Spell to Get Your Ex Back

This is a very powerful spell. I really can say this with confidence because I personally did this spell over 7 years ago. I was 14 (too young and immature to do a love spell!) and it worked. Really fast actually, too bad I had already moved on… This poor guy was in love with me, but I just did the spell because I was hurting immediately after the break up. He came to me asking me to be with him but he wasn’t the one for me. Long story short – I ended up having some really bad karma and him with a broken heart.

This is why you shouldn’t blindly pursue anything, especially when it comes to potentially hurting another person and/or yourself. But love is never as simple as we would like it to be… right? Take sometime to heal. After a month of no contact if you feel like doing this spell then go ahead but usually we can see things a lot clearer after a month alone. Read this article on what not to do after a break up!

love quotes for your ex boyfriend

Please let me be a warning to you! Don’t play with other peoples emotions. I  got some karma back for that (really.. read about karmic debts) and I should have. If you aren’t sure you want to be with this person then try a spell to find true love. If he comes back into the picture on his own, then you know.  Out of all the witchcraft spells for love on this website, I was a little worried about putting this one up. But you guys are always asking for more love spells and I have received at least 1000 emails asking for help getting their ex. I hope this one works for you as well as it worked for me!

Spell to Get Your Ex Back

witchcraft spells for love

What You Need for this spell:

  • green candle
  • white candle
  • blue candle
  • red candle
  • star oil
  • a photo of you
  • a photo of your ex
  • paper clip

This is a simple spell. It should be done on a Friday, the traditional day for casting love spells. Meditate on you and your ex meeting again. Meditate and visualize on every detail of your meeting, what are you wearing, what are you thinking, how do you have your hair and/or make up? Envision how the meeting would go from there. Do you exchange numbers and say goodbye until later? Do you add him on Facebook? Does he add you? Feel those feelings of it already have happened.

Raise energy and charge each candle.  Anoint each charged candle with star oil. (I make my star oil which you can buy!! You can use attraction oil instead!) Place the charged and blessed candles in a diamond. A lot of the comments ask what I mean by a diamond and LadySheba explains it the best:

What she means is putting the candles in their elemental spaces which should shape a diamond. Red=Fire=South; Green=Earth=North; Blue=Water=West; White=Air=East

If that doesn’t help then please spend sometime reading a bit more. We are all new to the path but just like you used Google to get to this page, you can used Google for basic freaking information!!!! Take a little initiative and learn about the craft. You just want it to be handed to you?? Who has time for that? :/ ANYWAYS!!! Here is what you do;

Light the white candle and stay:

“Mother Air he is mine”

Light the green candle and stay:

“Mother Earth in earth and time”

Light the red  candle and stay:

“Mother Fire our passion unites us”

Light the blue candle and stay:

“Mother Water clear the way, this is a must”


These words are a guide. You can rewrite your own words or chant and it will probably be better for you to do so. :) Place a photo of your ex and your photo. Clip in place with the paper clips. Make sure your photos are face to face. This is to have them constantly or just thinking about you.

Place the photos in the center of the diamond.

Meditate further on your love. When you ready release the energy and snuff the candles.

Imagine the candle smoke moving with the energy into the universe.  Place the photo in the bottom of your underwear drawer and forget about it! Your lover should be returning you soon.

This spell is really simple and I personally know it to be effective. Want to retrieve a lover without doing the magick? Check out this site.

Did you try any of out witchcraft spells for love? Have a question or comment? Leave it below! Submit your spell or article to the site and receive a candle set if its posted!




  1. Jacky says


    Can i use white candle instead of green and blue. I am unable to find equal sized green candle aswell blue candle..

    • says

      Merry Meet and thank you for visiting Just Wicca!

      You can always enhance this spell by adding your own elements or substituting hard to get items.

      Magick is so personal and it works off the energy of the host -you.

      Please make this spell your own and let us know how you changed it and how it worked for you!

      Thank you for stopping by and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

      • says

        I want my ex back he said we fought to much, but he loved me “Ex forgive you & return” spell you stated you have these ingredients how where can I buy what site?

  2. Anonymous says

    how can i do this spell?any candle can do with out charged?i want to learn please help how to this spell.what if no star oil?any oil can substitue to the start.please help me.thank you.

  3. Anonymous says

    I did this spell as instructed except for two items: 1) I couldn’t find star oil so I used lilac essential oil and 2) as recommended, I added to the chant to make it my own as I lit the candles. So, I did this on Friday night and four days later (Tuesday), my ex contacted me asking to see me tomorrow night, he apologized and expressed a desire to work things out.

    We broke up a little over a month ago and our last contact was a text message stating that it was truly over and that was two weeks ago to the day.

    I thought I would be ecstatic to hear from him but I’m not. Don’t get me wrong–I’m happy and grateful he contacted me because it gave us the opportunity to talk about where and why things fell apart. I’m just apprehensive about trying to work things out for fear that the relationship will end again. I honestly do not want to go through the emotional roller coaster again.

