if you’re interested email me at BlackStarAngelRose@yahoo.com.

  36. Agatha says:

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this. I have been doing spells off and on for some time now. With little or no success. My daughter has noticed some things and I am having trouble explaining it to her. Her father is very much against me teaching her or even telling her anything, that is why we are going through a divorce right now, even though he knew that I was a wiccan when we met. I need help, I cant hide who I am forever especially not from my child. I am 42 and live in Florida. I need help, I just want peace between my soon to be ex and myself and help teaching my daughter.

    • boobookitty says:

      hi Abraham I’m 47 live in Fla.why don’t you cast a spell to have him be more accepting? perhaps to see the truth? I don’t believe that is the cause of the divorce.if it is, perhaps amother spell so that he sees how much good it does?Also, remind him of the “unreasonable sin” which is to call a miracle of God evil.light a blue candle for communication also to see if you two can have a middle ground?study the bible and shoe him where the blind man says behold I see men as walking trees and that we are mwant to make miracles also as Jesus did.

  37. starlene says:

    What i meant to say was i left because of the coven scandal. I have moved over an hour away from that mess.

  38. starlene says:

    Hi everyone. Im getting back into wicca. I had stopped s few years ago because of small minded ppl. I would love to have someone else to talk to about this. I was in a coven years ago because the high priest didnt care about wicca. And i was able to see that when he appointed his 14 year old ex step daughter, who later became his wife. They just used wicca is the ways that makes iy hard for someone who feels as if the finally found what i was looking for in a lifestyle/religion. Everyone i used to know that practiced either wanted power over a person. Or was a true believer so they moved away after the coven scandal. So i hope to hear from someone soon! AjKmaJl@gmail.com

  39. Laynie says:

    Hi, I’m 18 years old. I am very new to all of this. Would love to have a pen pal.

  40. Yasora says:

    hello! My name’s Yasora and me and my bestfriend are interested in being wiccans. I’m 14yrs old so i’m quite young. I’m hoping to get a wiccan penpal who has a better idea about spells than me, cause i’m abit lost right now. You can email me at ywhorseymad@yahoo.com

  41. samm says:

    Hey im sam im not wiccan im Catholic but i really like this girl,and she dosnt like me back i want to try a l0ve spell,can you guys help??

  42. Rob says:

    Hi I’m rob I’m trying to understand wiccan as I find it very interesting any advise on where to start would be great.

  43. HeroineOfTruth says:

    Hey, for right now, I’d like to leave my name as anonymous. I’m really looking for a pen pal. I’m almost 21 years old, still going through a lot I do not fully understand with Wiccan related things. I am a true believer have been since I was 14. Anyone interested in becoming my pen pal please let me know!

  44. MoonChild says:

    Im very new at wicca. And scared to just go and asked for help. Because where I come from its frown at. I really wish someone would take me under there wing. I’m not asking to be in anyones coven. I know thats a big step. But just to show me the way would help alot. Please just help is all I’m askin for.

  45. Roberta says:

    I just started wicca and ive been meanin to buy books on spells and herbs but I dont know where to look, also im not very powerful (if I have any power at all) so i dont know how to build up my strength or what spells are easy for me or not. my only real knowledge on Wicca is a book ive read and this website but I want to learn SO much more! i feel a connection to wicca and i dont want it to fade

  46. Liv says:

    Hi, I’m new to the wiccan craft, ad basically I’m looking for a mentor, and someone to help me with something. I’ve been interested in the craft for years, infact since I was little, but never practised it, but I thought why not? I’m not part of a coven, but would like go be one day, however I feel I need to gain more knowledge first. Anyway any help would be welcomed greatly xx

  47. niki says:

    Hi I’m Niki and I have just got into Wicca. I am really interested and excited about it but have no one to turn to since my parents would think I’m crazy and there are definitely not many Wiccans where I live. I thought having a pen pal to relate to would be really cool and we could help each other learn more.
    Best Regards your Wicca friend

  48. Gem says:

    Hi my name is Gem and I’ve always been interested in Wicca since I was a teenager (which was a long time ago now!) but now I would like to start to properly practice and would be really grateful for any tips on how to get started.

    Love and light x

  49. Nikki says:

    I forgot to add that in my area, this isnt a common practice so I have NO idea where to start. My email is Nikohjames91@gmail.com.

  50. Nikki says:

    Hi, I’m 22 years old. I’m very interested in Wicca and I’ve just now started researching and studying this craft. Once again, VERY new to this. I barely know the basics. If anyone would like to be my “pal” and talk to me and help me out with this, its greatly appreciated!

  51. akira says:

    hi my name is kira im 15 years old and im new to wiccan but i all ways been drawn to this and would like to learn more if you could help me learn more E-mail me akira.hammond@yahoo.com

  52. Ceria says:

    Hi I’m Cerian, I am 14 and I am new to wicca. I want someone who shares the same interests and someone who is more experienced and has alot more knowledge to help me. Please email me

  53. Crazy Chaos says:

    Im new to wicca. I have nobody to talk to about it as my family is very catholic. I would very much like to be able to talk to somebody bout Magick. Please. M

  54. Catherine Krachtus says:

    Hi my name is Cathee and I was raised wiccan but I came across a new friend who is being what he describes as “fallowwed by the shadow people” does anyone know what it might be I’ve never heard of them before.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hi Cathee, I am not sure what your friend is experiencing and haven’t heard of it before which is odd taking into account I have researched for a long time. I know this isn’t what you wanted as a reply but was wondering if you would ever swap emails and share about being raised wiccan. I am so tired of being alone and unsure of myself, it’s devastating to dwell on. I don’t want to be the crazy one anymore. I would like to get support from a wiccan family and gain confidence. I understand if you decline. please email me at smidgen12@hotmail.com

    • v says:

      I’ve seen them too.

    • boobookitty says:

      I may have a solid explanation for the shadows.

  55. Koiyu says:

    I’m Koiyu and I’m kinda new to this. The town I live in is pretty christian so I feel like I’m the only Wiccan around. I’d like to see how other people are and learn by asking certain questions. My email is Pwnedbykoiyu22@gmail.com

  56. chloe says:

    Hey im chloe and im american i have always found the wiccan beliefs and i really want to learn more! i was hoping that some one with experience in this could help me out. Anyways my email is loveme65971@hotmail.com email me please if you can help me out!! Thank you!

  57. Ky says:

    Hi, I’m Ky.
    I am very new and not so new to Wiccan all at the same time. I am 16 and I have been studying and trying to practice for a couple years now but I still have no idea what I am doing. I am trying so hard but I just can’t seem to get it right. I would love some help if you got it or if you are a beginner too I would be very grateful to have another person to figure it out with me. If you would be willing then pls email me at ky7301@yahoo.com
    Thanks a bunch!

  58. Taylor smith says:

    I’m 16 And my name is Taylor and i’m new to the craft and need someone to help me with it i would really love it: ) you can email me at Taylor_Ruk@yahoo.com
    thank you

  59. FIREFOXIE says:

    Hi there.

    So iv’e always been interested in wicca. But i have no idea where to start!
    any help please!

    thx a bunch!

