Spell to Remove Obstacles

By | October 25, 2012

Obstacles can prohibit and bind you in your life. If you ever hit a point where you can move forward this is probably due to some unresolved issues in your life. Working towards forgiveness, purpose, acceptance, responsibility, are all difficult tasks. What we need to remember is that while we might not be responsible for the outside things that affect us, or the things other people do to us.. but we are responsible for how we react to the situation. This is a powerful spell to combat these unresolved issues but you have to be ready to move forward and move on.

This spell… is about release. You may cry, you may yell, but you will also heal, release and move forward. Do this spell during the full moon or the waning moon.Spell to Remove Obstacles

What You’ll Need:

  • lime half
  • lemon half
  • orange half
  • a shower (or waterfall :) )
  • a black candle

Light the black candles and meditate on the flame. See yourself happy and healthy and see the obstacles be resolved as your forgive, as you heal, as you move on and take full responsibility for your life. As the candle burns take the fruit half’s with you into the shower.  Start with the orange move the half on your body as if you are cleaning yourself with it.

Move in the direction away from your body. Start with the top of your head and move towards the soles of your feet.

Orange: As you work with the orange think of all the people you may have hurt in the past, by being mean, being angry, being rude. Feel the guilt, and allow yourself to cry. When you are ready to move on say the following; “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” This is a powerful affirmation from Joe Vitale.

Lemon: Think of all the people who may have hurt you. They may have hurt you intentionally, they may have hurt you with no bad intentions, but it still hurt you. Allow yourself to feel this hurt. Yes! Its not okay but it happens. When you are ready to really let this go and move forward say the following; ” You hurt me, but I will not allow this pain to control my life. I forgive you”

Lime: Think of yourself. We punish ourselves more than anyone else. We are so mean and judgmental to ourselves but this is our lives, You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. How do you treat yourself? Why don’t you love yourself? Why do you hurt yourself? Let it go. Resolve to change your life and be the person you always wanted to be. Have low self esteem because you are overweight? Resolve to do better. Resolve to do better in all that you do. Hug yourself. Be one with yourself and when you are ready say the following; “I forgive myself for whatever misgivings or short comings I have had in the past. I resolve to take 100 percent responsibility for my life and I am ready to be happy. I accept happiness.”

Clap out the black candle and discard away from your home. When you have finished this you will feel weak and emotionally drained. You may want to go to sleep after this process. If you still are battling with the pain of the past you may repeat this process as often as needed.

This spell was written by me with a few people in mind. It came to me as a friend and I were talking about obstacles and removing them. Work towards prosperity, work towards forgiveness, work towards being the ultimate you. Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

11 thoughts on “Spell to Remove Obstacles

  1. Jackie

    I had to be creative in how I cast this spell. I did this spell last night and had to reword it and be specific in the obstacles I wanted removed. I made a list to remove obstacles involving love, money, family, and luck. The wording was extremely specific, as I wrote it for a very specific purpose. For the love part, I had to recognize the obstacles still there, even though, my Love Spell was very successful. So, while this was in essence a love spell, it was to remove all the obstacles hindering the advancement and purity of our love. Here’s the amazing reason I’m posting. As I said, I cast this spell last night, on April 15, 2015, and on the morning of April 16, 2015, during a discussion with my honey, he just came out and told me he was “removing the very people I listed and named in my spell to remove obstacles.” This came without provoking or hinting. We don’t live together and he had no idea how I truly felt about these people. It was surreal, less than 12 hours since I cast this and that’s the result. You have to believe, have good intentions- I didn’t want to do a banish spell for these people. I just wanted the obstacles they brought removed. He was friends with them and I wanted it to be his decision and leave it to the spell to determine how. We are, now, making plans to spend more time together and doing things we both enjoy. I’ll update on the outcome of the remainder portions of the spell involving financial and luck obstacles. But, as Lady Moon always says, don’t be afraid to make it your own and trust in your magic.

    1. Jackie

      I forgot to mention one additional step involving how I discarded the written list I used for my spell. After I woke up, I read and meditated only a few seconds (not to dwell on the negativity from the obstacles). Then, I ripped the list into pieces, threw it into the toilet, and “conducted my morning business” over the ripped pieces and flushed the obstacles away. About 10 minutes later, I had the above-mentioned conversation with my love.

  2. Tami

    I read this spell at the most appropriate time. Many things have changed in my life in the past 3 days and I am left with pain..sadness. .and brokenness. I am going to do this spell tomorrow evening. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Mezi

    Is this spell same as a forgiveness spell can I do this spell before I do the sugar spell to get him back in my life?

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      You can do this spell to remove obstacles, but I would try a purification or forgiveness spell first. Then this spell, then a love spell. But you HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO HIM AND THE GIRL. Both of them, its a must.

  4. jess323

    hi there! I tried a similar spell. It is my first as well, only the lady who did it for me asked for a picture each of us, red thread, cinnamon, & honey + a glass jar. she gave me a prayer of the Intranquil Spirit. Its been almost a month & nothing yet, I wanted to know if the one u describe is more effective n if so, when can i try it?

  5. Adedayo Paul Oshunmakinde

    Thank you moon for this spell am ging to try it as it is simple and straight forward, i mean to the point, but you only mention the discarding of the candle what about the remains of the friuts after use, what do one do with it? Is one to dry is body after snufing the candle? please reply.Bless u moon.

  6. Juniper

    I like your spell to remove obstacles. It bypasses the trivial and gets right to the heart of what holds us back. I haven’t performed it yet, but I plan to. I have never come across the use of these citrus fruits in a banishing ritual. Very interesting. I love the shower, water falling, aspect. It’s very creative, yet simple. I love the way you have offered up such a straightforward tool for acknowledging, accepting and letting go of one’s pain from these three perspectives… and how personal responsibility is taken. It fits well with the spiritual practices of one in recovery quite beautifully. But then, we are all in recovery from something it would seem, just by being human. Thank you for this tool for moving toward wholeness and freedom. Blessed be!

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      I actually took a lot of time writing this spell. It is one that means a lot to me. I think it may be the best spell I personally have ever written. I am so glad you appreciate this spell!

  7. Lily

    Im going to try this spell asap! Do you think it will be better to put the candle out after im done? or should i let the candle burn till it’s done & then discard away from my home?


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