  4. christen says

    Hi lady raven.. Can you just cast a spell for me so i can get my boyfriend back.. I know he still loves me that is what he said but he broke up with me he choose the other because i am far he is in okinawa and im in the philippines.. I do not have money for witches and crafts but i am hoping i can have him back.. The girl he is going out works in a bar we have together for 1 and a half year and he left me in just 4 days because he said he met another girl.. I am really sad now.. I never thought he would replaced me with a girl he just met in 4 days if he goes back and visit me i promise i will marry him just like he wants.. You may say i am desperate, yes i am, because we already have plans.. And they are going to have a date on monday.. I am afraid i will loose him for good.. Please help me.. My everyday is a mess.. And it might be better to die than feel this pain continuously.. Please help me.. I will be waiting for your reply.. Thank you..

  5. Deep_Siren says

    I must say trufully I do have faith with this spell. This is my fist spell that I have preformed, and that I did it on a early Friday morning. (Background) him and I had broken up since December (8 months now) and i preformed the spell (last friday) as ordered with makin my own star oil, correct placement and color of candels, I worked with different sizes and charged them all. By early afternoon I actually heard back from after not had speaking to him for a month and a half. He has not shown any signs of wanting to get back together (yet, fingers cross) but I still have faith.

    My question though, I had forgotten about the spell for a few days or atleast tried, could I preform the spell more than once? Atleast is it wise/alright to? Or would trying to forget and let it happen be more of a better answer?

  6. nikki says

    Hi ..
    its been a week since i performed my spell . it dint work . can any one guide me. i did exactly as written above . And i also felt the positive vibes . did feel good . but its been a week now and no sign from his end . i am going crazy. miss him so bad . need him in my life.

  7. nikki says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,

    I would like to thank you for this beautiful post.
    I was realy broken after my breakup . Its been a month now . Last week I was googling and found ur post . It showed me a ray of light. I was always fasinated by the magick in our surroundings and belved that yes some power do exists amoung us , with us , around us . Never took it seriously . But today when I hv lost my love which is priceless I feel shattered , lost .. I find myself here !
    I tried to get the items you posted to perform the spell but failed to get all of the above.
    Hardly after a week of search I got coloured candels but of diffrent size .
    I have rose incenses , almond oil , pic of me and my ex .
    Couldnt manage to get the oil . The place where I live is crap we hardly get stuffs like this .
    All I am having is hope . Faith . My intentions are good . Not to harm neither hv ever harmd any one . I hope this spell works for me I am going to try this tonight . Its a full moon friday .
    I read waxing moon is good but the day it was waxing moon It was wednesday so I was confused when to start . Finaly waited for friday .
    Wish me luck ;)
    Shall keep u posted .

  8. janise says

    how do I charge the candles? Do I charge them with the star oil/attraction oil? What do I do with the candles after they are snuffed? When is the best time to cast this spell? do the candles have to non scented?

  9. says

    Did spell tonight will let you all know how it goes. It may also help if people really wanting to know contacted a legit psychic you feel is legit for answers. Preferably one who was born with the gift. It can bring so much clarity and peace. With love and peace always <3
    Thank you,
    Lady Raven Moon

  10. Taylor says

    Your saying to set the candles in the wrong directions north is air east is fire south is water and west is earth??

  11. Carli says

    I have rose oil, lavender oil, sandalwood oil and jasmine oil. Can I use any of them instead of using star oil or attraction oil bc I cant find them anywhere?? And will it work if my ex is in rebound relationship with a girl he cheated on me with? They just dated a week after we broke up!

  12. Bellestrois says

    Thank you so much for this site and your spells.. I’ve spent three months doing my homework on here and finally cast this spell last night. I waited for the waxing moon, managed to get come to me and Adam and Eve oil from amazon after failing to get all the ingredients to make my star oil.. I did it at a special spot of ours from my car with the windows down cause it was blowing to hard to keep my candles alight.. I used your words as a base and wrote my own in the weeks leading up to it, signing it off with a blessing to cover myself and ensure the intent was pure.. I carved and charged my candles and even made a playlist of songs that meant something to us for each candle l lit. It’s been 12 months since we spilt and 6 since we last spoke and I am no further forward in closure so this is my cure. I hope upon hope upon hope it works.. I’m believing for it. Thank you again xx

    • says

      Wow! I am happy to know you get something from this site. But do keep in mind that if his heart has closed completely then it may be time to let him go. You can now buy my star oil from my website.

