Spell for Good Grades

This is a spell for good grades. You should do this spell on the night before the test. You should have already prepared for the test but this spell will help you to do better no matter what. This is a great spell for students and you should keep your charmed pencil with you as you do all of your tests. This pencil will become a good luck charm aiding you in all of your school tests. You can use the pencil on everything school related but don’t use this pencil for anything not school related! You can pick a pencil with a style or design that you like but I wouldn’t because most teachers want you to use the standard number 2 pencil for all your tests.

What You’ll Need:spell for studying

  • • • A white candle
  • • • A number 2 pencil
  • • • A permanent marker
  • • • Good luck oil

Anoint your candle with good luck oil. Anoint your pencil with the good luck oil as well. Light your white candle:

On this day this item is charmed, I will get all A’s and harm none, Brilliant is how everyone will see me, as I will it so mote it be!

Take the pencil in your power hand and charger it with your intention. See yourself getting all A’s throughout the year using the same pencil. Run the tip of the candle through the flame once, taking care not to burn the candle. Draw a small pentagram on the pencil with the permanent marker. If you can, draw a small pentagram on your test paper as well.

Say the same chant before you take a test. You should see a good result!

This spell is to help you get good grades on any test you take but is not a substitute for study! The results of studying and this spell got me through high school. And I actually did this spell before taking my ACT and got a 31 in the English section! That’s almost the highest score… I know right!

Thank you so much for visiting Just Wicca! I hope this spell helps you in reaching your educational goals. Leave me a message in the comment section below!


19 Responses to “Spell for Good Grades”

  1. Jamie fox says:

    I love your site. Helping a lot

  2. H-Love says:

    I think this will be a great spell but the test I am taking next month is now computerized. They don’t use the #2 pencils anymore. Will this spell still work without the pencil even if you take it but don’t use it with the test or is there anyone spell good for test that are computerized? Please help! Thanks!

    • You can alter any of these spells anyway you would like too. I always encourage making the spell your own because the magick and the outcome will be more personal to you. Use this as a template. Blessed Be!

  3. Littletiger says:

    Does it matter what kind of oil you use?

  4. Someone says:

    Um is it okay if I don’t use the oil???

  5. Ariana says:

    I made a B on my business test because of this spell!

  6. Flora4ever says:

    Hi, I beginner…so you can call me crazy…can you use olive oil and cinnamon together?…

  7. pam says:

    can i use pen n cooking oil instead?

  8. Nadiah says:

    do i do this spell the night before the exam or anytime b4 the exam? N this spell WILL work right? I really hope it does i reall wanna get A in my maths exam :)

  9. reeree says:

    hie im new i realy wanna work wt u cn u email me plzzz

  10. Lilly says:

    Hey, I was wondering if it was okay to use another type of oil…I only have olive oil in my house

  11. karan says:

    “Run the tip of the candle through the flame once..”? Can u plz tel it once so tat i can understand plz..

  12. ACN says:

    where do you get good luck oil, or do you make it yourself, in that case how do you make it?

  13. joseph geofrey says:

    hi!! I am not good in history and biology, will the spell work if i do it the night before those exams??

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