Spell to Become a Vampire

Oh boy. This is a very interesting spell sent to me by email! Thanks Jane!  This spell requires a lot of items and you lose your soul and basically curse yourself. But if you are into that sort of thing…

Tread carefully… While this spell may seem like a joke, what is not a joke is inviting black magick, curses, or anything else  into your life.

What You’ll Need:

  • the full moon
  • a coven of 9
  • one parent of everyone involved if you are under 18
  • fake fangs
  • fake blood fruit punch
  • white candles
  • chalk powder
  • you

Spell to Become a VampireFirst get everyone and their parents and go out into the woods. (There may be werewolves around… this is the full moon! So BE CAREFUL!) Draw a circle with the chalk powder and place the person who wants to be a vampire in the center. Everyone there must chant one thousand times “No longer human. Vampire you have become!”. EVERYONE HAS to say it ONE THOUSAND TIMES CORRECTLY UNDER THE FULL MOON in order for this to work.

After you have successfully done this put in the fangs. Drink some of the blood punch (because I don’t recommend wine!) and sleep in the woods for 100 days. You must not come inside, you must not have human contact and you will become a vampire on the 100th day.

So… What do you think of this spell to become a vampire? Leave questions, comments, suggestions, tips, rants and raves in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting the site!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I got an email from Jane’s mom telling me she is no longer with us because her mom made her go to school and she evaporated. But I am sure it would Jane’s last wish for you all to fulfill your dreams of becoming a vampire like her. Good luck!



  1. Vassilissa says

    After reading the comments and the intial spell itself, I truly doubt this works. Being born an honest to god vampire I don’t see how it is even physically or scientifically possible to turn someone with juice and words. The correct way to turn someone is through a blood exchange and sometimes not even that will work because that person’s body could reject it. Not to mention the risk of spreading diseases. But I digress, being a vampire is not all it is “cracked up” to be. I’ve had many complications and obstacle in my life on account of what I am. Unless it is something you truly want I don’t suggest giving up your humanity. I’m not saying any of us are inhumane, all I’m saying is that even though being human doesn’t seem very “cool” to some people, mortality is not something that should be taken for granted. And all these fictitious Hollywood depictions of my kind are offensive and disgusting and make every one of us look bad and/or ridiculous. And if that is the only reason why you wish to be one of us, then you do not deserve this. Vampirism is not a fad or a trend or a way to fit in and be cool, it is a way of life. You are not human and therefore have to sacrifice certain things humans don’t. For those of you who say that you don’t care what happens to you and beg to be changed; you will. So in short, be careful what you wish for.

    • Crystal says

      I think that vampirism is amazing if you are born one. My whole life I have admired vampires and their way of life and always dreamed of becoming one. But with all the hate and anguish towards vampires it is no wonder they all went into hiding. The movies and books tells nothing of the true story a vampire has to deal with. And with all that I know about vampire is still dream of becoming one myself.

  2. Missy says

    I am 13 I live in Duchesne Utah, i want to become a witch, my grandma was one and my mother is one. She used a love spell on my dad, she cursed herself with his love, would you like the spell?? Another question I would like to ask about a speed spell, is there such a thing can you help me, if not i understand. Would you like the love spell??

  3. marisa says

    me and my coven are doin a binding spell to bind all of us togeather as one so we can share our power with each other and be more sucessful in our rituals.
    do you have any really god binding spells that could help us do this?
    email me if you find one.
    thank you and blessed be.

  4. brianna ahlora says

    now this one is sad. yes i understand that twilight and true blood make being a vampire seem cool, but i recommend that this spell is not done. the best thing to is to do some beauty and attraction spells and feed off of the energy of those around you. no blood. it may take some time and meditation to do so, but you are a “type of vampire” in the end.

  5. rori says

    Hi I was wondering if u really needed to be in the woods or have ur parents with u and also I wanted to know like do u heal fast and like read minds because that would be awesome

    • Ceridwen says

      .99% died, 99% flew off to my castle, and .01% remains. I am a shell of myself.
      I hate when my hands mess up and my brain doesn’t catch it until after I post.

  6. Ceridwen says

    PS If you need to hear ranting about how bloody painful the sunlight will be to talk you out of it, or someone to understand how bloody hard it is to avoid the sunlight if something happened to you, I can be reached at Practicallyavampire@gmail.com. Believe me, sunlight is bloody EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a vamp, nor do I like the taste of blood, but I am the closest thing you will find in a living soul, though I lost much of it from life experience, depression, and sun torture. If you would like to give up all forms of sunlight and be a killer and be ok with the fact that you will most likely be alone, tis not my place to stop you. But you have NO IDEA, what it is like to be one. And I currently am living with my family,m though I am driving them insane with my ranting and raving about my sensitivity. I have 99% of my soul, the rest flew off to my castle. I know the difficulty of being forced into the shadows, and you will too if you do this. Although I would like to know others who have my opinions about things, that doesn’t mean I would have others go through my pain. Vamps, or I am so I know vamps would be as well, are way more sensitive to the sunlight than people give them credit for. If you ever want to see the light of day, DO NOT DO THIS.
    Johnny Depp, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Interview with a Vampire, Buffy, and any other fiction that has been written is ENTIRELY false. The only thing slightly accurate is my story in my head. Vampire sun poisoning is much more torturous. I didn’t choose this, if you do, I question your judgment.
    But I am the only one who a vamp could talk to without wanting to go insane. My situation made me mad, don’t let it build. I am a great confidant, and I would never say stupid sun analogy, unless I reversed it. Giving up the day is something that does drive you mad, and I am alone in my allergy aspect, no one I know knows how it feels. I know the pain of the sun. and if you like waking up during the day and having the ability to walk outside your bedroom door, don’t do anything like this. Practically a vampire talking…