  13. says

    I have a question. I did the love spell tonight . The air (white )and fire (red) candle melted faster than the water (blue) and earth (green) candle. The green candle took the longest to melt. The red candle melted down the fastest followed by the white,blue and slow burning green. What can this possibly mean, how would you interpret such burning out come? Thank you :-) xox <3

  14. krystal says

    Where can I find all the oils ive been looking but can’t seem to find them.. or maybe im looking in the wrong places. . Would really appreciate the help…. please help… thanks

  15. Crystal says

    Instead of using the oil can I use a homemade incense? The way I chose and incense is I laid all of my selections on my floor I closed my eyes and I took deep breaths and I had my hand relaxed over them and I was in a calm peaceful state I started of thinking about him and I and other things that I want in the relationship and the last thought I had was make him mine then my hand chose the incense. Can I use that and light tha during the process of the spell

  16. hergrace says

    My question is this, i am wondering if this is the correct spell for my situation. Been with my bf for 15 months we were engaged up until 6 weeks ago. He stated he needed some time to think things through, calls every night says he loves me every day all day, misses me etc. Last night he showed up we talked and did kiss he said he will love me forever but because he is damaged by what his ex did years previously he is to scared to continue our relationship…i need advice quickly to fix us…

  17. augustine says

    what if you dont have a photo of ur ex only on your phone ? will the spell not work in you put a pic of ur self with the photo of ur ex on your phone . on top on the photo in the phone ? will it work or no :(

  18. Rachel says


    I tried this spell couple of moth back but it just didnt work for me.Where did I go wrong.Can i try it again. I followed the exact instructions but he is till not back :(

  19. Yvette says

    I believe my ex and I are sole mates but his mother hates me with a passion, I have done nothing to her but he was taking care of her so that explains a lot and has done witchcraft to tear us apart with success, she even put a spell on me so that he would hate me and wouldn’t contact me. I have done candle spells to reunite he and I which were starting to work but then my candles would burn very very black, but never broke. I know that was heavy witchcraft bad witchcraft at that. I have removed the negativity she had put one me, but she is working on him he even moved out from where we lived together and back into her house. What can i do to break the spell his mother has on him and get him to return to me? I love him with all my heart and soul and I know he does to, but he is like a puppet right now from what she is doing to him, he is not himself, please can you help me?

  20. Sophia says

    Hi everyone,

    OK so I did this on Friday night…Last week, we broke up after a year and a half. It was a messy break up and he said he would never come back to me! He said he couldn’t even stand me. After doing this on Friday night, within an hour or two, he texted me asking how I was doing. On Saturday night he asked if he could come visit me! It was strange. I never thought he would even wanna talk to me let alone see me. Anyways, we met as he asked but let me tell you…he is not the same person. He is cold and very unemotional now. Maybe he gets better or leaves me again. I dunno. Just thought I should share this with you :)

  21. Desirae says

    Well i did the spell last night idk if i did it right can u plea tell me? I use a scented candle that was red but i blessed it n i use 3 white candles with the attractive oil n then i lit the candles as i said the would n lit them up by the direction n put the picture in the middle will it work? do i do it again with the color candles that are not scented?

  22. nellie says

    This spell has given me hope, my ex wants me but feels guilty about being with me. I can’t wait to try this and wait for the results,
    I am sending out blessings to everyone and know my positivity is in abundance
    Much love x

  23. Dajana says

    I have a question, because I do not know which day would be more suitable to do this spell, 16 August is Friday, but full moon is on the 21st, so on which day should this spell be done? or it does not make any differance?

  24. Ly-Lan says

    Hi, i would like to ask, if you casted a love spell on your guy before, then you decided to leave him in the end, he was heartbroken.. he actually loved you truly or was he just still under your spell?

  25. Gracie says

    I have done this spell 3 days ago but I have got any results yet but I’m hoping that the spell would work to get my boyfriend back I love him so much and I know somehow he still loves me I don’t have any communication with him since he broke up with me.. I hope that the spell works

  26. j dee says

    I just did this spell and the energy i felt run through me was amazing! I’m very hopeful. Thanks in advance.

  27. Cynthia says

    I have a question about this spell.? I’m very very new to this and I did this spell two times which I think may have messed up the spell. I used olive oil instead mixed with allspice because I heard that was suppose to be the oil for “Love spells”. The first time I did this spell was on wed, then I did it again at midnight I think which techinally was Friday. Also are you suppose to have these words memormized in your head because I honestly just read it through the page and I kinda messed up a few times since I was using a lighter… do I have to redo this spell over again for it to work? Or should I just leave it alone… Please help me >.<

  28. sumithra says

    mam, i need my x-lov back he broke by dec-12 he know our age difference, my health condition everything he accepted and he loved me much but he says that he s feeling that its a mistake and also feels for my life i need some spell that we could b reunited and married pl mam….all the time am thinking of him…..what he would b doing how he ll be likewise…

  29. Vince says

    I have a girlfriend that we dated for 1.5 years, broke up a few times because we argued alot, mostly based on mutual caging and mistrust. She is my 4th gf ever (I am 34 already and she is just 22). Every breakups hurt, true but I know as a fact this is my deepest one. I went through a lot of depressions and health deterioration. Actually every time we parted, her health went downhill as well. She had a history of having crushes on boys and giving up easy. As much as I am loving, sometimes I have bad anger management and I don’t pick my words smart. She considers it an abusive relationship, and honestly it’s getting better towards the end but she felt tired of it. Now we broke again for the 2nd month and I know she has been trying to get close with boys whom she thinks like her (but I stalked, I know they do not actually).

    So given this context, will this still work? I don’t know to make a magic circle. Will a Circular table in the yard work? Thanks in advance. I am really really desperate and I am sworn to treat her better every day. I don’t need her to love me on the same level I just want to be exclusive and be there for each other for the rest of or lives I’d be happy and super grateful. I can take karma for casting this but I know noone loves her as much as I do.