  60. Tessa says:

    I’m pretty interested in having a wicca pen pal, sounds like heaps of fun! :) hit me up at heymynameistessa@gmail.com

  61. melissa anne says:

    Hello my friend and I are extremly interested in the wiccan crafts and are looking to learn more and naybe have somone take us in and helps us learn email me if you are interested thank you xxtigersxgoxrawrxx@gmail
    ~merry meet~

  62. Lilly says:

    Hey, I’m Lilly, and I’m a 19 year old college student from Dallas, Texas and currently I’m searching for people close to my age and someone who has a lot of experience with the Wiccan faith since I’m new at this…however, I’ve been interested in Wicca since I was 16…please get back to me soon.

  63. Sophie says:

    hi im new to all of this and i would love someone to help me learn as much as possible
    you can email me at mdingus384@gmail.com i am a quick learner and will try hard

  64. Silver Moon says:

    Hi everyone my name is Lori but I have seemed to have be given the wonderful nickname of Silver Moon ( why I dont know but it has stuck with me … so I kept it … besides I like the sound of it )
    I am so blessed to have found this site ” Thank you ” I live in Northn California , but even though this is quite a liberal State you would be surprized at how many people shun the Wicca Belive >>> why I dont know . Maybe its ” Hollywood ” that has put unjust thoughts in people minds .. and people s own lack of taking the time to research Wicca Correctly
    Never the less I am proud of what I belive .. I am new at this but I have felt a tug at my heart for quite some time I have always known that I have been differant in my belive and blessed enough to know that I have certain gifts as well… I look forward to devloping it with in time… however I have searched ” high and low “for fellow beivers and I am coming up empty ” so please I am in need of a great teacher . friend
    Thank you so Very much

  65. margot says:

    Hi, i’m margot and i’d really like someone to talk to, because I really new to this and i haven’t got many friends to talk to about it, and alot of people i do meet, are put off by my young age, because even though i think like an adult, i’m still a child. so im just looking for someone to talk to and help me out a bit. so if you want to talk email me at gaaraluva10@gmail.com . i really don’t like being alone with myself(she’s mad i tell ya!).

  66. Momo says:

    Hello, my name is Taniah and I’m just starting on Wicca. I’m desperate to go back to my old school by January. Please, I just need a way to influence my parents safely so I can go back for my last two years. Any help is greatly apprciated

  67. Silver Penndragon says:

    hello! i am 16 years old and I am very interested in Wicca. I have been interested in Wicca since I was 10 but never acted on such interest because my family is catholic and wouldn’t be too happy about me wanting to practice Wicca but as of recently my family just expects this kind of stuff from me, I’ve been branded the weird one of the bunch and i love it! So I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has practiced Wicca can help me with my studies or if someone with no experience could share their adventures of studding Wicca, would be a great deal of help to me :) my email is lupitadiaz99@hotmail.com thank you for reading this C:

  68. Khaleesi R. says:

    Hello everyone. I’ve been practicing for a few years now, but have been on this path basically since I was young. I’ve been called an old soul, never quite fitting in with those of my age. I have been looking for years but was unable to find a pen pal. Now, I hope to change that. I prefer snail mail, I’m somewhat old fashioned, I suppose. I also like swapping gifts and old trinkets. So if there are any Wiccans out there who want to be my pen pal, just shoot me an email! purplezippo5@gmail.com

  69. Anna-Marie Alvarado says:

    I’m a 13 almost 14 year old Wiccan I’ve been practicing foronly a little bit but im positive this is what I want to be and do with my life please message me and help me get there

  70. Sydney.S says:

    I’m Sydney. I’ve only been interested in Wicca for a couple months and I would like to learn a lot> My mom is Wicca but she has only been so for as long as I have and we are having a hard time learning. So, I would like to find someone who I can teach me about the faith and how to learn and grow. We live in the middle of nowhere so it’s near impossible to find someone who can help. My e-mail is spoor.sydney@gmail.com. By the way I’m 16 years old.

  71. kaylynnjewell says:

    hi my name is kaylynn im 14 years old and about to be a sophomore in high school Im super new with wicca and my parents dont really believe in wicca so i need help with how to start my book of shadows and join a coven if any one wants to help just text me at id really appreciate it :)

  72. Bellia Ellemane says:

    Hello! I’m Nyx. I have been a wiccan since I was 9. My big sister told me about this website and I decided to come check it out :) My email is chichahroonie@gmail.com
    I love talking with people and I’m 12. I’m turning 13 this September. I’m sometimes shy though. I love being a wiccan and I love meeting other wiccans.


  73. Nathaniel says:

    Hello! My name is Nathaniel, I’m 30 years old, and I guess I’m finally realizing after many years that I’ve been a follower of Wicca for as long as I can remember! I’m extremely new to the actual study of it, and I virtually don’t know anyone that practices it. I would absolutely love it if someone would contact me so we could get to know each other and discuss the beauty of Wicca and nature. stayaliveforever7@gmail.com

    I hope to hear from you soon!!

  74. geneva says:

    hi my geneva in 8th grade. my mom wont appove of this but i want to learn anyway. i want to learn more about wiccan and become one myself. so if anyone in the nj email me genevamuwakkil@gmail.com

  75. Yuri says:

    Hi my name is Yuri, I wld love a pen pal who can teach me spells etc. I love lady raven moon website n I love reading spells n attracted to it. Can someone plz be my penpal n help me become great wiccan like they r. Can email me at ice_princessbz@yahoo.com

  76. Riniel Silver says:

    Hi everyone! My name’s Riniel. I’ve been interested in the Wiccan culture ever since I was little; however, I’ve only been practicing for a couple years. I would love to have a pen pal I could share with and learn from. I prefer hand written messages, such as snail mail. So, if you are interested just shoot me an email with your info and I’ll send the first letter.

  77. Sky Bradhadair says:

    Oh i forgot to add i just turned 14

  78. Sky Bradhadair says:

    Hi, im very new to wiccan and would love to learn more, about everything! It would be AWESOME if there was someone to help me learn im excited to know more. If you want to help teach me you can email me at Sky456@hotmail.com. Id be very grateful.

  79. Heather says:

    I’m a new Wiccan and would love to have a pin pal via snail mail. If anyone is interested please send me a message via email. HeatherLynn0388@yahoo.com.

  80. Alicia says:

    Hi, my name is Alicia, and I am new to the study of Wicca. I would really love a pen-pal to tech me new ways :)
    My e-maiil is a.thiessen@wavedirect.net

  81. Olivia Paris says:

    Hii! Im Olivia , 13 years old and from England . Im new to Wiccan. I was hoping that i could talk to some one who could teach me. Oh and I love the nature so I would love to talk to some one about that. Thanks

    • Moonbear says:

      Hello Olivia, I am Moonbear and I am a native American shaman who is well connected to nature and I can help with some Wiccan craft, though I specialize in zodiacs astrology and animals any way you can email me or my kik is imstillaliveloves or my Skype is ragehowl

  82. Morné says:

    Hi my name is Morné I’m a guy from South – Africa, im very new to wiccan and would like to learn as much as possible I am turning 17 soon if u want to teach me the ways of wicca PLS E-mail me on morne126@yahoo.com
    or u can add me on whatsapp on +2784 225 8454 or u can talk to me over iMessage

  83. Annalise says:

    Hi! Im Anna and I’m really new to Wiccan studies but i have checked out books at my library. My friend is Wiccan but her mom is too secret about it so she won’t teach me. I’m looking for someone who has a lot of experience that can teach to further myself. Thank-you, if you can email me @ annaliseguidry@live.com

    By the way I’m 14 years old.

