Spell to Get Your Ex Back

This is a very powerful spell. I really can say this with confidence because I personally did this spell over 7 years ago. I was 14 (too young and immature to do a love spell!) and it worked. Really fast actually, too bad I had already moved on… This poor guy was in love with me, but I just did the spell because I was hurting immediately after the break up. He came to me asking me to be with him but he wasn’t the one for me. Long story short – I ended up having some really bad karma and him with a broken heart.

This is why you shouldn’t blindly pursue anything, especially when it comes to potentially hurting another person and/or yourself. But love is never as simple as we would like it to be… right? Take sometime to heal. After a month of no contact if you feel like doing this spell then go ahead but usually we can see things a lot clearer after a month alone. Read this article on what not to do after a break up!

love quotes for your ex boyfriend

Please let me be a warning to you! Don’t play with other peoples emotions. I  got some karma back for that (really.. read about karmic debts) and I should have. If you aren’t sure you want to be with this person then try a spell to find true love. If he comes back into the picture on his own, then you know.  Out of all the witchcraft spells for love on this website, I was a little worried about putting this one up. But you guys are always asking for more love spells and I have received at least 1000 emails asking for help getting their ex. I hope this one works for you as well as it worked for me!

Spell to Get Your Ex Back

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What You Need for this spell:

  • green candle
  • white candle
  • blue candle
  • red candle
  • star oil
  • a photo of you
  • a photo of your ex
  • paper clip

This is a simple spell. It should be done on a Friday, the traditional day for casting love spells. Meditate on you and your ex meeting again. Meditate and visualize on every detail of your meeting, what are you wearing, what are you thinking, how do you have your hair and/or make up? Envision how the meeting would go from there. Do you exchange numbers and say goodbye until later? Do you add him on Facebook? Does he add you? Feel those feelings of it already have happened.

Raise energy and charge each candle.  Anoint each charged candle with star oil. (I make my star oil which you can buy!! You can use attraction oil instead!) Place the charged and blessed candles in a diamond. A lot of the comments ask what I mean by a diamond and LadySheba explains it the best:

What she means is putting the candles in their elemental spaces which should shape a diamond. Red=Fire=South; Green=Earth=North; Blue=Water=West; White=Air=East

If that doesn’t help then please spend sometime reading a bit more. We are all new to the path but just like you used Google to get to this page, you can used Google for basic freaking information!!!! Take a little initiative and learn about the craft. You just want it to be handed to you?? Who has time for that? :/ ANYWAYS!!! Here is what you do;

Light the white candle and stay:

“Mother Air he is mine”

Light the green candle and stay:

“Mother Earth in earth and time”

Light the red  candle and stay:

“Mother Fire our passion unites us”

Light the blue candle and stay:

“Mother Water clear the way, this is a must”


These words are a guide. You can rewrite your own words or chant and it will probably be better for you to do so. :) Place a photo of your ex and your photo. Clip in place with the paper clips. Make sure your photos are face to face. This is to have them constantly or just thinking about you.

Place the photos in the center of the diamond.

Meditate further on your love. When you ready release the energy and snuff the candles.

Imagine the candle smoke moving with the energy into the universe.  Place the photo in the bottom of your underwear drawer and forget about it! Your lover should be returning you soon.

This spell is really simple and I personally know it to be effective. Want to retrieve a lover without doing the magick? Check out this site.

Did you try any of out witchcraft spells for love? Have a question or comment? Leave it below! Submit your spell or article to the site and receive a candle set if its posted!

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  1. Deep_Siren says:

    I must say trufully I do have faith with this spell. This is my fist spell that I have preformed, and that I did it on a early Friday morning. (Background) him and I had broken up since December (8 months now) and i preformed the spell (last friday) as ordered with makin my own star oil, correct placement and color of candels, I worked with different sizes and charged them all. By early afternoon I actually heard back from after not had speaking to him for a month and a half. He has not shown any signs of wanting to get back together (yet, fingers cross) but I still have faith.

    My question though, I had forgotten about the spell for a few days or atleast tried, could I preform the spell more than once? Atleast is it wise/alright to? Or would trying to forget and let it happen be more of a better answer?

  2. Meeaa says:

    How do I charge the candles?

  3. nikki says:

    Hi ..
    its been a week since i performed my spell . it dint work . can any one guide me. i did exactly as written above . And i also felt the positive vibes . did feel good . but its been a week now and no sign from his end . i am going crazy. miss him so bad . need him in my life.

  4. nikki says:

    I just done the spell. Now should I wait till the candels melt ? I am confused what to do.

  5. nikki says:

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,

    I would like to thank you for this beautiful post.
    I was realy broken after my breakup . Its been a month now . Last week I was googling and found ur post . It showed me a ray of light. I was always fasinated by the magick in our surroundings and belved that yes some power do exists amoung us , with us , around us . Never took it seriously . But today when I hv lost my love which is priceless I feel shattered , lost .. I find myself here !
    I tried to get the items you posted to perform the spell but failed to get all of the above.
    Hardly after a week of search I got coloured candels but of diffrent size .
    I have rose incenses , almond oil , pic of me and my ex .
    Couldnt manage to get the oil . The place where I live is crap we hardly get stuffs like this .
    All I am having is hope . Faith . My intentions are good . Not to harm neither hv ever harmd any one . I hope this spell works for me I am going to try this tonight . Its a full moon friday .
    I read waxing moon is good but the day it was waxing moon It was wednesday so I was confused when to start . Finaly waited for friday .
    Wish me luck ;)
    Shall keep u posted .

  6. janise says:

    how do I charge the candles? Do I charge them with the star oil/attraction oil? What do I do with the candles after they are snuffed? When is the best time to cast this spell? do the candles have to non scented?

  7. leolady says:

    Did spell tonight will let you all know how it goes. It may also help if people really wanting to know contacted a legit psychic you feel is legit for answers. Preferably one who was born with the gift. It can bring so much clarity and peace. With love and peace always <3
    Thank you,
    Lady Raven Moon

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