  30. anonymous says

    lady raven moon…is it okay if the green candle is switched with yellow candle??or will it affect the result of the spell??

  31. Anonymous says

    lady raven moon…is it ok if the green candle was changed to yellow like that??or will it affect the spell??

  32. kourtney says

    I just wanted to say that this spell was very effective for me and now my love is back it took him months to come back but all you need to do is wait have patience and have a lot of faith. Thank you so much for this spell!

  33. Loveld says

    So I tried this spell on Sunday .. My boyfriend had dump me Friday and was set in his ways. He didn’t respond to my text or call. I poured out my heart to him and still no change finally I tried this spell. I didn’t have the paper clip I used a burning oil I had and did the spell . He came by maybe 2 hours later we watched a movie .. He has been showing more affection then I am use to.. If its not the spell I would be totally surprised :-)

  34. Emily says

    Hey, so my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight the other day after being together for almost 6yrs he got so mad st me he said he didn’t think he loved me anymore and stormed out. Now I know there is no other girls in the picture so I’m looking for a spell that will hopefully calm him down and get him to think. Will this spell do what I’m looking for? We’re both only 18 but with a lot of history and the thought of losing him hurts.
    I’m new a new Wiccan and I’m still trying to figure out how things work

  35. Newwiccan says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,

    I know that a good alternative to a Friday spell for love is a Wednesday. But will this make the spell less potent? I wasn’t able to perform the spell yesterday. Frankly, I’m under a certain time constraint and I’m torn to just do the spell or to wait until next Friday when it’s supposed to be done and the moon is fuller. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  36. DB says

    I am not getting the ingredients for STAR OIL anywhere in INDIA please suggest what should I do? This is the first time I am trying a spell and never seen anyone do it before or heard from them.

  37. DB says

    A few questions:
    1. Can I do it in my room floor at night?
    2. What do you do with the candles and oil that is left, throw them (I don’t want anyone to see it)
    3. Can you do other spells along with this too (the needle in the wick after a few days) I am desperate.
    4. Can we repeat this spell? after how many days?


  38. Karen says

    Hi, I’m a filipina, 30 yrs old and was in a long distance relationship with an Indian guy. I love him so much, we have been together for almost two years, i went india to meet him and we were so happy. however last week he broke up with me saying he doesn’t have romantic feelings anymore. I’m so hurt and unmotivated to live :( I’m desperate. Please help me win him back :(

  39. mary says

    Hello, I know you said we can use any type of candles as long as they are postitioned correctly and the colors you said, but will it also work if I use candles that are covered? Like they have glass around them?

  40. meRmaiid says

    Hello. I was thinking a lot about this spell, because I was a little scared to do it. But I want to try it. I’m from Slovenia and my english is pretty good, but I don’t understand all the steps and I want to do the spell properly. :D So sorry for the stupid questions. :D

    1. I know you said I don’t need to use the star oil but if there is a chance to make it… i’ll try. But i don’t find tree leaf oil anywhere… is that maybe the same as tee leaf (if it’s a leaf it’s probably have to grow on tree …)?
    2. Do the candels have to be all colored? For example red candle – do all the wax have to be red? Or you can use the ”cheap version” where the candle is white inside but ”dressed” in red wax?
    3. I looked up for ritual to bless the candles but i didn’t find where to do the spell. You know, the place? Do I have to do it outside or it can be done in my room? Or in any other room in the house?
    4. I’ve read about the circle, that you and the spells are safe and full of energy. So of course if everyone advise it i’ll do it… But what to do with the candles after the spell is done? If I let them burn out… do i have to wait before i open my circle? Or it doesn’t matter?

    Thanks for help*

  41. invisible says

    I just tried this spell yesterday and I hope that it works. I am waiting for him to contact me and I will not contact him until the next full moon. If he does not contact me by the next full moon then I will do the spell again. I was not able to allow the candles to burn out but if I have to redo the spell can I use the same candles again? I am trying to get my daughters father back we have tried on our own but the fact that I am so humble and quiet he takes advantage of it and I really just want him to be a father to our child, who he ignores if me and him are in the outs with each other.

  42. kriztinz says

    hi lady raven moon.can i use cooking oil to do the spell?it is really hard for me to find some sugested oil in our place.could it work? or will you do the spell for me?i dont have any ingredients here.will you? hoping for your immediate reply.thanks a lot.

    her is my story.may ex boyfriend and i got breakups last saturday morning.his in europe and im her in the philippines he got angry w/ me becsuse he saw my fb activity that i search one of my ex(back way when i was in highschool).i tried to bring his back but his heart now is like a stone.hes not even listening for my reason.i apoligize a lot to him.he told me that he love me but the trust are gone.can u help me lady raven?i love may boyfriend so much.i will do anyhing just to win him back.
    thank you.