    • arrieanna says:

      Hi I’m arrieanna and I have been going through this wiccan website for a while now and I would like like to be your pen pal

  84. Blakely Roze says:

    I would really love someone to talk to these things about. I am very new to the beliefs but I am very interested and drawn to the wiccan way. Thanks. My email is bthorn15@gmail.com

  85. Iris says:

    Hello.. I am new to wicca and would like to have the opportunity to interact with fellow wiccans. I am from India but am very much drawn to wicca and want to learn more about wicca. I would love to meet penpals who can teach me or even one who is new to this so that we can learn together. Hopefully we can share what knowledge we have and what we want to learn. Thanks. My email id is wicca474@gmail.com

  86. Anna says:

    Hey, I’m new to Wicca, and if anyone could teach me a few things, that would be awesome!

  87. Scarlett Dawn says:

    Dear Pen Pal,

    Hi! I’m Scarlett Dawn. I’m in the 9th grade. My entire family is Christian, so I’m obviously new to all of this. I want to do some of these spells, but my mom would NEVER approve. If I could get a friend to help me with all of this including helping me find other ingredients that I could find in my house in replace of incense, oils, and candles, that would be amazing! Thank you so much, I hope someone replies to this!

    • Brandon says:

      Unfortunately, there are no substitutes for essential oils or incense, both are necessary for intermediate spells. Simple spells require nothing more than focus, so start with those. Just remember this though, as you are new: “As you do unto others, so shall it be done unto you times 3″. This is the rule of Karma so respect it and obey it. Never curse someone or use your power for anything other than good.

  88. Mika Gagne says:

    I’d love to meet a pen pal or two who can understand me when it comes to faith and someone who could possibly teach me more than I already know. Email me at morgaineofthefaeries1118@gmail.com

  89. Mika Gagne says:

    Hello I’m Mika Gagne. I’ve been studying Wicca and similar beliefs for almost four years now and know so little people like me who are members of this community. This website is very helpful for me to learn new spells and survive junior high. Thanks!

  90. lone wolf says:

    hello my name is lone wolf im a new wicca i know im a wherewolf i can smell really good im a lot stronger at night on certain moons (im not quite sure which ones lol) but i want to have a pen pal that can help me with learning about wolfs, spells, and more my email is aawright1011@yahoo.com i will be looking foward to talking to someone that knows more about wolfs then me

  91. Ceridwen says:

    I probably sound desperate, but I would really like a penpal to talk to about all of this. I am not a bad person. I don’t believe in using curses, because I believe in the thrice rule. I only want to use magic for good. But, unfortunately, I don’t really fit anywhere. i have no life, and I’m dying. I am trying to grab and hold onto wicca to both improve and save my life. I am very serious in my endeavor, I need to become a magical practitioner. But I need someone to talk to. Just because I am practically a vampire because I’m allergic to the sun, that doesn’t mean that my personality isn’t nice. In fact, if it wasn’t for that fact, I wouldn’t aspire to make the clothes I design, mostly corsetry, or make cloaks (or probably know the difference between a cloak, robe, or cape, as there are many mislabels, something that bothers me to no end), or make hats like I have and will continue to do if I can. This is my way of dealing with my life-threatening allergy in the land of the sun. But because of this, I have been able to say, “Stop worrying about what others think, just do what you love and aspire.” My immediate family is spiritual, but raised with Seventh Day Adventist people. My grandmother wishes she could lean magic, but in the fashion of a little girl wanting a new doll. No one I know knows anything, and I have been blocked all my life with “Be careful”s. Harm none, and do as you will. I plan to help, not harm. But the first step is talking with someone who shares my interest of magic. I am female, but it doesn’t matter what gender you are to me. I just need someone to talk to about wicca. So, if you want, email me at Practicallyavampire@gmail.com. Hopefully we can share knowledge.

    • Aspen says:

      My name is Aspen. I am a 22 year old female and I am interested in being your pen pal. I am fairly new to witchcraft so I can’t teach you much, but we can learn together and bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other! My email is AspenOwlette@yahoo.com.

  92. leelan says:

    hey everyone my friends call me leelan and im 19 years old and living in the u.s. i am new at this religion and i would very much like a montor. lol. i have no one to help me out on all of this and i have no clue where to start so someone please help me lol. thank you.

  93. Ceridwen says:

    Just so you know, I’m “Practicallyavampire” because I’m allergic to the sun, not for any other reason. We can’t choose our DNA, we all have to deal with what we inherit. I just happened to inherit a recessive gene that makes it so my skin cannot tolerate sunlight. It does not mean that I am “bad”, “mad”, or “goth”, a vampire is just the closest thing I can relate to. Humans love the sun, generally speaking, and being unable to tolerate it is not something that helps you be accepted. But, I am me for a reason, so there had to be a reason I’m allergic, right?
    But I would like a pen-pal, If you would like to talk, I’m open; I can’t talk about Wicca to people i know. There are too many misconceptions in the world.

  94. Ceridwen says:

    I have really been interested in all of this, but with other things going on in my life I haven’t really had the time to research everything, If I could be an apprentice, that would be amazing. I believe in magic, I just don’t know if I’m able to access it. I lost my abilities. I can’t see auras, ghosts, or fairies anymore (not on this realm, similar but not the same.) I really want to know this though, I feel like I did in a past life, and I must now. I really want to learn old Irish traditions especially, to get in touch with my roots. I feel magic is one of my callings, I just wonder if it will manifest, or rather how to manifest it. If you have any advice, spells, or starting points, my email is Practicallyavampire@gmail.com.

  95. vanessa says:

    hi id like to make friends and im looking for a penpal someone i could become good friends with and im a beginer wiccan would like to learn about wicca and so on my email address is vanessabarnum6969@hotmail.ca

  96. Boo says:

    Hey there, new here but here is the run down from me. I’ve been really interested in this stuff for the last 10 years or more and I would really love to learn all I can about the subject, Heck I’d love a teacher if I could get one. So If your open to teaching that would be more than cool in my eyes. I am 33 ,Female , a mother of 5 and I love to learn so if anyone is up for it let me know. I am eager to learn and practice :) Women teachers only please – if you can contact me my e mail is fairies_realms@yahoo.com( prefer experienced people)
    Peace Out-
    ~Boo :)

  97. Jadedmoon says:

    Hi I am Jaded moon and I would love to have a pen pal to connect with on this subject. I have been a wiccan for a couple months and think that I know a little bit about wiccan religion. I know about the 3by3 law and what the colors mean and how to open and close a circle but I have never done it before due to the fact the I live in the southern Baptist state and as far as I know am the second wiccan at my high school, I am a freshman and well get told that I am going to hell a lot. My parents don’t know that I am a wiccan sooo yeah. If you would like to be my pen pal then email me at ravenrobin4ever@gmail.com

  98. meRmaiid says:

    Hey! Of Course I’m new here (or i wouldn’t write this post) and I’m new in all wicca too. :D I’m Nastja and I’m 21, I’m from small town in Slovenia. I hope to learn a lot from you guys. I’m pretty shy so I realy don’t know how to write any of you… But I’ll be realy glad if any of you writes to me. I’m the only one around here who wants to learn wicca… so I realy don’t have any people or friends with whom I could talk about it.I actually just start with it and I’m still learning so any hints, exchanging experiance and just talking about wicca will be welcomed. Thanks! I’m looking forward to any emails you’ll sent!! :D (and sorry for my bad english i’ll try to write better :P) By* (water.syren@gmail.com)

    • Meddian says:

      Nastja, greetings and merry meet! If you would like to have a friend to discuss Wicca, I
      would be glad to share my expierence and Knowledge of this path. I am not a young
      lad, I am 61 years of age and soon to be 62 next month but my life has been filled with
      many encounters of the para-normal which has led me to the path of the old ways to seek
      explanation and understanding. If you would like to exchange stories or have questions
      that you want answered please feel free to contact me I would be glad to share my own
      expierences and knowledge. You also contact me at: TinSoldier6262@Yahoo.com

  99. Tears In The Moonlight says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am very very new to all this! But I have always been interested in this sort of stuff.. :) I’ve never really fit in, and this just all really intrigued me!
    I’m looking for a more experienced (Then me) Pen/Email Pal.. But I would prefer someone in their teens ;)
    My ‘Name’ is Belle and I live with Santa, in the north pole.. :) I am quite young.. 14 to be honest.. :) This is my email: i.am.the.ebony.angel@gmail.com :) Email me if you want to be Pals :p Or whatever.. :D
    Yeah.. Can’t wait to hear from some of you!! :)
    Love and Peace,

  100. CheesePoodles says:

    I’m Maddie and am 15. I live in Amarillo, Texas. Like I’ve had a REALLY tough tie connecting with and getting support from other teen Wiccans. Adults just seem to push me aside and won’t help me because I’m “too young”. .. Whatever. I’ve been practing only a short while but have researched like everything there is to know (that I know of). I really sincerely enjoy it. All the other teen Wiccans I’ve met on the internet are just… Weird. Like “Death and Hell is my hme, Darkness is my only companion” type people… SO not me… I’m just a regular girl with a new-found passion for magick :) I would LOVE a pen pal! :)

    • TheSkyAbove says:

      I’m also a teen wiccan and so is one of my best friends. We alo have recently started practicing Wicca. We’re not really like all the other teen wiccan you meantioned. We’re your average American teens. We’re kinda new to this but we have done alot of research on this type of stuff so we kinda know what we’re doing.

    • marisa says:

      hey lol ik what you mean ppl are ….crazy 0_o with the whole “darkness is my only friend” ugh it’s nice to find a normal ass person lol :D im 16 and have been practicing wicca for a good year now and i LOVE it here is my email Damons_girl123@yahoo.com reallllly hope u reply or email me it wld be great to tlk to you oh and oh and im a 4th generation witch my mom is a witch tyo but shes not wicca she hates tht i am lol but its whatever :D
      email me soon.?!

      Blessed be.

  101. lexis says:

    Hi mi name is lexis im a 24 y/o lesbian looking for pin pall im new to this and want to learn more im from fl

  102. peacewind says:

    Hi there Hinata. I am so glad I came across this current page and to scroll down and see that someone in the same country feels the same way is amazing. I am currently in cpt, I have done magick throughout my life, stopped for a while but only because I can’t find people with the same interests. Maybe we can communicate and share experiences and stories and provide info to one another. I would really like to find a coven. I saw in a post a few comments above yours that someone in durban who is pagan has joined a covent. Good blessings to you, I hope to get a response soon.

    • Charmzz says:

      22 y/o student yearning to learn more about Wicca from someone who wants to learn as well.. would be nice to learn together and share stories.. please message back if ur interested.

  103. Shelbe says:

    Hi, the name’s SHelbe. I’m 18 and am very interested in The Craft. I’ve been researching it for a week now, and would love to have a pen pal who could help me along my path. If you would like to help, or just want to become pen pals send me an e-mail at: asimplygreenplan@aim.com

  104. Shinning Bear says:

    Hi, I’m 38 and live in Durban, South Africa. I would love to chat to people and have some wiccan pen pals. I am very new to the craft, I have tried to study it correspendence, but have finally found a really loving coven, that I have joined. If you would like to be my pen pall, drop me a line.
    Love, Light and Blessings

    • MsHongo says:

      Hi shinning bear, I’m 27 and From Colombia, I’m new to this, and I would love to you! Write me back!

  105. Ladymab says:

    I would like pen pals :))) blessed be

  106. RingTail says:

    Btw, my email is flyinglemer1@gmail.com

  107. RingTail says:

    Marry Meet:)

    I have been looking into the Wicca path for a few weeks now and would like to have a mentor to help teach and guide me along. My preferred method of contact would be email.

    Thank you and Blessed Be:)

    • Jezzabella Winchester says:

      Hey, my name is Jezz and I live in Colorado. I’ve been practicing for a while, now, and I think the next step is to teach someone else. I would love to be your mentor. please, Email me at jezz.winchester@gmail.com
      Blessed Be

      • Aspen says:

        I’m a 22 year old female. I would love if you could mentor me. I have been researching witchcraft for years but only practiced for a few months. I am interested in learning spells. I found many online but I don’t trust them and don’t want a bad outcome. I’m also interested in stones, gems, and herbs. My email is AspenOwlette@gmail.com

  108. Midnuit says:

    Merry meet,
    so i’m 19 female, i’ve been practicing loosely for 4-5 years although i did my first spell when i was 11. i’m putting my email on this site t make wiccan friends who can help encourage me to practice more. it’s hard for me because i don’t know any other wiccans, and apart from my friends my mom knows although she’s supportive she’s not knowledgeable i need someone while a few years of experience. hopefully we can exchange experiences.
    anyways just email me and introduce youself, babytwister@hotmail.com i hoe to hear from someone soon.
    Merry meet, Merry part, Merry meet again and blessed be

  109. Dustina says:

    Seen your pen pal ad in dreambook pen pals, are you still interested in a pen pal?
    I am looking for new friendship, Im priestess of an eclectic family trad, (now solitary) I have been studying many areas of Paganism/Wicca/the craft
    I hope to find new friendships, and someone to share experience thoughts and opinions and learning on the various pagan subjects as well as talking about non pagan subjects too.
    i take an interest in arts, crafts, literature, (love to read and write, the natural world, and animals herbs, natural healing, bellydance/hula, drumming, gardening, homesteading, languages, the supernatural , mythology and folklore. I also have an interest in divinations and much more.

    let the magic of friendship begin

    • Aiyden says:

      Hi, Dustina

      I have recently reverted back to the craft, and would love to talk to someone who shares some interests with me. Some of my interests include healing, bellydance, herbs, animals, and languages. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to email me at Aiyden_Blayke@yahoo.com

      Blessed Be

  110. Water Spirit says:

    Hi everybody I am pretty new to this website but have been studying wicca and the craft for a while now. It would be nice to have other people to talk to though. I don’t have a teacher and that makes it very difficult to keep a steady pace or to have the understanding I would like to gain. So if this is a place to talk I would love to be able to do so

  111. moon sparrow says:

    Did one of your money spells last night, Thursday, when the moon is waxing. Felt good about it and went to sleep and dreamed of a purse full of money!! Good Omen!! Thank you and the Divine for bringing me to you!! Will post as things develop. I am so excited!!

  112. Lunaa Rane says:

    Merry meet! I am a 16 year old student who is still fairly new to Wicca. I’m looking for a pen pal to write to because I live at a fairly strict boarding school, so it would be nice to have someone around my age to hat with.. Email me at semperfi.do.or.die@me.com

  113. New to it all says:

    I’m not exactly new to wicca, i have been fasinated by it since i was a little kid around 8. Im acually looking for a mentore who i can study under, oh im 19 now. Preferably a woman but i dont mind guys. I try to learn alittle on my own but i dont have very much and im afraid of casting any kind of spells out of fear they will back fire.