  7. Ceridwen says

    As a person who I allergic to the sun, I do NOT recommend anything like this. Tis hard enough to be cursed as a human vampire, than be a soulless vamp. Being incinerated by the sun every day is enough, being cursed with everything else would not be worth it. You would be alone and bloodthirsty; and you couldn’t really stay in the woods for 100 days with only that, probably why the spell would be effective to be one of the undead. Remember there are consequences, though. What you do comes back three fold unto you. Harm none and do what you will. If you plan on being a bloodthirsty soulless killer, it’s not really harming none is it?
    The only thing that would make it worth it is is your psychic abilities would amplify. But trust me, being the closest thing you can get to a living vampire, having to give up everything is not worth it. You have no idea how difficult it is to give up the sun unless you have do it, and that could be a consequence.
    I am not a vamp, but would be willing to talk to one, If you really did this, or something happened, , I know what it is like to be one, without bloodlust, of course. Looking for someone to understand, look no further.
    I drank blood, but only my own, I am only slightly psychic, I have the personality of someone not from this time, and I’m allergic to the sun. Life SUCKS as a vamp, and I don’t even bare the full curse. But the only one who will understand it.

  8. Mika Gagne says

    I do believe in vampires and all that jazz, and I am extremely sensitive to the sunlight and have a weird fixation on arteries sometimes when I zone out. It’s like my eyes automatically find them. I’ve drank blood before, but only my own; when I was little I’d purposely fall and get hurt just so I could lap up the blood and it would give me some type of high. Back then I didn’t know what vampires were. My friend says I’m part vampire like she is, but I don’t know any bona fide vamps so I can’t compare. Can someone help me?

  9. huntress says

    i personally wouldn’t do this, i am a christian wiccan, there is such a thing, hell is where Jane went when she evaporated… also, my eyes change depending on my mood, is that something to worry about?

  10. Victoria says

    I’m not saying I used this but, many people are going to say I’m lying but the honest to my dead soul, I’m a vampire. It started with the headaches when I went out in the sun. My body must have adjusted to it but it no longer hurts. The blood is hard to fined unless you turn your best friend was a witch into a werewolf. My name is not Victoria, I couldn’t give out my real name because if I did all those crazy people who want to become a dead blood sucking Creature like me. I have 2 separate personalitys so it’s very hard to controal the other one to allow me not to kill the humans at school. I look 17 but I turned when I was thirteen. Do the math. Halloween is the only time of year I can be myself. PLEASE DON’T RUIN YOUR LIFE BECOMING LIKE ME. IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR SOUL, I CAN NEVER SEE MY LOVED ONES AGAIN. it’s not worth it the movies make it look awesome but think about someone you love a parent a sibling, are willing to kill them for your immortalty? I wasn’t, if think you can control yourself your wrong. The lust for blood is to….. Strong. This is a warning for all.

    • mredul says

      VICTORIA…. Victoria,,,,,,,,,make me a vampire Victoria.. i want to become a vampire like you. it’s my forever wish..please turn me into a with that… i am crying for this everyday.. now at this this moment i still crying.. i don’t care what happen to become after with that..i am nothing without that..please i Begging you.. Make me one ? i am waiting for your answer…
      PLEASE It’s Very Hurt me.,,,,. you are the only one who can HELP ME;;;;;;;;PLEASE …PLEASE..PLease make me one I can do ANYTHING FOR YOU I PROMISE ?????PLease HELP ME BECOME A VAMPIRE???????????????? I AM WAITING>>>>WAITING”””””””waiting;;;;STill WaiTing/???????????? Hear my Phone and E-mail…..01723455653……mredulhasan32@gmail.com

  11. Khrys says

    On this spell as well it is a dark magic spell that involves real blood and not fake fangs leave that for hollows eve, vampires are demons as well and are dangreous not something to take lightly. As for my self being a witch I will not do anything that resorts me to be a pawn for demon and I like my energy the way it is without needing blood to survive, just be careful what u choose.

  12. Dracula says

    My friend told me if u used a spell to become a vampire & if some1 found out u r a vampire u die. Is that true?

  13. says

    so you’ll evaporate from sunlight if you do this, can u fly, do u drink blood for food from then on, pretty much what kind of vampire like what attributes/qualities do u aquire

    • says

      Well you will never be able to go into the sunlight again. Even though people who read twilight think that you’ll be able too anyway. You can fly, turn into a bat, and you have to drink blood. But I don’t like the thought of blood so… In wouldn’t recommend it.

      Maybe you can just take your meat ‘rare’!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

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