  43. Rhaeofsunshine says

    Rach, I didn’t snuff the candles and I didn’t charge my candles or inscribe them with the rune symbols
    I did the spell again and left him alone so i will see how it works this time i have faith he will come back to me i will update again later when i have new developments
    Rach, I didn’t snuff the candles and I forgot the other thing
    I did the spell again and left him alone he came cal but as usual he had some me the same issues I guess I didn’t imagine that part correctly I don’t know but I know there is something there and something keeps blocking us as soon as we get close to getting back together something happens an I not supposed to tell him my fears and concerns? That seems to cause hesitation do I just Im with the flow and let things work themselves out? I foot know what to do anymore

    • says

      You have to watch not what you say but HOW YOU SAY IT. And while it is true you can’t beat him down with constant reminders of bad things and you DO need to be grateful that he came back at all you need to express your feelings. Try searching for a cleansing spell.

      • Anonymous says

        I’m just now being able to find your site again. Thank God! I will find a cleansing spell. Wait for a new moon and do the spell again. He came back but there were so many things I didn’t anticipate. I now know what to do. Thank you!

  44. Rhaeofsunshine says

    Rach, I didn’t snuff the candles and I forgot the other thing
    I did the spell again and left him alone he came cal but as usual he had some me the same issues I guess I didn’t imagine that part correctly I don’t know but I know there is something there and something keeps blocking us as soon as we get close to getting back together something happens an I not supposed to tell him my fears and concerns? That seems to cause hesitation do I just Im with the flow and let things work themselves out? I foot know what to do anymore

  45. Lea says

    I’m going to try this on my ex, we broke up a he won’t speak to me, we said some nasty things that we didn’t mean, I have everything except the star oil, I’m going to try this on fri night and see I it really does work, has anyone found out if it works ?

    • says

      These spells work for LBGT youth all the time! I get this question a lot but love is love!

      Blessed Be! I hope she realizes your love for her and makes the best decision for her heart.

      • Anonymous says

        Hey lady raven moon would this work if my ex don’t want me no more and he loosing feelings but anyway he can gain back those feelings for me with this spell cause I know deep down my heart he the one for me and he says he still gonna be there for me and love me but he lost feelings please tell me does this spell work I want him back in my life I want our love to be stronger to

  46. Amadeus says

    Hi, I tried to search for ingredients of star oil. Unfortunately, they only have potpourri (scent oil) can I use this? or do I have to look for those particular oil

  47. Rhaeofsunshine says

    (update) i didnt know what happened but everything went wrong. So i looked back over the spell and saw i did some things wrong. I did the spell correctly and now i will see.

    • rach says

      hey Rhae, what did u do wrong?
      Lady Raven, my heart is open and so is his still.
      i havent contacted him for a week since we broke up.
      If I do the spell while giving him space, is there a chance the spell will work and he will return as my lover again?

      • says

        Yes, giving the person time and space to miss you will only work to your benefit when doing a love spell. Its also important to be mature and ask the person for forgiveness if you have done something wrong. When people do this, along with daily meditation… its rare that the spell would not work in your favor.

  48. Amadeus Kohar says

    Hi, would this spell work if your ex or your loved one is very extremely far away? let’s just say…she’s on the other side of the planet, will it work? or do I have to find another spell that suits my situation?

    • says

      If your connection with the person is strong then there’s no need to use a different spell. Feel free to modify the spell any way you see fit to strengthen your connection to your ex.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

  49. Harris says

    My ex and I are crazy in love with each other. But I lied to her about my grandmas death when we broke up(to get her back) and she found out and she told me to never contact her again. Now she must hate me. Will the spell work?

  50. Rhaeofsunshine says

    (update) He got sick that day so im still waiting. We were texting a little bit. But he has been quiet the last 2 days. I still have faith the spell will work and help us to mend and build a stronger relationship.

  51. Rhaeofsunshine says

    I did the spell Friday afternoon. 2am Saturday morning he text saying we are going to talk later today! So far this is really working! Thanks for sharing! I will keep yall posted on the progress! I knew he still loves me, sometimes you need help getting obstacles out the way!

  52. Rhaofsunshine says

    Well I completed the spell today. I went to a local magic shop and they made the star oil for me very affordable. $10 and I have plenty more. I wonder what else I can use the star oil for? I pray for blessings and peace in this because we were never given a fair chance! Wish us peace, luck and blessings. Peace, luck and blessings to you all as well!

    • says

      Yes you can do the spell before Friday. Wednesday is a good alternative day!

      I hope you get this in time. And I’m sorry for the lack of response. I really hate letting you guys down.

      Good Luck! And Blessed Be! Also thanks so much for visiting, let me know how it works out.

  53. Nida says

    Hi I had written to you earlier as well but my post has not been mentioned here. WI did the spell on 21st Dec( Friday). I am doing it again today that is 28th Dec. I haven’t received any communication from my ex so far. How much more time will it take for him to communicate. I am sure its an annoying question for you but for me my life hangs on it. Please do respond.

  54. xem says

    i already did it… so, how will i know that it worked? i did it last night… ugh… i hope it worked… :( pls pray for the success of my spell.. thank you… i believe in magick

    • says

      Patience and BELIEF! If you doubt it do you really think it will happen? Don’t stress about it. Give thanks and release it into the universe and out of your heart and mind. Good Luck!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  55. christy says

    i had a question, you mentioned tree leaf oil, i wanted to know if that is the same thing as tea tree oil? also the oils are they more specific to body oils or burners? i just want to make sure i have it right.

