Spell to Change Eye Color

Thank you all for sending in and sharing your spells. This spell was sent in by Little Fairy. Thanks!

ii used dis spell to change my eye color. i cant mak it last longer than like 7 minutz since u r a witch u may kno dis 1 n halp me mak it all day.

No! I did not know about this spell and while I am a bit skeptically maybe you guys will have more success with this very interesting spell! Do this spell on the night on the full moon at 3 am. This spell is said to change your eye color for only 5 minutes.

What You’ll Need:

  • STRONG VISUALIZATION SKILLS (are you a psychic)
  • A mirror
  • full moon
  • 2 white candles
  • 1 colored candle (the color you want you eyes to be)
  • a camera (send in pictures!.. this isn’t completely necessary though lol)

spell to change eye color

You’ll need at least one candle in the color you want to change your eyes to. On the night of the full moon at three am place a mirror into the center of your altar. Place the colored candle in the center so when you light the candle you will see the flame and your two eyes. Place the white candles on each side of the candles. Light the white candle and say:

“This me I see is not who I want to be;

Change this eye color I beg of thee”

Now light the colored candle and meditate on the flame for as close to seven minutes as you can. See yourself with changed eyes look deeply into the flame and not into the mirror! Light the final white candle and say the following;

“Now I see change and I thank thee

As I will it so mote it be”

Close your eyes, when you open your eyes look in the mirror your eyes have now changed color!

Unfortunately I don’t have any tips to make this spell last longer. If you guys have any information leave all comments, tips, suggestions, and whatever else below! Thank you for visiting my website. I add new spells everyday so make sure to come back and check it all out.



  1. Gautami Vinayan says

    This is acually just an illution…if u stare at sum coloured tube light or for say…coloured candle…ur eyes see that colour evywhre…its science isn’t it.?nd bunch of ppl said it doesn’t lasts for longer….it vil surely not..bcz its just an illution..nd u say this is magic? I cnt trust it!

  2. Eleanor says

    This isn’t quite relevant to this spell but I have a question about a cool eye effect I have always had. I can’t seem to find anything about this anywhere. My eyes are naturally dark (blackish green) with a large bright golden circle in the middle. A lot of people consider them hazel but the gold in them is unlike anything anyone else has ever seen. Anyway when I stare into my fiancé’s eyes his eyes (a normal green) start to get golden rings in the iris. Is there some meaning to people born with golden eyes and is there a meaning to having your mate get golden eyes when looking into yours or thinking about you? Just very curious and hoping to get a reply since I can’t find anything about this anywhere.

  3. Carly says

    Wow , i used to try do spells when i was a teen but never worked im a very spiritual person , im now 25 years old an im going to start up again an give the spells ago x

  4. @thatowlchick says

    Btw the site says its 12:34 am tomorrow but where I am, it’s only 10:37 pm so it could be awile until I can do the spell… Jsyk (just so you know)

  5. @thatowlchick says

    Going to try this spell tonight!!! I’m really exited and nervous! I’ll try and send in a pic I it works and if it doesn’t this time, I’ll try again next month… This is my first big spell… I did a children’s protection spell and have had no nightmares and last night just to see if it was just some beginners luck I did not do the spell and sure enough I had a nightmare!!! I think this spell will work, but still I will probably be a little nervouse if it dose! Lol so I’ll post in a pic of my original eye couler and the new couler if it works… Hope everyone’s Augest is going well!

  6. Bluefire says

    i did the spell under a new moon and my eyes changed color to bright blue for about a few seconds then when i blinked they changed back to normal. seeing as its my first spell/ritual i have ever done, thank you

  7. says

    im new to this but i really want to try something that will work, itll be my first spell and i nervous as hell, but i think ican do it. but has anyone trie this spell and got good resulsts?

  8. Ramii says

    I have done lots of spell to change my eye color.they work on me but they only last 20 min on me what should I do for a beginer

  9. Leslie says

    i did an eye color change spell a few months after turning 21 and i just had my 29th birthday and it stayed. i got the spell out of a book i will try to look it up. coincidence maybe but put alot of effort in it. eyes always were dark brown now very light brown. not a huge change but my mom always says something every time i see her.

  10. lina says

    i have the book of shaddows but none of the spells have worked for me i could use some luck if anyone can help please

  11. Khrys says

    When I was 16 I did the same spell but added a pentagram that was boiled in a pot of carriway seeds and then blessed in a natrual flowing creek. My natrual eye color was black brown and since then it has been the color of a golden wolves eyes.

    • jahycee cook says

      I’m a peaceful. Guy but I absolutely can’t stand my light turquoise ice blue eyes I fucking hate them so much I don’t leave home without sunglasses I won’t almost blackish ever dark brown eyes would be so amazing then I could look in the mirror plz plz please
      help me I need a spell or a cures or a chant or black cult magic even pegan or Satan dark magic I don’t really. Care just as long as my eyes can be dark as possible?????⚓

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