Pagan Money Attraction Spell

By | October 10, 2012

This is a great money magick spell. It only requires simple things you can get in one trip to wal-mart.This Wiccan Money Spell has been on various

Wiccan Money Spell

Wiccan Money Spell

places on the web since 1995. This spell is a classic!

Try it and expect wealth because this spell works wonderfully. You can get the items for this spell for less than $7 dollars. How cool is that? You should try this money knot spell and if it works for you be sure to add it to your book of shadows. My website has plenty of money spells like this Wiccan Money Spell. You can use the search to find more spells on the website.

Wiccan Money Spell

What you will need:

Take your cord and start making a knot. While you are making the knot say this chant.

“With knot one, this spell has begun”

“With knot two, plenty of work to do”

“With knot three, money comes to me”

“With knot four, opportunity is knocking on my door”

“With knot five, I am and will thrive”

“With knot six, monetary problems will be fixed”

“With knot seven, success will happen”

“With knot eight, increase is great”

“With knot nine, all of this is mine”

This Wiccan Money Spell is so wonderful. I am so glad to have it on my website and I am glad I found my first book of shadows in order to share it with you. I have decided to share with you many of my personal spells like this money knot spell. I have easily over 500 magick spells so I am looking forward to discovering some of my old favorites. This Wiccan Money Spell has worked for me. You can do this spell during the full moon but you can also do this spell while the moon is waxing (or increasing).

11 thoughts on “Pagan Money Attraction Spell

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  2. Angel

    This spell worked really well! I made a knot for each word, and I didn’t even have to burn a candle – however I did do it on a Thursday (I don’t know what phase of the moon.) It took 28 days (most sites say that you should see results in about a month) and my mom finally got recognized with an award at her work that came with some extra money. Super happy!

  3. Carrie

    I am wondering do you light the candle before you start the spell or do you light it after the spell

  4. Anonymous

    how many knots i have to make? one knots? or nine knots until the spell words finish?

  5. Anonymous

    I know the spell says best to do it on a full moon, but What time of night is best to do this spell and how fast does it work?

  6. Annonymous

    How well does that Spell work? I looked at the other money one, and this one I don’t know what one to do :(.

    1. Raven Moon Post author

      You have to choose. All the money spells have worked for me, but my favorite is the full moon money spell on the first page.


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