    • says

      The oils are more like extracts. And sense they have multiple properties for both medicinal and practical uses you don’t have to stress to much about it in the beg. Yes its a similar oil with similar correspondences.

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  56. Kelsey says

    Is star oil and star flower oil the same? If so it can be bought at most pharmacies. If you add words such as for example: I do not intend to harm anyone etc… it will not so much be a black magic spell.

    • says

      I have only known it as star oil but I think they ARE the same. THANKS SO MUCH! Its been really hard for people to find it!!!!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  57. xem says

    i’ll be doing this on friday… i hope it works.. :(
    just found the attraction oil… wer in it was said that i can use attraction oil if i don’t have star oil.. :)
    wish me luck guys… i really want my ex back… i want to spend the rest of my life with him..

  58. venus says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,
    I tried this on the night of October 12th, then on October 14th he called. We had a nice talk and then he stopped calling, then he text me every now and then, but lately he stopped both calling and texting. I want us to be reunited and be back in each other arms. Is it possible to do it again?

  59. Qamar Iqbal says

    First of all thank you for all the spells. Could I do this spell to bring my wife back. We are separated and going through a divorce. But I really love her and want her back.

  60. Panda Marionette says

    Dear everyone,

    I am on the verge of doing this spell. I have bought all the right candle colors and I will be buying 3 more oils in order to complete it.

    I am doing this spell because my ex and I have had a big misunderstanding. It’s been a few days now. I know he still loves me and I am still strongly in love with him. We made plans together in the future. We never even had the chance to be together because it is a long distance relationship. We were planning to see each other until this happened. I strongly believe in my heart and soul that we were meant to be together, we just fit y’know? :)

    I believe that no woman will love and take care of him as much as I will. I fully understand him and he understands me. It’s just that sometimes we think differently but so does everybody else, that’s people are individuals.

    It hurts… but I am determined to get him back.
    Talking about Karma. I am ready to face any Karma thrown at me.
    Not only I but he hurt me as well. I am ready to forgive and apologize make this relationship work, learning from the mistake that we had.

    If anyone could please tell me to remove any negative energies that we have as well as doing this spell, I would be very grateful. Lady Raven? Lady Sheba? Thank you for all your information.

    I have never practiced magick before but my intentions are pure and true.
    My ex doesn’t have a gf yet and I don’t too. We already talked about this before but I swore to myself that this is the last man that I will ever love. He’s set the standards too high for me to even try.

    If you know any additions that i need to do for this spell to work please make it known and tell me how long before it takes effect? I also want to make this spell stronger. Will this spell last forever?

    I think I will be doing the spell next Friday since i don’t have the ingredients yet. I have been searching high and low through the internet and outside for help and i found this site.

    Thank you very much.

  61. penny says

    i Lady Raven

    I just visited your site for the first time and it is a very interesting site.

    When I went through the comments I came across this person “LadySheba” that was asking if the above mentioned spell is the right one for her. Dated 12\8\2012. She is broken up with her lover but his current girlfriend is standing in their way of getting back together.

    You asked her to pop you an e-mail so that you could give her a spell to get her ex back. You suggested a “remove obstacle” spell to her.

    I apologize if you did post it but I don’t find it. Would you mind sharing the remove obstacle spell with me?
    I don’t even know if that is the right spell for me. But if you don’t mind I’ll give you a bit of the back round of my situation.

    My husband and I met 10 years ago. Breaking up and getting back together is what happened during those years all the time because of pressure from his friends & kids from his previous marriage. (especially pressure from his daughter – 30 yrs old).

    She was also the reason why my husband never wanted him and me to live together out of fear for his kids and family’s reaction. Especially his daughter. She is a VERY manipulative woman and controls the family and everyone in her life. Especially her father (my husband) what she says and wants goes.

    In 2010 we “eloped” and got married (both second marriages) without telling his friends, family or kids nor my family friends or kids) about us being married out of fear that his daughter, friends and family would prevent us of getting married. My husband is 50 yrs old & I am 42.

    He started announcing that we are married in March 2011. His daughter went ballistic!!!! Cursing our marriage straight away and instigating the whole of their family also her brothers and her fathers friends.

    She is VERY jealous of ANY woman that has ever entered her fathers life in a romantic way.

    Her father has got money and she even says straight out that “no woman will inherit from my father”.

    When she heard that we are married she HATED the fact and started to influence her father to leave me by always painting me black with him, his family and friends.

    Even accusing me of doing witch craft because I often take a negativity bath with salt and candles.

    My husband and all his friends and family now believes I am a “Witch”

    Now we are in a divorce and he says he really wants me back and he wants to stop this divorce but he can’t because he will loose his kids, grandkids from her – which he simply adores. His family and friend and he can’t do that.

    Please if you have a spell for me to stop this divorce and make his daughter, sons, family & friends to like. & except me. Also to bless our marriage or let her move far away from the US where we live. Or what ever.

