Spell to Get the Job You Want

This Get a job spell with this job spell submitted by Angik Magick. This spell to get the job is simple easy and effective. Job spells are really more practical than money spells, and although sometimes it is better to write your own wiccan job spell, feel free to use the one below. I work at home doing witchcraft and writing about it.

This get a job spell is very simple and very effective. Sometimes the simpler the magick spell the more effective the Wicca magick is. I am a big believer of less is more and magickal spells don’t have to be elaborate rituals done for show.

Get a Job Spell

Get a Job Spell
Get a Job Spell

Take a little extra something with you when looking for a new job.

Dress a green candle with essential oil of rosemary, and place it in a holder on your altar.

Light the candle.

Now, place your hands down on the altar on either side of the candle and gaze into the flame.

Picture yourself getting an interview, being made a job offer, and even getting a first paycheck.

Tell yourself that you are worthy of employment, and that you are getting a job you will enjoy and that will meet your financial needs.

Get it all firmly planted in your mind, and believe it to be true.Spell to Get the Job You Want

Let the candle burn for a half hour, then snuff the candle out. Or you can blow the candle out, if you blow the candle out imagine the smoke rising from the candle carrying your will out into the universe, creating and manifesting you desires.

Burn it on consecutive nights until it is no more.

Use this wiccan job spell to get the job you want! Green candles are wonderful for job spells, luck spells, money spells, and things dealing with prosperity. I always use a green candle when doing magickal workings like this, although I sometimes use gold and white candles as well. To make this spell your own or carry some of the magick with you take some of the wax from the candle with you in a little pouch.

Have you ever tried a spell to get that job you wanted? I tried plenty of money spells some working almost immediately and others taking sometime. My goal is to earn enough money to travel this year and to build a big website where you guys can get real information for free. Leave comments, tips and information for others to read below. Try this get a job spell and let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below.

This spell is perfect for the new year because you can change your whole life by simply changing your money situation. This was the first spell submitted to the website and I thank Angik for such a lovely contribution. Thank you so much for visiting the website please take the time to like the post and share it with your friends.

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20 Responses to “Spell to Get the Job You Want”

  1. Brenda says:

    Just started getting into this and will be trying this tonight, but with a white candle and then reaffirming it on Thursday with a green one ^_^

  2. anna says:

    I have been burning green candle and money blessing candle and also praying to the almighty god because I lost my job and it been almost a month and I need a job soon I am a nursing assistant I want to work in a assisting living or be an activity assistant working with the residents. thank you

  3. Alison says:

    I’m trying this tonight. The job I really want will not only satisfy my financial needs, but also allow me to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship. This has to work.

  4. sonal says:

    Can the RosemeRry oil be replaced with any other oil?

  5. bev says:

    I used à bday candle….do you think it will work?

  6. Cathy says:

    This really does work! I got the perfect job for me, doing what I know how to do, making more money than before, and working exactly the hours I wanted. I was stunned! I didn’t do it half-hearted, and didn’t obsess over it, but figured it would work out, and it did! thank you!!

  7. Jay says:

    What if I don’t have rosemary oil?

  8. jessica says:

    for spells do the candles need to be certain ones? like, can they be tall and skinny or could they be short and fat? i know this may sound stupid..

  9. sherry says:

    I am going to try it unemployed 7 months now no luck. Looks easy to do

  10. Anonymous says:

    i was able to get my job within a week it is real.

  11. Kumiko says:

    I pray this works for me, I am having a hard time landing job offers. Thank you for posting this!!!

  12. K says:

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,
    Thank you for this easy-to-do spell as well as to your easy to understand website!
    Cheers to your generosity and guidance.

    More power to you.
    Love and light to you always…

  13. Kat says:

    I’ve been having a tremendously difficult time finding a job, and in life, in general… This really helped me unburden my mind. I feel a lot better. Thank you.

  14. Kat, Jones says:

    I’m going to give it a try! Wish me luck.

  15. This is a great money spell

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