  114. Autumn Rose says:

    Hi, I need help! My mother is worried on me becoming Wiccan. (Where she grew up wicca was real big and evil unlike nowadays.) I want to know how to reassure her?

  115. sam says:

    hello im Sam and im new to being Wiccan i just found (stumbled on to) my path i need some help to figure things out

  116. Sea says:

    Hi I’m Sara and I’m really quite interested in learning and maybe becoming Wiccan. Just not entirely sure yet but it would be awesome if someone could teach and help me .

  117. Rae Lunarwolf says:

    Merry Meet, my name is Rae, and I’m still fairly new to Wicca. I was raised a Christian, but found Wicca in my late teen years, and self-initiated at 18. I’m currently 18 and a solitary practitioner. I’m an eclectic Wiccan, and I’m eager to meet other like-minded people. So, if you want, get to know me! My e-mail is raelunarwolf@yahoo.com

  118. Dezzy says:

    I need a friend. A tutor in this new world I want to take on. I need someone to help me with my new life as a Wiccan. I need someone to teach me the ropes. I do not want to be in a coven…I want to be alone in my practice. But i need help with the learning. Some one who can help please do…

  119. Night sage says:

    My family is christain and i dont want anything to do with it i want to learn about wicca always have. i knew i was differant and no one gets it not even my boyfriend, he thinks it stupid. So im alone i wanted someone i could look toward for edvice on religion and spells. Can some one please be a mentor to me and help me learn i would be so greatful.

    • Jezzabella Winchester says:

      Hey, I’m Jezz. I live in Colorado, and I’m 15. I’ve been practicing behind my parent’s backs for a few years now, and feel teaching someone else is the next step to understanding the Craft. There is always more to learn. I would love to teach you as much as I can. Please, email me at jezz.winchester@gmail.com

  120. )o( says:

    Merry Meet!
    I have been on my Pagan path for about eight years and I feel the need to learn more and help others. I live in KY in the U.S. which is pretty unusual. I am litterally at the center of the Bible Belt. I am looking for a pen pal via snail mail because I miss writing. Email me if you are interested :) jenn.atha@gmail.com

  121. Lemming_of_the_BDA says:

    Um. Hi. I’m Jess. I’m trying to figure out if being a Wiccan is right for me. I’ve tried Buddhism and I was raised christian. people willing to help me figure out Wicca and how to really start (because the web isnt a good teacher) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Lunara Aethera says:

      Merry Meet
      My name is Lunara Aethera (moon spirit). I got most of my information from different books and a few friends that are wiccan. If you are looking for information and a mentor, I recomend going to your locar occult store and just trying to find someone kind. When I started Wicca I mostly meditated and formed my own ideas. I have come to believe that Wicca is rather varried from person to person, that is why I like it so much. It leaves room for your own person wishes and dreams. I’m not saying that I have a different god or godess or anything, just that I have personal expirenceses and reasons to believe it is right for me. No one is going to tell you how to be Wiccan. It is a journey into yourself and while guidance is nice I wouldn’t sugest following a fellow practitioners every beliefs and moves.
      I hope this was helpful Jess :) If you would like to be friends we can talk on here or with our emails (if you have one) I would love to be your “pal”

      Blessed be

      • peacewind says:

        I wouls really like to commune with you. I feel so relieved upon finding this site, and people who are the same. What you describe in your post is similiar to the xperiences I have had, especially this year. If we can talk, share experiences, and just thoughts , well I guess in general someone to talk to about this it would be really amazing. Kindest blessings

  122. Marie says:

    I am Midnight, i am french, I am 23 years old, I live in the North East of France in a small town in the forest.
    I have discovered the Wicca the last year, and I was deeply touched by that because that corresponds to me and the way I had been educated in my family.
    So I would be happy to find a correspondant to talk about the godess, cernunnos, elves, rituals and our experiences and emotions about the wicca.
    I accept everybody and I can write in english or in french.

    Maybe that will be the beginning of a deep friendship.


    • Aeria says:

      Hi, Midnight. My name is Whitney, I’m 22.. I would love to be penpals, if you’re interested. I have had an interest in Paganism and Wicca since I was 12 and have ben practicing and learning about it for some time. Recently, I have found the time to delve back into it, and would to talk to someone all about it. :)

    • Sydney.S says:

      Hi Midnight,
      I’m Sydney. I live in France too, I’m American but fluent in both English and French. I’m new to Wicca and was wondering if you or someone else would help me learn>

  123. gwen says:

    just looking for a penpal who can guide and teach witchcraft…

  124. Victoria says:

    Heyy guys i’m Victoria and I am new at this, I was wondering if I could get a pen pal willing to help me

  125. Eingana Honor says:

    I am looking for Wiccan penpals- I live in australia the far north we only have two seasons so I am learning to adjust the sabbats to suit. Would love to exchange emails with anyone. Anyone interested my name is from local Goddess of creation. Email address is ness1211@hotmail.com

  126. Black_lace_doll says:

    Hi, I’ve been a wiccan for about four years now. But only just came out to my parents about it. I have had a little experience and would love someone who is more experienced to help in my spiritual journey. Blessed be.

  127. Hello.

    Looking for Wiccan pen pals.

    Love and light,


    • white_Magick says:

      Merry Meet. My names Lita,I’m from NYC. I’m 21 and I’ve been a proud wiccan for 13 years :)
      I love to write and sure write a lot and it would be great to find pen pals here as well. If u want to get to know me first,ill gladly give u my email before writing letters :)
      Let me know what u think. Blessed Be )O(

      • Rae Lunarwolf says:

        Hi, Lita! I’d like to get to know you. I’m still fairly new to the Craft, but perhaps we can talk about it?

  128. PerfectXPiscies says:

    Hello every one, I have recently gotten interested in Wicca the past couple years, and I am still learning and gathering information. I would appreciated talking to other practioners to learn more about the wicca way, and just talk about wicca freely and without fear of people looking at me weirdly… There is only so much information I can get to right now as my internet access is limited….

  129. SaVaNnAh says:

    merry meet everybody i just started wicca and it will be nice to shar spells with and to talk to whos is around in my age (13) email me at savannah4509@ymail.com

  130. Lizzie says:

    i am a 16 yr old female who has just found the craft. like others i have to do my rituals and learning in private for my mom is an avid christian. i would love to learn some more so if you would like to be my pen pal my email is frizlizzie@aol.com.

  131. Trinity says:

    Hi Im looking for some wiccan pals . . . .

  132. Savannah says:

    Hi! I have been practicing Wicca for a while but I am still new. I would love to talk to a Wiccan.

  133. Terry says:

    My name is Terry, I was raised in a tradition of Witchcraft called Shadakism, I consider myself to this day to very dedicated to the ways in which I was raised with some slight personal modifications that suit me better these days.
    I dont really consider myself Wiccan per se….Though I do consider Witchcraft to be my religion, This view should not offend the person who chooses to contact me, Id love to share information about religious non Wiccan craft and besides that I work as a Psychic/Medium, can discuss that too or just talk about food, music, star trek, movies or life in general!

    • pantera says:

      Hello I was raised in a christian life and I have became interested in witchcraft about a year ago. Being raised around christians I can’t find a teacher for wicca. I am really interested in becoming wiccan. I have bought a book about it but I think a teacher would be helpful in learning. We can write letters or email.