    We are sole mates we both believe that. He (my husband) is constantly in depression and doesn’t go to work for sometimes even up to a week at a times.

    The company and my husband is now taking financial strain because of this. His daughters response is “Dad I know its tough for you but you HAVE to pull through with this divorce).

    Please Lady Ravin, if you could help me by giving me the right spell I will be so great full.

    Thanking soooooo much in advance!
    Kind regards

  62. PL Divine says

    hi, i did this spell more than 2 weeks ago, and i would like to make a pretty good advice to all readers out there and practically to those who’s in a derperate state from experiencing a broken heart and thinks that doing a love spell is your last resort..the person who made this spell is right, your should think about the consequences before doing it, or you’ll end up to be in big trouble..

    The spell actually worked, or so i say i thought it did, but not in the manner i wanted to be..my intentions and my visualizations of the things i wanted to happen while doing the spell was not exact outcome i have ever wanted..i have been practicing magic for quite sometime and added up alittle chant to the spell..further more, here’s the little detail, after being left by a lover for 2 years, i was so desperate because i was so head over heels with her..i followed this spell, visualized us meeting together at her house, wanting to make love to me and pleading..that was what i thought i want after she said over and over again to me that she never want anything to do with me and that she was so disgusted of me and doesn’t want any skin near mine..after 2 weeks doing the spell, i was so surprise that when i contacted her she agreed to finally see me, she started kissing me and was already all over me when i realized that there was something wrong..she told me she was brokenhearted after he broke up with a guy she was so inloved with..(i actually added at the last spell to remove all the guys that might be in the middle of us)..then i stopped myself from going further the intimacy, she then bend her knees infront of me and told me if i can just let her go and allow her to be happy..

    I realized that you’ll end up just hurting yourself and others by doing spells that bends their free will..i couldn’t hurt myself any further because i know that she was also desperate to not ever being with me by kneeling infront of me and that there are energies around us that’s making her hard to say no to me..i did a reversal spell and i hoped it will work, i couldn’t afford to watch other people suffer because of my selfishness, and i cannot afford to watch the person i love so much to be hurt..i love her and i want her to be happy..so for guys out there, make it a lesson, if she’s yours she will comeback to you in time but in her own will..

  63. Anonymous says


    Lady Raven Moon, I know that you make your own star oil but would star anise oil work? Are they one in the same? Also, are all attraction oil mixes essentially the same?

    Thank you very much for all of your help. :)

  64. Lucy says

    My friends have tryed this spell and it really works .. Wow amazing what natural powers we have, but u must be really sure u want it befor u try any of the spells …

  65. Lucy says

    Wow ! It was really interesting to read , I’m tempted to do some of the spells but I’m dead set scared about Karma. I really loved reading up on certain spells and I guess in order for it to work you really have to believe in them . I think this web sight is a honest one as it talks about Karma alot ..

    • Lady Sheba says

      Yes karma is an important factor. But if you remain true to yourself and know/believe in your heart that this is what you are meant to have and you feel that the gods will justify your need(s) then you have nothing to worry about. Also, there are add-ons that you put at the end of the spells to insure no back lash.

  66. celeste says

    i need to do this spell to get my ex back we broke up about 4 months ago and he is seeing someone else our relationship ended out of no where everything was fine between us i fell back in love with him and all of sudden he leaves me, I’ve given him 4 months to think about things or to have time. we have a 3 year old daughter and i just want my family together and our love back .. is this the right spell for me or can u recommend something else?

  67. Unknown says

    After we say the chant and put the picture away , what do we do with the candles ? Can we blow it out or do we have to let it burn out by itself ?

    • Lady Sheba says

      I have found that letting them burn out works great it helps to even continue to meditate on the outcome you want, like how it’s going to be when he comes back into your life, stuff like that.

    • Lady Sheba says

      It would be best if they were the same sizes, but you can always just use what you have. it’s all about intention.

  68. Krissy says

    Hello Lady Raven!

    I actually did a similar spell like this just this passing Friday before I ran in to this. I was wondering I know what you said of doing multiple spells should not be done, I wanted to ask can I do your spell since it is not the same requirements? It is for bringing an ex back / lost love.

    Also, with removing negativity I was asking for a spell that I can do for my fiancé. There is a lot of negativity being said to him that isn’t true and since he’s so easy maniplutated it always gets in between our relationship. I know I’ve came across a freeze negativity spell somewhere else but I wasn’t sure if I can use it for both of us to get rid of these unpleastant people. Please help me! I have more faith and trust on your spells then others I see on here in the Internet.

    Please, help us Lady Raven!

    • says

      Don’t do another spell for at least another full moon cycle (after this months Blue Moon).

      Well I have purification spells but it doesn’t help two people, maybe you could make it work.

      I think I have about 6 in that section. Good Luck and Blessed Be. TTYL.

