Spell to Curse Someone You Hate

This spell was sent in by Shavana. This is a spell to curse someone. Keep in mind the three fold law. Are you really willing to accept the consequences of putting a curse on someone? If you are certain you can handle whats to come… here is the spell to curse someone. I would recommend you do a cleansing ritual after you conduct this spell…

Do this spell on the night of the new moon, preferably on a Friday night.

spell to curse someoneWhat You’ll Need:

  • a black candle
  • a lemon
  • 13 needles or nails
  • a picture of the person

At exactly midnight on the night of the new moon take your black candle and anoint it with the juice of half of the lemon. Light the black candle. With your minds eye see the person in great distress. Take the other half lemon half and while chanting “Hate, Evil, you are cursed” place the picture of the person on top of the lemon half and stick the needle into the center. While you are placing the needle into the lemon imagine the needle piercing the persons’ heart. Place each of the remaining needles into the lemon and with each needle imagine a new affliction harming the person.

If you can place the lemon in the persons home or bury it in their yard. The person will be curse 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years depending on how successfully you complete the spell. Be prepared! You are now in line for some mucho grande KARMA, doing a cleansing ritual after this is strongly suggested.

I personally would never do this spell or recommend it! You guys can do what you want but why not be in the business of spreading love? I don’t think anybody is worth me sacrificing my happiness for… but its not my decision is it?

14 Responses to “Spell to Curse Someone You Hate”

  1. Mystic Sadie says:

    The curse of Karma x 3 is a myth made by the Wiccan… not true for all witchcraft. Silly followers! Become true witches and warlocks and know your own power, Karma is make believe just like Santa. If you believe it, its true only for you.

  2. Great Wiccan says:

    I have a question: What does the curse do? I know someone who wants to be cursed with something not harmful, but apparently this is used for enemies, not friends. Plus, the thing he wants is specific.

  3. sikandar says:

    Hi Um From India I Wanna Do This Very Soon But I Didn’t Understand All Things Properly Can You Help Me In Other Way Plzzz I Really Wanna Do This

  4. joseph says:

    does this spell work?

  5. Max says:

    Another question. I want to do this spell on this girl that i messed up with & even though i felt horrible bc of it she never forgave & i want her to feel what i felt. Problem is a part of me still loves even though i know we may never be friends again. Will this effect the spell & if so how? Please & thank you

  6. vengeance says:

    But. I still believe in secon chances…. however what do I do if I constantly find myself wanting to harm this person but unable to bring myself to it

    • If you are having second thoughts about casting a spell then don’t! Only do things you can handle, because you are ultimately responsible for the outcome as well!

      Blessed Be!

  7. vengeance says:

    The people who harm me WILL be harmed in return
    OR FORGET!!!!!

  8. Mr.Lonely says:

    sorry for the trouble again… will it can be a painted black candle cos i couldnt get one in this city

  9. Mr.Lonely says:

    Does this spell reflect back to me… and i don’t know persons residence..

    • Drevana says:

      The spell itself won’t…. but you will feel the negative energy of the places you visit gluing to yourself. As for the residence, placing the lemon in it would just be a boost to the spell, if your magick is strong then there’s no need.

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