  134. Krystle says:

    Hello. My name is Krystle. I am new to the craft, but have been trying to get in touch with nature and the earth around us. I live in the US, and would love to learn from any and all who would be willing to share their knowledge. Please email me (kryss14xoxo@aol.com) if you would like to help me on my journey, or just chat. Blessed Be.

  135. Celtic Night Star says:

    I have been practicing Wicca for 7 years. I have several books and projects that I have collected online for most of the time. I am currently looking for someone to teach me or swap books and sites with. I am 25 right now but in April I will be 26.

  136. melaine says:

    Hi my name is Melaine pronounced (me-lane). I live in the US and am new at wicca. i am in 10th grade.

  137. Lorrie says:

    General blurb: I’m kind of a weird person–hahaha! I’m pretty much a loner; I have no friends right now in my life (my BF says I’m too picky…maybe), but I do have a boyfriend I live with, a Chihuahua named Tico and a Siamese cat named Jesper. I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for about 6 years now (I used to live in Detroit, then in Manhattan). I’ll be 50 on March 2nd, but I look really young for my age–and I definitely don’t act my age! Haha. Check out a current photo at my blog.

    I’m a Christian Spiritist Witch and a vegetarian. I’m an INFJ. I’m very spiritual; although I don’t go to a place of worship, I do have an altar in my home.

    I am very passionate about the welfare of animals. I donate regularly to Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary. I love the Arts–films, theatre, museums, art galleries, etc. I enjoy blogging and writing poetry for fun. I love nature, baking, long walks and jogging. I been doing yoga for about a year now–I really like it. I collect costume bracelets, bookmarks and good luck charms from all over the world. I am a huge film buff. I love coloring. I love music of many genres, like world, classical, rock, punk, jazz, blues, indie/alternative. My current favorite TV shows are Coronation Street and The Secret Circle. I’m currently learning Early Modern English speak. I’m an administrator of two online witch Yahoo Groups–one is a study course and the sister site is a general site to discuss anything witchy.

    Other information/criteria: I’m looking for a penpal with very similar interests. Please, only female vegetarians respond. Also, I’d prefer people respond to me that don’t have a lot of penpals; I find those rarely write and when they do, just write a few sentences….A plus if you are a misfit in the world–like me. A super plus if you’ve read and like the book: “Party of One” by Anneli Rufus. (Uh, maybe my BF was right….)

  138. Mikayla says:

    I’m very new and would realy enjoy someone to talk to about my studies.

  139. Steph says:

    Hi, my name is Steph. I discovered Wicca about two years and have been in and out of believing. No other religion has ever felt right, but up’s and down’s in life can shake you pretty bad. . There’s nobody close to me that is Wiccan and one of the reasons i have taken a break is because i don’t like to be a solitary witch. My email is iwriteloveonmyarms3@yahoo.com and i’d love to hear from anyone who wants to talk. :)

  140. Katie says:

    Hey, my names Katie and I’m a new (age removed) year old wiccan. Only been wicca for a short while and want to know more and need help breaking the news to my parents. Email me at bigsis4cole@Aol.com

  141. Jonoton says:

    Hi, my name is Jonoton, I am a 24yo Wiccan. I am in college and have been studying the craft for a little over 6 years now. You can reach me at kaelan120788@gmail.com if you want to talk about experiences and beliefs.

  142. Amelia says:

    I am very new to this. I’m from the Caribbean and have no experience with this. I would like to have some guidance if possible as there is not many persons here that are truly into the craft. my Email address is ameliahurst82@hotmail.com

  143. Kes says:

    Hey, I’m Kes and I am COMPLETELY new to witchcraft. :) I’m looking into having a pen pal because no one around where I live is into this stuff, I would really love having someone to talk too and share stuff with. If your interested PLEASE email me at Skittle1998@yahoo.com :) :)

  144. Feyna says:

    Hi. I’m a 15 year old female beginner wiccan. I’m just starting in this religion and I’m quite interested in it. I’d love to learn from an actual bona fide wiccan, I think it would do me some good in understanding this. I’ve tried several spells, and none of them have worked for me. I would love to have a pen pal, (Even if it is just another beginner. ^-^) just to see what others think of wicca. My E-mail is Summon15@ymail.com. E-mail me if you’re interested in being my pen pal. ^_^

  145. Eurolye says:

    14 y/o male wiccan in search of advice and answers!

  146. Lacey says:

    My name lacey. I am 24. I am new to this and also new to wicca. I was hoping to find a pen pal to help me learnand to become great friends with. If u are interested please email me at laceygardiner@yahoo.com

  147. Amber Wolf Dream says:

    Dear Pen Pal,
    Hi my name is Amber and I would like to know how to find more werewolf spells please, and before you tell me it’s not a good idea I already researched everything I need to know and I know the concicuences of it and I take full responsibility of it so please help me out please.
    Blessed Be.

  148. Angel Adelaide says:

    Dear Pen Pal,
    Hi my name is Angel Adelaid, i am a new wiccan and hope to learn all that i can.

  149. Kimi says:

    I’ve very interested in having a pen pal. I’m a witch, it’s been passed down to me, but I’m still learning a lot.

    • Shan says:

      hey Kimi
      wow thats really cool,
      i would love to chat some times is you would like my email is
      so send me an email if you want to talk

      • samm says:

        Hi im sam im not really wiccan but i want to try a love spell,see i really like this girl at school but she never notices me,can you guys help??my email is botdf408@gmail.com

        • The Viking Wiccan says:

          Spells are not for quick fixes. If you have a girl problem then confront it without magick. I believe that magick is for the greater good and not for one’s whims and desires. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that’s the truth.

        • Conrad says:

          Light a red candle . One the night of venus when the moon is waxing use a blade and carve the person’s name in into the shaft of the candle and say there name 6 times and chant”powers of love come to me now fill this room with your presence” Take a pin and drive it in to the shaft of the candle where the person’s heart would be and say”this love I call to bless my life make________You And_________Your Lover Man and wife let no person thing or time undo this work thou art the lover I truly desire I see my face in this candle fire” Now just let the candle burn out on its own and she wont be able to resist you Good Luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi there
      I will be your penpal please email sonja.jusedi@gmail.com rather a email buddy,much faster then awaiting mail in south africa
      Kind regards

  150. Shan says:

    hey all my name is shan i’m 20 years old and i have always been intrested in Wicca, i have thought about becoming a wiccan but seeing i’m from a christian family its not looked at nicley i hope to meet others like me :)

    • Rachel says:

      hi im rachel. im 16. your family is christian. my relatives are all types of christians and my dad is muslim. islam is a lot more strict than christianity. in the middle east, they stone you if they find out u r commiting “sin”. i want to start wicca but im doing my research first. nice to meet you.

      • Shan says:

        hey Rachel
        wow sounds harsh, it must be a really big discssion for you

        • rachel says:

          it was a hard decision for me. i grew up being muslim so it’s like i know im gna go to hell for this…or am i? or should i just do wht i want because i just want to do something different. ive always had an attraction to the practice i guess i could say. my mother used to do this ….somecuban thing and she asked me once if i wanted to do it with her. i said no because the whole religous thing and i was scared of what my dad was going to do. have u always had an attraction to the practice? and when did you find out about it?

