Wiccan Tools: Wiccan Cleansing & Purification

By | March 21, 2013

♦This is a basic article and Wiccan cleansing and purification. It is necessary for some to do a purification of the ritual area. Ritual spaces outside rarely need to be purified. However, those made at home should be purified if the spell calls for it, or if it is an important part of you spell casting preparation of ritual. I do not do a cleansing for all of my spells and magickal workings. I think you will get a good understanding as to when it might be appropriate, etc.

A lot of people feel that most homes, ritual places, and places where you might do you spell castings or magickal workings need a Wiccan cleansing or purification due to the accumulation of ‘astral junk’ or residual energies from others, other magickal castings, negative energies, etc. It is easy to understand that these energies can feel disruptive and incoherent to your current ritual. Because of these disruptive energies the area has a Wicca cleansing ritual done before the actual ritual work.

Wiccan Cleansing

If you are doing a ritual or wiccan cleansing at your home, it is important to have concentration and peace.  If you are alone, you might want to close the doors, shut the curtains, turn off the phone ringers, etc- so you may have total privacy for your ritual. You should not be interrupted during the Wiccan cleansing because it will disturb your energy levels and your concentration. If you live with someone or if someone is home, then politely ask them not to interrupt you, this is why many operate at night under the cover of darkness while the world is sleeping. Or early in the AM for maximum privacy.

Wiccan Cleansing

Here are the basics steps of a Wiccan cleansing ritual:

  1. Clear all boxes, toys, trinkets, school books and things unnecessary to the ritual from the area.Use your broom to sweep the area thoroughly. Sweep the place where you do you rituals. The broom is one of the oldest tools to clean and purify a area.
  2. As you sweep with the broom send your energies and intentions of clearing the room from these energies. Imagine the broom clearing away all negative thoughts, energies, and mentalities from the ritual area.

♠NOTE: Another way to do a Wicca cleansing is to spread some salt, alone or mixed with herb such as thyme, rosemary, sage, or opal. Some also use salt water. The action of salt is to disperse these negative energies.

You could also just burn a cleansing grass or cleaning herbal mix for example, myrrh, frankincense, sage, thyme or rosemary. Herbs can be used alone or in combination. “Spray” the ritual space with smoke from the burning incense and visualize banishing negativity.

Outdoor rituals require minimal cleaning. Most of the natural environment is much less physically contaminated our homes and other buildings. You need just a light sweep with magic (in this case, to actually remove the fallen leaves and pebbles in addition to the negativity), supported by your intention. These are some basic ways to do a purification along with some basic ways to do a wiccan cleansing.

6 thoughts on “Wiccan Tools: Wiccan Cleansing & Purification

  1. Cassandra

    Since I was 11 or 12 I have been interested in Wicca, but was unsure how to move forward because I knew/know no one who practices it. I have recently been doing a lot of research trying to educate myself, I know I am being called to it, it just feels right. But I have soo many questions… I just wanted to thank you for making this site. It is very easy to read and understand, and if you have any tips for someone new to Wicca I would really appreciate the help.

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  3. Jadedmoom

    Hi, I have been a Christian for 13 years but I’ve never felt completely whole or full until now. I was introduced to Wicca through a friend of mine. I got really interested and started researching it. I then found this website and I have a ton of questions and I need advice. As far as I know everyone that has been in my family is a very strong Christian, I am a newly turned wiccan and I want to tell them that I am a wiccan but I don’t know how to do it and I am scared to do it. I think they might put me through an exorcism. Do you have any advice for me??

  4. SpiritWolf

    i dont beleive that this girl is coming to harm you or causing negative energy. i believe it is linked ti your husbands past ans he has talked himself out of using his “3rd eye” and has ignored it for so long s well as heard that only crazy ppl see those things, it may be that he is a little unnerved bye the fact that this gil wont talk to him, tell him to try talking to her through your neice, and it may be that shes afraid of him because hes an adult perhaps she just needs reassured, a cleansing would help alleviate alot of the pent up energy and i would reccomend a grounding ceremony as well, be sure to inform your freind before you do or she might misunderstand, sometimes spirits can be just as strange as we are my dear :)

  5. Kylsea

    I think my husband is getting messed with or is getting a bad energy in this new appartment we are living in. He said he seen a little girl running around here and my niece (who lives with us) has seen and talked to her. My husband cant seem to get her to talk to him. she just runs past him and wont stop. But from some reason this little girl likes my niece. one night when my husband and my niece was alone in the house, my neice was playing and talking to this little girl. my husband has seen and heard sprits since he was little and was called crazy for it. he has been in the hospital when he was little. and now he has been hearing voices, and is seeing this little girl. i think he is freaked out cause he dont want bad things to happen and he dont want to “go crazy”. he has not been his self at all. a couple days ago he went to jail cause he was being down right mean to me. he has been distant and mean, i dont understand what is going on. do you think cleansing will help him for when he gets home?? we dont think this little girl is a negitive engery (my niece really likes her) but again i think it iws freaking out my husband cause the little girl wont stop and talk to him. i am new at all this wicca stuff. my husband introduced it to me to wicca and i use to have a room mate who was really big into wicca (but also he was just obsesed and he pulled really bad sprits in our appartment. one night i had to help him with a cleansing cause we had so many negitive engery around us that is was messing with us. he had me burn sage and chant and he did other things too and after we did that we were fine.) i want to learn more about this and i really want to help my husband. i am writeing him and asking him what is really going on but i feel like something needs to be done.. could you help me please???? i would be really greatful!!!!!!


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