  69. LadySheba says

    My ex (let’s call him Johnny) is with someone else. And has been for a while (almost 8 years) they are still just bf and gf and he has confided in me that one of the reasons he won’t/can’t move on with her completely (like getting married) is because he still, and apparently since before they got together, has feelings for me and I don’t just mean “I still think she is hot…” feelings but more so “You (I) are the one I want to be with, and I want to marry you.” BUT for reasons beyond his control (that’s the excuse I am giving him) he can’t/won’t end things with his current gf, and yes he loves her, but he has told me that it’s like she and I both take over his heart and though staying with her is the “safeist” bet, he wouldn’t say no if the opportunity arose that he and I got a second chance at life together. SOOOOO my question is, do you believe I would be justified in performing this spell to have him return to me, OR would you suggest another spell at first? And yes I have wanted him back just as long as he has wanted me back (about 10 years), but neither of us realized how in love we were with each other until he was already in this relationship. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • LadySheba says

      Charging a candle can be done a number of ways, but the most simple is taking some Blessed Water (basically salt water that you have put positive energy into) and dressing or anointing the candle that way. Dressing consists of dabbing/rubbing the water from center of candle up all around the from the center down all around all the while saying that this candle is charged in the name of *insert God/dess name here* and visualizing a bright white light flowing into the candle.

    • LadySheba says

      OR ACTUALLY, even easier…just place your hands over or around the candle(s) and visualize a white light/positive energy entering the candle and so now the candle almost pulses with the energy. AND it couldn’t hurt to state your intentions while doing so.

  70. needhelp says

    And what does diamond mean is it a shape and at the four corners we will place the candle is that right?

  71. Tiffany says

    Hello I have been researching spells to get my ex back and this seems the easiest. It’s only been a week since the break up and I know he can’t turn his emotions off that quick, however he says he doesn’t want me to contact him anymore he needs some quiet time alone to think, but I need to talk to him to either resolve things or have closure bc I can’t go a month with my hopes up, so now that you know the gist of the situation do you think this is the right spell or would you have something else in mind? Thank you

    • LadySheba says

      What she means is putting the candles in their elemental spaces which should shape a diamond. Red=Fire=South; Green=Earth=North; Blue=Water=West; White=Air=East…does that help?

  72. daven jack says

    hey can i do this spell on my ex girlfriend???… i already broke up with her for nearly 3months!!..she wana be single for now…but i really love her..can this spell work on her??????

  73. michelle says

    I live with my ex and I want him back so much but he doesn’t want me back. Its been 11/2 years since we broke up. He just told me today that he is dating someone and he just wants to be friends with me. Someone help me I want him back and I want to curse her and every other girl that looks at him or puts their hands on him.

    • says

      If he really doesn’t want to be with you why force him? In the end spells like these don’t make your relationship better if its not meant to be. I think you should tell him you still love him and accept his response… whatever it is.

      • ** amanda ** says

        i can’t understand why some spell-caters such as youself come up with such cold and callus comments, like the resonse to michelle!!! obviously if a person is not so very desperately in love with another person, they wouldn’t be on these sites,, hoping with all their body / soul to get the one and only love of ther life back,,
        dearest michelle, i soo sympathise with you, and wish from the bottom of my own broken heart,, that you get him back,, ahhhh

        ** amanda **

        • says

          What was cold or mean about my statement? He told her he is not the one for her, and they have already been apart almost two years!

          I would be doing her a disservice by saying that she should keep feeling this way. Its better to realize somethings aren’t meant to be.

          Of course you can do the spell or not but that doesn’t mean that you should…

  74. lynn says

    Hello. I wanted to know if we really have to use star oil. Im having a hard time finding the ingredients.. Thank you

  75. Jo says

    Hi, When does this spell have to be performed? I want to do this as soon as possible and want to know if i have to do it on a certain night or any night will be fine. Thanks heaps Jo

    • says

      Luna their are many many articles on this out on the web. I do not have time to explain and explain again, don’t be lazy! These are things you should read about, and learn about yourself.

  76. Cori says

    I can’t get most of da ingerents for star oil is der something else I could use tat I cud get easy enough? Please let me no asap thanks : )

      • jenn says

        My goodness! Does no body read previous comments!? Every question has been answered like 10 times if not from lady raven it has in the spell paragraph itself. If you cant even read how can you guys even expect the spell to work!

  77. Alex says

    I live in the middle of no where in Europe, i want to know if i can do spells with any kind of candles or it got to be a special one ?

    • says

      I mean… you can do anything you want to do. Will it work? If she wants to open her heart to you then yes it will. If she doesn’t and is happy where she is then you won’t be able to change her hearts’ will with this spell.

  78. Linda/Serena says

    I made a recipe thing for lavender oil on the forum go check it out. I am going to make my star oil more for love and harmony :). And Possibly a Universal oil.

    • says

      This is how I make my star oil. You can add or take away ingredients if you like. I like to add herbs but I will do a basic oil mixture for you all. You will need:

      almond oil
      lemon oil
      jasmine oil
      tree leaf oil
      sandalwood oil
      1 white rose leaf petal
      one bowl
      one container (the cheap 99 cent travel bottles work just fine)

      Combine all the oils and herbs into the bowl and mix until well blended. Place into your container.

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