          • Shan says:

            since i was little really my cousin and i used to pretend we had magic and make crazy potions using the stuff in my nans garden, when i got older i just kept looking into it and i knew it was the path i wanted to follow… you can email me if you like my email is sweetie_shan_14@hotmail.com

          • rachel says:

            lol. me too…my and my sisters used to pretend to play harry potter and we would like use the spells and what not…it was easy because my older sis LOVES harry potter so we got some help…i would read my moms astrology books W/O my dad knowing…i thought they were cool…and now my lil bro is watching bey blade and it has all the stars names and creatures and stuff…it’s kind of funny

  151. VHCK says:

    I am new to Wicca although I feel I have been fighting my natural path for many years. My biggest question is; when doing a spell, is it ok to use scented candles? They are all I have at my disposal.

    • Raven Moon says:

      Certain candles scents can interfere with your spell or have counter active herbs and ingredients. If scented candles are all you have to your disposal and you are sure they won’t affect you mentally, or distract you, whatever the case may be, then I would use them.

  152. Max says:

    I’m fairly new to the Wiccan/Pagan Craft and I was hoping to find a penpal and make friends. I’m 16 and am the only living member of my family to be a witch and the only one out of my friends, although I do know of a few other witches, however I am not in a coven.

    Hope to talk soon :)

    • Rachel says:

      Hi. I’m pretty new to this. My mom was sorta into witchcraft a few years back so I thought it was pretty cool. i was wondering if u would be my pen pal. I’ve been researching the internet for the rules and whatnot before i start anything. look at the religous aspect. I’m literally starting today on my life change. speak soon.

    • Conrad says:

      I am the First and so far only witch in my family too,I’ve been studying the dark arts for some time now and still kinda learning some new things but can do most spells successfully.

  153. Emma says:

    My name is Emma and I am 16 years old. I am just starting to explore Wicca, so I’m looking for a pen pal who might be able to give me a few tips or pointers on the subject.
    Thank you!

  154. cyncere says:

    Hello! my name is cyncere i want to be a witch i want to learn to do magic spells and tricks i will take it seriously some spells i did,did not work .but there was one that worked it was to cure a stomach ache and it worked perfectly.so please help!
    thank you ! bye

  155. Tara says:

    Hello Wiccan Community,

    For years now I have had it in the back of my mind the desire to learn and become part of the Wiccan community.

    I admit that I don’t know much at this point, just what I have read today since I finally took initiative to look. If there is anyone who would be willing to direct me in a good direction that would be wonderful, since I am still confused and how everything works.

    Thank you!

  156. Ira says:

    Looking for a wiccan Pen pal. Not part of a coven and am looking for one. i’m a 20 year old male. was dabbling in wicca a few years back but due to family influence was forced to stop. Now that I live on my own I’m exploring it once again.

  157. Talon says:

    Hello! Very interested in apprenticing as a Wiccan..a pen pal might be a very good first step in taking this seriously, as none of my RL(real life) friends can.

  158. Amanda says:

    Hello fellow Wiccans! I’m very excited on partaking on my journey in becoming a Wiccan. I’m new to the site but becoming very familiar. I hope to discuss and collaborate all things Wicca.

    Bless you all

  159. Twyla says:

    Hello im quit new to the wiccan thing my dear friend has interested me enough and im excited to try many things out. Im very interested in hearing what many have to say.

    Forever in Eternity

  160. Rayn says:

    Im very new to this and i love it…people think…so many horrible things…And so we must stand up to them my sisters..

    Blessed be<3

  161. Wulf says:

    Merry Meet all
    i have not been a wiccan for very long and i have been taught a few things by a good teacher. i am hoping to gain new friends and spells along this journey
    blessed be to all and good luck with all your future endeavours

    Merry meey merry part and merry meet again
    Blessed be

  162. Healingwoolf says:

    I am looking for friends since I am new at this also, in search of a good spell for a job interview for my son, and also to learn more on this amazing journey.

  163. Raquel says:

    Merry meet! I been doing a bit of research on wicca for a while now and really want to know more. I feel like this is just what I need. I live in Baltimore MD and would like to hear from anyone who would like to help me on my journey.
    Hope to hear from someone soon. Blessed Be :-D

  164. wendy jones says:

    hey my name is wendy ive been fmiliar with the craft for a few years but just started really studying it

  165. Dawn Silverhawk says:

    Merry Meet!
    My name’s Dawn, and I’ve been studying and practising Wicca for well over a year. I’m still fairly new, however, and I’d love to be able to speak to someone who can answer my questions.
    I can’t wait to hear from you! =-)

  166. Ruby Starsilver says:

    Hi I’m only learning to be wiccan nobody believes except me it is wonderful

  167. Scarlett Silvermoon says:

    Dear Pen Pal,
    Hi My Name is Scarlett Silvermoon…This is all so very new to me…this website anyway and i find it very intriguing and inspiring as well

    • wispering winds says:

      Hello, I am also new to this website and a pretty new wiccan. I agree with you that its intriguing and inspiring as well and I hope to learn alot

      • Elizabeth says:


        I am a 34 year old STRAIGHT female from the US in MI. My home is in NJ and I am currently living in the Central NC area.

        I am new to this site and have been a devoted Wiccan for the past 17 years. I am still learning a lot.

        I welcome the opportunity to have a pen pal. :)

        • Daisy says:

          Im Daisy and am living somewhere in the carribean on a small island that doesnt hold mant wiccans.
          I fist got intersted 2 years ago, but had no idea where to start and had no one to turn to.
          I’m looking into having a pen pall because of the fact that i am new, and havent a clue where to start.
          I am also very interested to befriend people who are interested in the same things as i am.
          I atmit to being quite young, 16 in fact.
          Hope im given a chance :)

          • phoebe says:

            hi daisy, i’m @# and would like a pen pal.

          • Danielle says:

            I would be interested in being your wiccan pen -pal but would prefer to exchange letters via mail… let me know if you are interested and leave your address i will write first :) Danielle

          • Amelia says:

            HI i am also from the Caribbean and in need of someone to chat with about Wiccan. I have no one t talk to as i have recently discovered Wiccan. Please reply to me

          • Night sage says:

            hiya im night sage im interested in wicca and just wanted to know more about it. No one in my family knows about it so its a secret , i dont want them to think im weird so your the only people i can talk to about it reply soon i want to know more

          • arianna says:

            hi im new to the religion and was wondering if anyone had any pointer. for the past year and a half I have been doing as much research as I can but still need help.
            merry meet.

          • Devlin says:

            Hello Daisy, I wish you luck in the world of magick since you are a new wiccan. There are many spells to both help and to hurt people, and I hope yours meen to help them in the future ^_^

        • waterstar says:

          hi im haley im [in the 10th grade] i live in the united states ad im trying to learn more about wicca and i was hopeing to find a pen pal or a online pal lol
          ~merry meet~

          • Kourtney says:

            hey, I’m in 10th grade too :)
            I’ve been interested in the Wicca religion since I was in seventh grade but I havent done much studying because of my family and school. But it would be cool if we could help eachother learn new things.

            Let me know what you think of that!

          • Onyx says:

            Hi i’m lyndsay im in 10th grade i live in the US and have been studying wicca for about a year and a half i would love to be your pen pal and learn about with you and talk to you bout it :)
            ~Merry Meet~

          • Morgan Rose says:

            Hi Haley :) i’m 15 and i’ve been interested in wicca for about 3 years. I live in Australia but it would still be cool if we could talk and help teach each other about wicca online :)

          • Sage says:

            Hello waterstar, my name is sage. I study various religions and I know a lot about Wicca if you would like to ask me any sort of question, feel free to send me a shout:)
            P.s. I would advise you not to speak of or boast of the craft to your friends as said in the old book, as word gets around and not everyone is friendly about it.

        • emily says:

          hi im new at being wiican i just got introduced to this type of thing my friend told me about it she is new to im completley lost and have know idea what to do will you please help me

        • Anonymous says:

          hello u sound like someone who could help me im (aged removed) and im just sarting to become a wiccan spirits always tend to gather near me wat should i do?

        • Jade says:

          Hello Elizabeth

          I am 33 female. I am from south africa. I am new to wicca. Trying to learn as much as I can.

          If u r intrestd in my invitation as a pen pal. Please reply.


        • BARB says:


          THIS IS HIS INFORMATION SO U Can see his charges are only theft,

          so if anyone would be kind enough he needs letters from fellow wiccans

          MARK CHAMBERS#0522


          20 MCGEE STREET

          GREENVILLE SC,29601




        • Emmanuel Ron says:

          HI Elizabeth
          My name i Emmanuel and i have just discovered this link. Am just learning wicca and i haven’t made a month yet though am serious on this issue so as to catch up easily. I just read ur comment and i have discovered that atleast you have had some years in this field. So please i beg you to add me as your penpal so that atleast get to learn and know some of this from. THANK YOU. :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi there
          I am from south africa, I am a virgin to this site aswell as wiccan, you are a wiccan for a long time so perhaps you can teach me more.
          Where I reside there’s no occult shops etc and find it so hard in getting information etc
          So I hope you will reply soon
          Regards sonja

        • Anonymous says:

          Does your magick work, are you a blood witch?

      • silver golden moonlace says:

        hi im moonlace im also farly new at wicca well i hope we can be pen pals

      • Marisa says:

        Im Marisa and im 17, ive been interested in Wicca since i was quite young as my mums really open minded and has encouraged me to be so aswel. I love the foundations of Wicca and would love to learn more, any advice or help would really be appreciated. Thank you :)

        • Silver Moondance says:

          Hi I’m Courtney and I’m learning Witchcraft. I became interested over the past few years, but I have to practice in secret because my parents are VERY religious Christians. I would love to be your pen pal! :)

          • Kourtney says:

            Hey my name is Kourtney. Im 16 and from the USA. I have the same issues that you spoke of. I have een interested in the Wicca religion for years now but have never really done much studying though I wish that I had.

            We could help each other if you want!

          • Anonymous says:

            i hope this is not a problem but i hope we can be penpals ive just start with wicca and am hoping u can explain it a little more please get back to me on molliedolli13@live.co.uk

          • Crazy Chaos says:

            I’d like to be your penpal. I’m also new to Wicca and my parents are extremely catholic and my friends don’t believe. Please consider. I’m a girl btw. My email is Eris445@live.com

      • adriana says:

        i wan to become a wiccan but i don’t know anything about it. i want to learn, my parents would freak if they knew and disown me. i am 13, not born, if a become wiccan will i get power to spread world peace like born wiccans? i really hate war i have read a lot on this topic but i am overwealmed. please help.

      • Hekate emerald wolf says:

        Hey everyone my name is Hekate emerald wolf and im pagan 8) however I have great interest in the wiccan path if anyone would like to know of other websites on wicca or paganism I suggest as stupid as it may sound googleing the simplest thing first….wiccan information websites or pagan information sights youd be amazed at what youd find…also I really like this website I find it very resourceful

      • Bri. says:

        Hi, I’m Bri… I would love to have a Pagan/Wicca(n) pen pal. E-mail me?

    • sharron denton says:

      Hi my name is sharron am 42 and am just starting out on my wiccan journey and would love a penpal to swap ideas and generally to chat swap letters etc …….many many blessings

      • Tommy Light says:

        hello Sharron my name is Tommy 30 yrs old from Florida would you like to be my wiccan pen pal? blessed be :-)

      • Susan says:

        Hi Sharron

        I am in my 50’s and living in Oregon. I have a young boy of 12 who is severely autistic. I am his sole Caregiver and so I have a pretty sheltered existence.

        I am new to Wicca. I have lots to learn, too, but want to connect with others and learn the craft. I am interested in spells, dreams,
        precognition, anything paranormal, but want to stay on the benevolent side of things. Good energies.

        I like to read, paint, sculpt and enjoy creative writing. I collect gemsgtones and crystals.

        I am originally from Chicago, lived abroad for 25 years, did a lot of travelling before I had my son.

        I hope to hear from you.

        • Caitlynn Timms says:

          I know quite a bit about Autism and I know it can be quite difficult at times. It can also be lonely due to others simply not understanding the problems that an autistic child faces. As far as Wicca is concerned, I am fairly new myself but have been doing lots of research and learning a great deal.

      • Moon shadow says:

        Hi, I would be more than interested to become your pen pal Sharon

    • knightranger says:

      how does this work?


    • Silvery bells says:

      Dear pen pal,
      You are right. It is also fun to know about it.

    • Missy Mist says:

      Hi, im missy mist,

      i love pen pals and magik, and i love to make new wiccan friends i just recently became wiccan this year,

      If you would like to share spells or even just talk please email me at: `ilovetaylor2000@hotmail.com`.

      Love, missy mist

    • Dustina says:

      Im a solitary eclectic pagan/witch looking for others to talk with, i live in a small town and there are no other pagans around to talk with.
      I picked up paganism from my family, and I have a deep love fornature,animals and the supernatural, i love books and the arts, gardening, natural healing and lots more,
      I hope to hear from you.

    • skyla says:

      my name is skyla mostly called sky ive been really wanting to get into wicca i dont really know anyone whos wiccan except for a friend of mine and shes moved i wanna find my place in the world cause i know im differnt i want to learn about wicca and see if its for me im jus not having a way to try because i live in gaffney sc no way out or anythin and there really isant anyone for me to talk to or to do what i feel to do …. i need someone to talk to about all of this

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey I’m Bri I live in sc also and I’m wanting to learn Bout it to. I want to know why the spell I casted isnt working either.

      • Bri says:

        Hey I’m Bri I live in sc also and I’m wanting to learn Bout it to. I want to know why the spell I casted isnt working either.

    • ange says:

      Very new to me I’m just begging to get involved

      • DARKKNIGHT says:


    • Gee says:

      I’m a 14 and I have found out that my great grandmother was a witch. I knew I was different to the others, I always could predict what would happen. I’m really interested in spells but I have no one to talk about it too.

    • Starlet of the Isle of Skye says:

      Dear Scarlett Silvermoon,
      I want to be pen pals with you. I’m mildly experienced with wicca, and I know a few good spells. If you want to contact me, please email me @ WINXRULESLIKEYEAH@gmail.com it might be a weird name, but I like it. :)
      Starlet of the Isle of Skye

    • Starlet of the Isle of Skye says:

      Anyone who wants to be pen pals can contact me @WINXRULESLIKEYEAH@gmail.com I’m mildly experienced with wicca, and know a few good spells. Contact me if you need help with something. It can be anything you need, and I will TRY to help you.
      Starlet of the Isle of Skye

    • Anonymous says:

      Merry Met to All ,

      I am always in the process of learning, and I do believe I would consider myself as a Green Witch. With my love for plants , trees and the out doors . I am looking for a pen pal. Someone maybe from Ireland or Scotland or of the Celtic practice.
      Please feel free to reply anyone.
      Blesed Be to All

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